Canada Disability Benefit to be Implemented in 2024: CDB Government Agenda Cleared Greens Press

In Canada Bill C-22 granted on June 22, 2023, after receiving royal assent and the Canada Disability Benefit Act is currently in effect. While this is fantastic news, there is still more work to be done in order to fully understand the Canada Disability Benefit (also known as CDB).

The decision has been made by the government to create the regulations in two stages and currently in the initial stage. The CDB Act mandates that the government present a report detailing its interactions and cooperation with the DC, including DA, DP, organizations that assist and support the disabled, and the general public, to develop the regulations of the CDB.

Although they may still interact in other ways, government employees seem to be planning to engage the disability community in a few areas. Additionally, the government intends to create an online interaction platform. As soon as the government releases further details, we will share updates on Canada Disability Benefit 2023-24 here in this page.

Canadians invited to help design the new CDB

Minister of Diversity, Inclusion, and Persons with Disabilities, announced the opening of the online engagement tool for the Canada Disability Benefit Regulations. The regulations for the new benefit will be designed using input and opinions from Canadians gathered through this easily accessible platform. The online engagement tool for the Canada Disability Benefit Regulations is available on the website until December 21, 2023.

Following the official publication of the draft regulations, which is anticipated to happen in 2024, there will be more chances to offer feedback. On June 22, 2023, the Canada Disability Benefit Act gained a royal assent after being approved by the Senate and the House of Commons with unanimous votes. The formulation of rules for the Canada Disability Benefit necessitates a barrier-free engagement process involving input from individuals with disabilities, as mandated by the Act.

Canada Disability Benefit

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CPP Benefit Increase 2024

Canada Disability Benefit to be Implemented in 2024

  • In addition to any existing federal, territorial, and provincial benefits and services, as well as any private insurance payments handicapped persons receive, the new benefit must be provided.
  • In addition to requiring a separate application, those handicapped individuals who do not receive a federal, territorial, or provincial benefit must also apply quickly in order to be eligible for the benefit.
  • A substantial earnings exemption is also necessary to allow handicapped individuals who are able to work to maintain their wages. For these impaired workers to be financially supported by their jobs, they must gain something from their earnings as opposed to losing it to the cost of living assistance.
  • In order to really alleviate poverty for handicapped individuals, the Canada Disability Benefit must be a component of a system of benefits that provide an income above the country’s official poverty line and accounts for the additional expenses associated with disability.
Canada Disability Benefit to be Implemented in 2024: CDB Government Agenda Cleared Greens Press

CDB Regulations Online Engagement Tool

The online engagement tool for the Canada Disability Benefit Regulations is available on the website until December 21, 2023. Following the official publication of the draft regulations, which is anticipated to happen in 2024, there will be more chances to offer feedback.

Canadians are being consulted by the government of Canada over the proposed Canada Disability Benefit. You are cordially asked to provide input on specifics related to benefits, such as eligibility and benefit amount, as these will be taken into consideration when developing rules for the Canada Disability Benefit.

Join in: how to participate

To make the rules governing the new Canada Disability Benefit, the Canadian government has issued a new consultation procedure. You are welcome to offer input on how you would like the benefit to be implemented if you are a person with a disability, a family member, a caregiver, or a professional who works with the disability community.

This might cover topics like the requirements for qualifying, how to apply for the benefit, and most significantly, how much the benefit will be. There are several ways that you may offer your feedback: Using an online engagement tool, the government asks for your feedback while briefly describing the various components of the benefit.

The deadline for the consultation process is December 21, 2023. You can do it via, an email or you can Call 1‑833‑390‑4065 and leave a message to provide your comments by December 21, 2023, at 23:59 (Eastern Time).

OAS Increase 2024

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CPP Inflation Increase 2024

Why is the CDB so important?

Poverty rates among people with impairments is somewhat high, and compare to 10% of the overall population, 23% of working-age Canadians with disabilities live in poverty, according to a survey on Disability. For those with severe impairments, this percentage rises to 28%, and for those with very severe disabilities, it reaches 34%.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionately impacted persons with impairments, caused these numbers to rise sharply. A basic income for Canadians with disabilities is being created by the Canada Disability Benefit, which attempts to rectify this inequality.


