Singapore Pension Scheme 2024 – What are the Different Types of Pensions You Get in Singapore?

Read the article to know the details of the Singapore Pension Scheme 2024. The post explores the Types of Pensions You Can Get in 2024. Read the post to the end to get the Complete List Here. People who contributed to the pension plan are waiting keenly to know the effective details. People seem to be dicey with the contribution threshold, types of pensions, and many other information we will discuss further in this post.

Singapore Pension Scheme 2024

The rate of contribution is observed to be enhanced from this year. Citizens would be able to see some changes in their pension. The government intends to improve the transparency in the Singapore Pension Scheme 2024 so that eligible citizens who are in need can access financial support from the authorities. This payment accessibility is not restricted to the employees working in government sectors but the benefits can be claimed by the private employees also. It is required to contribute under the pension plan during employment to claim the benefits later in life. Singapore Pension Scheme 2024 is provided at the age of 63 or above by the Central Provident fund. The citizens should retire at the standard retirement age to claim the maximum benefits.

These Singapore Pension Scheme 2024 payments are given by the authorities to financially support the individuals after attaining a certain age. After attaining the age of 55 or above, physical activity is restricted, which does not allow people to go out, struggle for life, and earn money. The high inflation rate makes it next to impossible to live life either without having enough savings or without accessing extra financial aid from someone.

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Overview Table on the Singapore Pension Scheme 2024

Title of the postSingapore Pension Scheme 2024
CategoryGovernment Aid
DepartmentAccountant General’s Department
AmountMonthly ordinary wage- 6,800 Sgd Total annual ceiling- 102,000 Sgd
BeneficiariesRetirees (Low-income)
ActRetirement and Re-employment Act
Official Portal[email protected]

Understanding Singapore Pension Scheme

As per the Retirement and Re-employment Act, the Singapore Pension Scheme 2024 is offered according to the contributions made by the workers. During the Singapore Budget 2023, the discussion has been done on drafting the Pension Scheme. This rise will be provided to qualified citizens until 2026.

September 2022 saw the implementation of the $30 to $350 pension rise, with a $30 to $1280 pension maximum. The elderly and low-income people are regarded as the recipients.

Singapore Pension Scheme 2024 - What are the Different Types of Pensions You Get in Singapore?

Types of Singapore Pensions You Can Get in 2024

This emerging year has brought new beginnings and initiated the Singapore Pension Scheme. The workers from different sectors will be experiencing a remarkable alteration in the assistance that they will be getting this year. For the citizens, several types of pensions are mentioned below:

Provident fund Scheme: This relates to the armed forces, which are the main support system for the nation’s Social Security system. The amount of money will depend on the retired citizen’s pay. The National Pension Plan in Singapore referred to as the Central Provident Fund (CPF) supports citizens in managing expenses of housing, education, healthcare, education, and investments. Both employees and employers have to contribute every month to the plan. There are three accounts for the employees: the Special Account, MediSave Account, and the Ordinary Account.

Non-contributory pension scheme: This pension plan can be accessed by employees working in the government sector. Employees are provided with an option to claim the payment every month as per their living requirements.

This increment in the pension has been implemented from the 1st of January 2024. Singapore Government has invested millions of dollars in eligible citizens to provide them with a pension.

Amount Disbursed under the Singapore Pension Scheme

The beneficiaries want to know the pension payment they will be provided this year. Keep browsing the section to know the effective details. The monthly minimum wage will be 6,800 SGD, while the yearly maximum will be 102,000 SGD. For the citizens, the annual limits will be updated.

In this article, the pension scheme has been discussed to make senior citizens well aware of the pension plan drafted by the Singapore Government. Before giving the pension, the pay scale and the CPF Contribution rates of the citizens will be considered. In the table mentioned below, contribution rates will be discussed.

AgeEmployer-Employee ContributionContribution made by the EmployerContribution made by the EmployeeContribution combined made by the Employer-Employee
Below 55 years37%Revised17%20%
55-60 Years29.5%31%15%16%
60-65 Years20.5%22%11.5%10.5%
65-70 Years15.5%16.5%9%7.5%
Above 70 Years12.5%12% (Revised)7.5%5%

The pension will be supplied to the citizens as per the rate mentioned in the table above. Assurance Package Bonus received by the old-age citizens to refuse the effects of living expenses in Singapore. You can access the official website of the Singapore Government to resolve queries and raise a support ticket at and

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Singapore Pension Helpline

To resolve the specific queries, eligible seniors can contact the Department of Accountant General. The email addresses to reach the authorized personnel are fi@govhelpdesk and [email protected]. The query should be mentioned and details must be provided properly so that officials can help an individual properly.

You can even visit the nearby offices during working hours from Monday to Friday. You cannot reach the authorized personnel after the working hours end and, on the weekends, i.e., Saturday and Sunday. The designated location for the in-person meeting with authorities is at 100 High Street #06-01, under the department name “The Treasury” in Singapore, with the postal code 179434. This physical address has been assigned for the offline engagement with the relevant officials. Please ensure your presence at this specified venue for the meeting with the authorities.

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