OAS Secrets – Simple Ways to Get the Maximum OAS Increase That You Deserve

This year’s Old Age Security (OAS) fourth review is now complete. Eligible retirees between the ages of 65 and 74 now receiving maximum monthly payment of CAD 707.68 from October to December of 2023. 75 years of age and above have a maximum of CAD 778.45. OAS payments never go down, even when living expenses do. Instead, they fluctuate in line with the Consumer Price Index.

The applicant’s employment history has no bearing on their eligibility for the OAS pension. It is a lifetime benefit payable to Canadian citizens or lawful residents 65 years of age or older, adjusted for inflation. Pensioner payments start at age 65 and don’t start any earlier. Here i am discussing OAS Pension Secrets and will tell you Best Ways to get the Maximum OAS Increase. Keep a close watch on this page to know How to Get the Max OAS that You Deserve?

What is Old Age Security (OAS)?

In Canada, seniors who meet the eligibility requirements and have attained the age of 65 are given a basic income through the Old Age Security (OAS) government program. Together with personal savings and the Canada Pension Plan, it is one of the three primary pillars of Canada’s retirement income system. A number of criteria, including as age, place of residence, and income, determine one’s eligibility for OAS.

You must be 65 years of age or older and have resided in Canada for ten years or longer after the age of eighteen in order to be eligible for OAS benefits. OAS is regarded as taxable revenue. The OAS maximum payouts as of June 2023 are CAD 691 per month for people 65 to 74 years old, and CAD 760.10 per month for those 75 years and beyond.

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Old Age Security Secrets 2024 Details

Article TopicOAS Secrets
Benefit PlanOld Age Security
OAS Benefit AmountCAD 707.68-CAD 778.45
Eligible Age65+
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OAS Secrets

You should be able to make financial decisions with all of your options in front of you, even though it may be claimed that the OAS program is not intended to support wealthy Canadians. The OAS in Canada is subject to taxes and is included in yearly income. Retirees and senior persons have to deal with income thresholds in addition to timing to maximize benefits or receive no payments at all. More than required, applying for the OAS is automatic.

A month following the 64th birthday, Canadian citizens and legal residents receive a notification. When you’re ready to begin payments, you can notify Service Canada by enrolling in the program. How long you have resided in Canada after turning 18 determines how much Old Age Security (OAS) you will receive. You can be eligible for a partial pension if you have lived in Canada for less than 40 years.

OAS Secrets - Simple Ways to Get the Maximum OAS Increase That You Deserve

Best Ways to get the Maximum OAS Increase

Dreaded OAS clawback:

  • Should an OAS recipient be unaware of income thresholds, the clawback or recovery tax may reduce their payments. The minimum income recovery criterion for the aforementioned age brackets for the income year 2023 is 86,912. But for those 65 to 74 years old, the highest income recovery threshold is CAD 142,609, and for those 75 years or older, it is CAD 148,179.
  • If a pensioner’s total income for this income year exceeds CAD 86,912, they will be subject to a 15% tax. When annual income hits the maximum income threshold, the worst case scenario is that you receive nothing or CAD 0.
  • It is acceptable and permitted to split income in order to reduce the OAS clawback. If one partner earns more than the other, retired income may be divided by married or common-law couples.

Deferring OAS payments to age 70 

  • Postponing or delaying OAS benefits for one to five years will increase the monthly payments if you are in excellent health and do not have an immediate financial need. The rise in sum is as follows: 14.4% at 67, 21.6% at 68, 28.8% at 74, and 7% at 66.
  • But if you go the whole distance, the permanent rise at age 70 is 36%. Pensioners can choose when to receive OAS payments based on their financial condition and circumstances during the term thanks to the delay incentive.

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Get the Max OAS as OAS Payments Increase at age 75

The OAS pension for seniors 75 years of age and above would increase, the Canadian government stated in July 2022. The OAS pension for seniors 75 years of age or above was automatically and permanently enhanced by 10% as of July 2022. You will receive the raise in the month after your 75th birthday if your 75th birthday falls after July 1, 2022.

Your Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) will not be impacted by the 10% increase in the maximum OAS pension rate. In acknowledgment of the rising expenses and difficulties that seniors have as they age, the OAS pension has been enhanced for those 75 years of age or older. The government anticipates that this increase will enable seniors to receive more support and sustain a high standard of living as they age.

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