70 thoughts on “Canada Disability Benefit to be Implemented in 2024: CDB Government Agenda Cleared Greens Press”

  1. Being on disability is not fun, and guaranteed every individual needs peace in life. Life is totally different being on low income and the increase in the cost of living. My primary concern is that everyone lives in peace. Addition to the disability benefits will bring peace in everyone’s life.

    • I am with you,
      having 3 children and a family of 5. I went from being a PSW for 23 yrs. Health hit me like a brick wall/blindsided, life came to a complete halt!
      I was making darn good money to be cut to not even half of one of my pay checks, paid in to CPP since the start to be force to make a living of that.
      Where is the fairness or consideration for those who do/did work?
      I was totally confused in the beginning. It felt like a slap in the face.
      Peace sometimes is hard to fine these days…
      Peace to all. 🫶

      • Same feelings this way I was a teacher at a hair collage and owned my own salon we are a family of 4 had a nice income a big house I fell 8 feet off a ladder and sufferd a brain injury short term memory loss. problem’s quickly turned from what choice to choose for lunches to what are we going to do about getting food for lunches. My husband had his own construction company and had to quit to be home to help with our everyday new way of life. Went from a 6 bedroom house into an tv then lost that to the floods in 21 now we are pin a 3 bedroom where our rent is 2900 and our disability check sdoesnt even cover our rent leaves No money for anything So FRUSTRATING considering I put extra into cpp every month since I was 18 I’m 38 maybe 39 born in 84 what ever that makes me but to spend 40000 on an education an 4 years of collage to amount to nothing but a budget fat waste of time. All for this crap!! What’s the point!! Sorry for the vent but seriously wtf

        • I truly understand your situation. I should be on some form of disability, but due to financial reasons I can’t. I shouldn’t be working as many hours as I do but I have to.I have 3 autoimmune diseases one of them is rheumatoid Arthritis. Alot of my meds would not be covered. My husband does not make enough to support us. I am a pharmacy technician so the wear and tear on my hands alone is brutal let alone the rest of my body. I am in constant pain which is now not only taking it’s toll on my body but also now on my mental health. I have also paid into the system for over 40 years. There should be a DB that allows you to work so you can stay above the poverty level. I may be able to work full-time this week but the next week I might not be able to even walk. The system is disgusting. Savannah my heart goes out to you and your family. Our government needs to realize an unexpected accident or unexpected disease maybe just around the corner. My disability caused myself and husband to loose everything.

        • I feel for you , I’ve worked hard since I was a teen. Was at my job for 16 years with not a day of work missed in all that time then to get hurt and reduced to living in with my sister because I can’t afford to live on my own with what I’m making through compensation. Life sucks big time. Hope all have a chance to be happy with family during Christmas

    • I have been on disability for over ten years now. Due to a drunk driver causing me physical ability to work. Can’t afford dental have a few teeth infection, plus my prescription are over $150 a month on CPP they don’t give you benefits. Hopefully we all get it, because we’re all in the same boat. Poverty life food banks hopefully this will come soon its taking a hell of a long time. This government takes there, very slow and promises they can’t keep. I have to see it to believe it

    • I agree….when working I was able to work I made $4000 a month…now it’s less than half that…less than minimum wage. Nobody can live independently on that amount. Shouldn’t have to rely on others to live! I have my Disability Certificate. This new benefit will hopefully be a game changer!!

  2. Like most people who are disabled i rec a bit over 1100 a month…
    Out of that i pay for diabetic meds, high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds as well as meds for a peptic ulcer…
    Nothing left for living… its awful..
    Im 58 and worked as a retail manager with a degree in HR..
    Ive been the one my entire life helping people in need now i find myself on the other side… i havent filled my peptic ulcer meds in 3 months due to the cost of everything… im very upset that billions of tax paying dollars that i have paid into the system leaves canada to help other countries when we canadians who are disabled cant put food on our tables…

    • If you’re on odsp talk to your doctor the meds should be covered,if not facs has discretionary benefits that you may be able to tap into, this is Canada!!

      • Not all meds are covered on ODSP I been on ODSP for the last 24 years and I still have to pay for some of my meds because it’s not covered.

      • I am from NL and the NL drug plan has to include my husband’s income and the other issue is that 3 of my most expensive drugs are not covered. When my husband lost his job of 35 years, he also lost his drug plan. My meds at that time were $1000 per month. Now I have it down to $400 per month but I’m needing more expensive meds and I can’t afford to take them… so I won’t get better. Catch 22!! Could you tell me what odsp stands for??
        Thank you for your time, Paula


  3. I’ve been on ODSP for over 5 years now and it’s a goddamn nightmare. I’m pretty sure almost everyone who is disabled lives in deep poverty. Living in this level of poverty is very degrading and really tiring. We should be just as comfortable as anyone else. Due to our disabilities, everything costs more, we have to pay for therapy, meds, transportation etc. PLEASE PROVIDE for ALL disabled Canadians.

    Canada, if you truly want an “Accessible Canada” please actually help our disabled people. Hurry this up, if you could get CERB together in less than like 2 months, you can get this done too. Its also incredibly degrading to hear that the “minimum amount needed to live” is 2000 when we barely get 1,100… are we not people too? 🙁

    ODSP hasn’t gone up since 1998 with inflation… thats a long ass time without proper help. Due to how long this will take, I will most likely be homeless AGAIN by that point. And it took me a full year to finally find my current home.

    Also, get “handicapped” out of the language, it is incredibly disrespectful. We are not “handicapped”, we are Disabled, get it right.

    Also, say it with me, YOUNG DISABLED PEOPLE EXIST. We need the support too! you can be disabled at ANY AGE. NOT JUST seniors.

    • I’m 31 and have been on disability for 4 years. I have a 4 year old and we only get $823 a month. Our rent and utilities are paid directly, however with other bills, groceries etc that is not enough. After my bills I’m lucky to have $100 left until I get $250 from child tax. How are we supposed to live?

      • Your rent and utilities is paid directly? By whom.may I ask? I’m on Canada Disability Pension since 2017. My monthly only $743. I’ve succumbed to living in an RV the past 2 years as I cant afford rent and was renovicted from the house I was renting. I recently turned 50 yrs old. Worked 2 and 3 jobs my entire life! Most recently I was a school bus driver for 12 yrs making $40,000- $48,000 a year. I now have a total yearly income of a measly $8000. My vehicle was repossessed. My daughter had to move in with her grandparents to finish school as I have no internet services or power. Definitely a slap in the face! We deserve fair treatment! I swear they just want us gone…they want us to break mentally and dissapear. Less mouths to feed. Sad state of affairs. I sure hope this new program is dispersed to everyone! I’m tired of being poor and in pain. Life isn’t fun anymore. Not even close!

    • I agree with you 100% what I am trying to find out is if this will be added to or replace ODSP. Also, how much more will it provide in dollar amounts per month. Lastly, does someone on ODSP need to apply or is it automatically put in place. I am assuming that I would need to apply. All of this has probably been answered and I have just missed it.

    • Preach!!! Girl!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! Thank you for standing up for us young disabled peoples!! Because this is ridiculous how we’ve just been completely forgotten about. And why should their be minimum contributions to cpp!!! Some of us have never been able to work!!!!!! Ive tried to work over and over again. No one wants me because I collapse a lot from chronic pain. 🙁 and how am I to afford anything with the amount of money we get a month to work from home ya know. Like it’s not feasible. It’s extremely degrading I feel useless. Constantly battling with suicidal thoughts cause nothing seems to get better. I’ve been homeless more times then I can count. We get 500 for rent through my disability in bc… average bachelor is 900… I’d like to see any of those politician’s live a month in our shoes. Then they’d maybe understand.. ya know?

      • Don’t lose hope Misti!
        Life can be hard but keeping our hope makes a difference.
        I have been on and off disability since I was twenty nine, this year I turned fifty eight.
        When I got sick the first time, I felt like I had failed my children.
        My husband had a mental breakdown because I was dying and we lost our home.
        The EI we received kept food on the table and paid for utilities but it was not enough to cover mortgage payments.
        We ended up moving to Vernon. We lived in a motel close to the hospital.
        I wanted to kill myself, I remember standing in the middle of highway 97, waiting for a semi to hit me. It was the middle of extremely winter and the snow was deep.
        I was fortunate, that I didn’t get to have those wishes in my moment of desperation.
        I was sent to an out of hospital mental health treatment, every day for six hours for a month, it really helped.
        I was very fortunate, I got to have a Social Worker that went beyond her duties that helped me and my family.
        I was able to go on CPP disability, I was put on a transplant list and my family was in a better living situation.
        After waiting for two years I got my transplant, I went back to college and opened my own clothing store.

        Then in 2006 I suffered two strokes, I had to learn to walk again.
        I kept the business going for another two years with the help of one of my children.
        I ended closing the store because my daughter had to attend school full time and I had a setback with my health.
        Went back to CPP disability, this time I only got $750 monthly but with my husband income we made it through.

        In 2014, I was diagnosed with Cancer.
        I had my left eye removed, thought that would solve my problem. I was wrong, after being discharged from the hospital I was sent to see an oncologist. I thought with all my past experiences, I could handle anything.
        So I told the oncologist, please be honest don’t sugar coat things.
        She was honest, she told me to go get my life in order, at the most I had three month to live.
        I had stage four cancer.
        I remember walking away saying nothing, with both of my children following me. I cried myself to sleep that night.
        However, the following day, I went back to see the Oncologist. She saw me without having an appointment.
        I asked her if she could help me , she said she would try.
        I could only have radiation because I already was taking inmune suppressants. The left side of my face and neck looked burned, red with the skin peeling. I had the maximum radiation treatments.
        After that, I had to see an oncologist for five years.

        I became a widow in 2017, my income now was $800. I went to live with my youngest daughter. In 2020, I ended in the hospital for a month.
        I only remember signing some papers but I had to be reminded what they were for.
        The Social worker at the hospital applied in my behalf to the Ministry of Poverty Reduction. Since then, I have been getting money to top up my income.
        I no longer have to mooch from my youngest daughter.
        I’m able to pay her rent and half utilities. Before, she had to take a second job to keep up with expenses.
        I share some of my past circumstances with you, so you can understand why I said don’t lose hope!
        I live one day at the time, before I go to bed I tell myself, tomorrow is going to be a good day!

    • I completely agree with everything you have said. I’ve been on CPP Disability for almost 15 years now. I get less than $1000 a month and still need to pay Blue Cross in order for my meds that I need to be covered and still pay $500 over the course of 3 months to get them filled.
      CERB was rolled out in a matter of days and it was determined that $2000 a month was needed to survive this effed up world, they should have increased everyone’s payment amount back then. I hope this happens sooner than later. And if the billed was passed on June 2023, we should all get back pay to that date. That would help us all pay our debts and start fresh and maybe go for a good grocery shopping haul.
      Good luck to all of us.

    • Same.. I would like to know as I am receiving ODSP . Do we apply or is automatically switched over..hoping we finally get to feel a bit human live and eat well instead of going without.

      • Would like to know more about this. My injury happened at work in 2004 , I’m on Workers Compensation since. Lost my house, husband plus all my belongings because of space. With the cost of living going up all the time why wouldn’t that reflect on what we receive. Living on pain meds and nerve pills because of suicidal thoughts definitely not how I envisioned my life to be. Here’s hoping something will change for all of Canada’s disabled that can’t make a living as it is now. I’ve heard of too many deaths due to suicide because of frustration, poverty, drugs and the feelings of usefulness I really hope you or I aren’t next due to these circumstances.

  4. What if you’ve made contributions but had to do cpp credit splitting because of debt can u still be eligible? This is very important for me as I hope we still qualify…it wouldn’t be fair to be left out in the dark because I needed the money at the time. Having disability isn’t easy and inflation and living costs are so high

  5. I was wondering if the benefit can be raised enough to allow people to be above the poverty line or support allowing clients to make enough at meaningful employment in addition to their benefits to
    Be able to make ends meet. I would also suggest that the govt program implement an on the job training program to allow clients to retrain and make it easier to get new employment. The ODSP program doesn’t allow clients who are on Cpp disability to access on the job training because they are on a different disability benefit. A disability is a disability and should be treated as such.

  6. My husband has worked all his life but had to go on disability and I don’t know were you can rent a place for 11 hundred a month especially when you look at cerb they said 2000 per person and that’s more than what they pay for disability please explain how that works because I can’t figure it out

  7. As a person who only survives off my husband’s income because all I qualify for is the DTC.I would hope I would be entitled for this.

  8. If clawbacks from insurance and the provinces are allowed, then this benefit will be absolutely worthless. You may as well set it up as transfer payments to those industries instead of having it masquerade as a benefit to win the next election.

    Lose the clawbacks, and stop fat Doug from getting his snout out of the ODSP trough as well. We are run by a grist mill politician in Ontario. Step up or shut up!

    • Agreed. My CPP is clawed back by my insurer. As My insurance was paid by my employer vs self paid, it also means it is taxed by approx 30% and I’m not allowed to earn anything. Insurers shouldn’t be allowed claw backs of other benefits. If this $300 is taken, what’s the point? If we also need to apply for it/do paperwork, it’ll likely cost us as the insurer will force us to apply… the same way they did for CPP-D. We can starve but, the insurer wants paid.
      I had my group health benefits cut off despite paying 100% of the premiums. I now pay for individual private group benefits that have awful coverage yet for now it still saves me a fee dollars… next year, the premium will probably go up enough to make it lose the little worth it has. Things desperately need to change. We should be allowed to have some independence and be treated as an individual as taking a spouses income into account as so many people are ineligible/trapped in abusive situations etc. The system is profoundly broken and change needs to happen immediately.

  9. If a pwd lives in assisted care and there is an increase in the budget the cdb will cover all expenses
    Cdb should cover cost of prescriptions that are needed for individuals on assistance with pwd by at least half the cost

  10. What about Provincial Govts. They Should Not Be Allowed to claw Back any for Cpp Disability or this New one. Alberta is especially bad for this Shame Shame Shame. All Federal Disability Benefits should not allowed to back into the pockets of the Provinces and shis should be available for all Age Groups from Young Children to Seniors.

  11. I desperately want to work living on ODSP with children is a nightmare I go to food banks weekly there is never ever extra money for a movie or dinner out not ever. I feel like less then trash less then a human being because of my health which I have absolutely no control over. Things need to change a rent supplement needs to be provided immediately. Signed starving in Canada!

  12. ODSP has gone up a few times since 1998. And just recently too. It made headlines. We all got an increase. Travel is covered. If it’s for medical reasons you get a travel allowance. I just got my renewal form for travel expenses. Additional food expenses for medical reasons too. I get almost 1500$ on ODSP. That’s with the newest increase.

  13. This is true. If you are on ODSP/CCPD you can’t even volunteer more than 15 hours a week without being taken to tribunal. Meaning people that were told that this is the best way to be on disability and are unable to work at all. I feel this was a bit descriptive on the part of ODSP in my opinion. Now people in this position can work at all without the possibility of losing their benefits.

  14. Government always say they want to help people on disability but that’s just words with no action. Like putting min wage up in ontario would put more money in low income people pockets and they know it would not cause cost of everything goes up. So what u do get extra on a pay doesn’t cover the price going up.
    Government put min wage up so they get more tax money back to cover thier big pays they get and bonuses too.
    Just like when they put the amount you are aloud to make from work before deductions from $200 a month to $1000 witch seems like a lot but after that amount, before $200 a month anything over the $200 only keep 50%. Now $1000a month, anything over $1000 only keep 25%. So average individual on ODSP can make upto $2000 a month. Dose not go much higher then that with only able to keep 25% over $1000. So working around 15 hours a week would get u around the $1000 a month and anything over that you are working for 25% of min wage. Here in ontario min wage is 16.55 per hour and 25 % of that is $4.13 per hour.
    And it’s only going to get harder for us not easier

  15. I’ve worked majority of my life I have had MS for the past 20 years and need to use a cane daily my mobility is not the best I have problems with my house chores and can’t afford any help due to the fact I only receive 947.00 monthly my rent is 918.00 I need a roof over my house how am I suppose to feed myself and pay my bills. I desperately need help big time.

  16. Not only should the provincial disability benefits be brought up to poverty levels. We should be getting $2100 a month at least. If we are born a Canadian citizen and over 40 on odsp we should be able to leave this country for up to two years at a time without losing our odsp because we can live better in many other countries and take some of the pressure off of the social system in Canada. ie. Philippines, Solomon Islands, most African countries, Cambodia. Why limit us for one month?

  17. I believe anyone who has already been approved for any of the other provincial benefits for the disables.. ODSP and CPP disability should automatically be approved for this new benefit without having to get another doctor’s letter which most charge for$100 in some cases.Weve already proved we’re not able to work under the government guidelines.None of this new money should be clawed back by the provinces or private insurers or we will be no further ahead!

  18. As someone on disability, I am constantly discriminated against, I have been without a home for 2.5 years, no bachelor or 1 bedrooms are even remotely in my reach. I am on odsp and I cant even afford the minimum rental price. When covid hit, the goverment said people need 2000$ a month to live, and here we are 3 years later and we are still getting less than 1300 a month with inflation at such a high, it is not enough, we are homeless and/or starving and losing all hope

  19. My wife is disabled for past 8 years plus (major stroke July 30 , 2015. Senior now in long term care home whereby total pension goes to her rent and prescriptions. She is qualified for disability payments but since we were and are retired on basic pension we DO NOT receive any payments, just credits, which are TOTALLY useless. We need the money from qualified disability. It only goes to the middle class and not to those at the very low income bracket seniors. Is this fair treatment????
    Will this new bill correct this and pay out the accumulated disability credits???

    • My pills aren’t covered, nor is my rent. Or food. I get 1500 a month. And that pays my rent and phone. Because I have to have a phone to talk to specialist and doctors. I have been sick my whole life unable to work. And unable to contribute to cpp. So it’s not just senior disabled that are suffering. And from what I’ve read your cpp and oas is all getting increased. But there zero help for us. I’ve been homeless more times then I can count. Because we get nothing and they don’t care. I think the CDB should be for all disabled people not just one classm

  20. Sometimes I feel discriminated against as I don’t have the option to work and make extra money for myself. Boy I sure wish I could!! There should be a way that I could make extra money!! People whom are not able to do this should be allowed extra benefits or at least the cut off amount. I envy the ones that can work a bit but definitely feel left out and hopeless because I can not work at all. I can not afford food or any extras at all. Not even cloths for myself. CPP-D should not be clawed back ever not even for AISH. I get a cost of living increase then the AISH program takes it away. Most of the amount I get from CPP-D is from COL increases. That amount should not be touched at all.. third class citizens is what we are treated like as even immigrants get treated Better than us!- Shame..Shame is right. It disgusts me..and most able bodied people feel the same way . Help is needed immediately! So come on…show us what you can do!!!

      • When I had my first child my family allowance was 21.97. Wouldn’t even pay for her special artificial milk she needed. What is the allowance for one child now. Increases sure happened there why not elsewhere????

  21. I have had multiple Sclerosis since 2007 and I am in a wheelchair I live in nl and I can barely get by on social services and I don’t qualify for any disability through cpp cause I haven’t worked since 2007
    I am hoping this benefit they are giving us will get me the income I need to survive I do have 8hrs a day homcare and can’t get anymore hours and I live I don’t understand how this

    benefit works do we.have to.apply for this be if it aswell ? And get turned away like cpp sorry for the rant

  22. I am on AISH and CPP-D and unable to work, I miss working and would give anything to be able to work. Being on Disability is hard financially because you can’t get ahead, you can’t save for retirement, and for any medical equipment I require the wait list is long and limited. It seems unfair that people on Government assistance can work and make extra income but AISH recipients have their CPP-D Deducted dollar for dollar. In order to receive CPP-D you have to have worked and contributed and we also paid taxes to those provincial programs as well. So Cpp-d should be classified as earnings and not a deductible income.

    Also when it comes to the new CDB I would like to see an equipment assistance benefit put in place for those that don’t have extended benefits but may not qualify for a monthly benefit, or possibly an extended medical coverage to cover meds, medical eqiupment, special services etc…

    • Yes!!! We also shouldn’t have to have contributions!!! Ive tried to work. And can’t. Theres nothing more that I’d love to do. But I can’t afford what you need to work from home even. And it’s frustrating. We shouldn’t be punished for being disabled. Cause that’s how it feels we are

  23. I hope this benefit is better than what is currently available. Don’t qualify for ODSP. I have MS and metastatic breast cancer and have been denied CPP benefits after paying into cpp since I was 16 years old. Wasn’t sick enough for CPP with my MS, and now that I am sick enough, I haven’t had enough contributions to qualify. Please don’t make this benefit only for those currently receiving cpp-d.

  24. The federal disabilty should be paid to all people on odsp and low income people on canada with no clawbacks from any goverments

  25. I am on ODSP with a metabolic bone disease. Am in chronic bone pain all the time. Am barely able too walk, with a walker. I get $1430 a month too live on. Rent portion is $500 . Please tell me where I can find a apartment or room too rent for $500 a month? I too hope federal disability supplement goes directly too people on ODSP whether they work or not. I am not able too work, I am barely able too get out of bed most days too too chronic bone pain . I too am depressed and financial obligations are impossible too cover with the monthly amount I receive. Please liberal and NDP governments help us by directly supplementing our ODSP. Without the Conservative Govt in Ontario cutting our ODSP back. We desperately need your help.

  26. My mother in law is a severe Dementia patient. She lives with me. She doesn’t accept anybody (like caregiver or nurse) except me. I’m her primary caregiver that’s why I can’t go anywhere for job. She needs me 24 hours a day. We live in a rental basement so we have to pay rents,bills, groceries & many more expenses. My financial condition is also getting worse but I’m doing all this for humanity. I can’t even get any caregiver benefits because I’ve never done any job because my mother in law is suffering from dementia since last 10 years. My mother in law get CPP benefits but due to rising inflation, rent, bills, medicine, groceries & other expenses are difficult to meet.

  27. Was on Odsp until I turn 65 this year .Still have degenerative disk scoliosis and have been going for weekly pain care clinics for three years. Was given no information on who what or where I can get help .Can’t afford service on 4 wheel scooter work need on wheel chair. Was just left hanging. Thank you Ontario government and I am about to lose my rent supplement apartment due to someone’s lack of losing my paperwork not once but twice. Imagine that !

  28. It’s sad most of us have worked most of our lives.. if we are sick & can’t work then that’s what it is!!
    How can it be for Cerb things were done in 2 months?? People got cheques that shouldn’t have but yet the new bill for disabilities is still being up for discussion & months away from helping anyone?? Is government gonna make it retro to date it passed the house law??

  29. Reading the comments I haven’t seen anyone reply who is on Workers Compensation. Will any of this help us and how can I find more information.

  30. Being on disability is hard and having so many complications with your health physical psychological emotional and then losing my jobs because of these imparities I became homeless and this is such a hard cycle to break I was lucky to find housing but still struggle with the cost of food warm clothing ust everyday basic needs the cost of EVERYTHING is going UP its soon hard

  31. Hi my name is Samantha I’ve been on disability for quite a few years oh not too too long but the last 5 years I guess because I went legally blind I was working full-time my entire life and I just lost my sight suddenly in the beginning of covid and no since then I’ve been in a car accident I’ve got a room I’ve got rheumatoid arthritis which is an autoimmune disease and then my partner was working full-time and starting a business as well as I had my own business and he got hit by a fan cab from Blue Line so he’s no longer able to work either and now we both had good paying jobs and we were doing well and now we can’t even afford an apartment anymore we are living in a tent with my son and this is not appropriate and then the government’s going and taking the covid money that they supposedly I wasn’t allowed to have even though I worked they’re taking my taxes from previous years and leaving me with nothing leaving me under the poverty line I get an entire $1,300 to live on no gsts no other money not allowed to because they keep taking everything so I’m expected to support myself my partner and my dog living in a tent with that little bit of money like it it’s not enough to survive it’s not right i’m 104 lb because I don’t have enough money to eat and the food banks don’t give you enough and I’m allergic to a lot of the food out there cuz I’m allergic to citric acid so there’s a many things I’m allergic to and I can’t afford to buy the stuff without it so I have to suffer every day in pain because of the government cuz they just leave us like this even though I worked my whole life and so did my partner and this is the way we get treated for being productive members of society see where that gets you especially with disability get you nowhere I don’t get to spend much time with my family over the holidays this year we’re not even celebrating Christmas because I can’t afford to buy a meal so there’s no point of us even doing anything when it’s just going to be another just a regular day cuz we can’t even afford to eat I can’t even afford to keep a roof over our heads and that’s things to the government I worked I deserve more help I paid my taxes but this is all I got because I went legally blind and I’m having a hard time in life now so I got to get a kick in the ass and a slap in the face excuse my language you know you know how much is knowing that your own government gives less care about you than they do about the foreigners that they’re bringing in you don’t we’re Canadian citizens what happened to us getting treatment everybody else get special treatment but we don’t we get booted out to the streets and to get told to screw off and it’s our problem get ridiculed and put down and called names and told that we’re doing things that were not doing we don’t we’re not substance users we’re just an innocent family that tried to get by they couldn’t anymore because of losing my sight and getting hit by a car and having an autoimmune disease you know it’s been a lot of suffering in our family and we don’t deserve it really wish the government would step up and start taking care of their own and stop worrying about it all these other people that don’t don’t live here you know they’re coming over afterwards take care of your own first and then worry about others I was always taught you take care of number one first but they are definitely not doing that they haven’t raised our rates since the 90s like this is ridiculous there’s no way anybody can afford to pay $464 for rent because that’s all they give us there’s no such thing you can’t even get a room for that I might be able to get a shed for that maybe you know that’s not right I go from being and making a decent living to absolutely nothing not knowing where we’re going to put our head down at night and if we’re going to survive the night from the freezing cold if we’re going to wake up dry in the morning if my dog is going to be sick if I’m going to get sick I’m successful it’s susceptible to pneumonia like not going to spend my Christmas and outside until 10:00 you know if all my eyes out every single day because I can’t I can’t support my family I cannot provide and I don’t know what else to do I’ve sold everything I own I’ve lost everything I own to whatever I had left because I couldn’t afford to pay for my storage so I’ve lost everything and then they keep kicking me while I’m down the government don’t give crap about us because if they did they wouldn’t do stuff like this to us yeah people that are on the system just keep hitting them more and more we can find and take more money from them as much as you can right because the people that are in the poverty under the poverty line deserve that yeah good job guys good job so proud of our government not really wish they’d all stop lying but what they really want they say they want one thing and they they can do something completely different it’s gross what happened to solid people what happened to to honest people there’s no such thing anymore in the in the government through all this money hungry and don’t care who they hurt and kick down while they’re all along the way as long as they got a nice cushy bed to go home to I wish I could sleep at night like they do I’m lucky to sleep three times a week because I don’t know if I’m going to have a place to put my head down it’s gross that they treat their own people like this very gross I’m absolutely disappointed in our government they could do way better they can do way better but they choose not to they choose to look like lying sacks of crap again as long as they got a nice cushy bed to go home to sleep at night I wish I did in a nice bathtub to go to you know but I’m not allowed to I’ve been out on the streets for a year now and no hope in sight right now and that’s great being legally blind that knew at it so so I don’t know how to live this way but I have to deal with this now and now I got to worry about my son being here too and he’s disabled as well do you know how hard it is to live like this people screaming at us everyday to shut up because we’re having a conversation or a little bit of an argument cuz we have no privacy when you get a tent you know people ridiculing us all the time putting us down stereotyping us it’s not right I really wish that government would step up and do more for their own people instead of putting us to the back burner and taking care of everyone else first cuz that’s what we need right got all my Canadian citizens out here on the streets and attend well all these other people that are coming here are getting nice warm cuz she kind of was an apartment what about the people that were here people that live here in their entire lives people to help build this government who cares about them right sorry for the rant everybody as you see I’m not living a very good life right now and it’s no thanks to them and they’re just keep making it worse and worse I don’t know how somebody that’s under the poverty line you can keep taking money from and leaving them with absolutely nothing and think it’s okay how do you sleep at night

  32. I am provincial PWD and it’s crazy! Not a lot to live on but the way we are treated! So my major disability (fibromyalgia / uncontrollable asthma due to the wildfires ) which impacts absolutely everything I do isn’t mentioned but….. my mental health is what they are more interested in? Medical plan is a joke blue cross doesn’t cover. Most of my meds. And if I contact the province they act like the $175 increase should cover the world! Well it doesn’t cover $162 for just 1 inhaler per month and I have 3 and the 11 pills I have to take everyday please remind me about that $175 again while I am trying to eat! Or live on my own!

  33. When I first applied for ODSP the application was denied . And this is what they wrote ..
    We have no dought that your disabilities are substantial, in all sense of the word. However, because you are able to attend dr. Apts, and take care of your children, you are able to work ..

    Are u kidding me. What’s the alternative to not going to dr. And not taking care of my kids .. keeping in mind my children were not toddlers they were like 14 and 7 at the time .. so very I dependent at that point ..

    Also I applied for DTC and I qualified cause of my disability but was denied cause I was not employed, they wanted another person to claim on my behalf … Isn’t it the point of DTC is to help people who are disabled…. Not able to work …but can’t get it cause they can’t work is bonkers…


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