Benefit Payments Dec 2023 – When Will You Get Government Benefits and Credits in Canada in December?

This December, Canadians may anticipate receiving additional funding from the government to assist with the growing expense of living and holiday expenses. A number of government perks and benefits will give qualifying Canadians some much-needed cash. The precise day of your Benefit Payments Dec 2023 payment will depend on the kind of benefit you receive and how you get it. On the other hand, the majority of benefit payments are made either monthly or quarterly. You have to apply for the benefits for which you qualify before you may start receiving payments.

You can Apply for the Benefit Payments Dec 2023 via mail, over the phone, or online. You will receive notification of your eligibility and Benefit Payments Dec 2023 schedule after your application has been accepted. Direct deposit is used to issue most benefit payments. You do have the option to accept payment via check, though. You can get in touch with the benefit program that is paying you if you have any questions about how you are getting paid.

Benefit Payments Dec 2023

The goal of several government initiatives is to maintain senior Canadians’ financial independence. Usually, you have to apply in order to receive money or advantages from a government initiative. The amount you receive, if you qualify, can vary based on your income level. Most programs begin at age 65, while some may begin sooner.

The most crucial thing to understand about practically all government programs is that, in order to qualify, you must first file a personal income tax return. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the parent organization responsible for issuing Credits Canadians will Get in December. It is a federal organization that serves the government of Canada, as well as a number of its territories and provinces, in the tasks of tax administration and collection.

Together with laws that affect international trade, the Canada Revenue Agency, also known as Agence du revenu du Canada, is in charge of a number of social and economic benefit and incentive programs through the tax system.

CCB Payment Dates

OAS Payment Date

Canada Pension Payment Dates

Credits Canadians will Get in December?

Canada Child Benefit- Payment due: December 13

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) oversees the monthly administration of the Child Care Benefit (CCB), a tax-free payment made by the government to assist with the expenses associated with raising children. A tax-free monthly payment known as the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is given to qualified families to assist them in covering the expenses of rearing children under the age of 18.

The child disability benefit and any associated provincial and territorial programs may be included in the CCB; in any case, you have to apply. Being a resident of Canada for tax purposes is one of the prerequisites. You must apply for these benefits using Forms RC66, Canada Child Benefits Application, and RC66SCH, Status in Canada/Statement of Income. In order to maintain eligibility for these payments, you and your spouse, if any, must complete your tax returns on time each year.

Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB)- Payment Date is December 8

The Ontario sales tax credit, the Northern Ontario energy credit, and the Ontario energy and property tax credit are all combined to form the OTB.

Benefit Payments Dec 2023 - When Will You Get Government Benefits and Credits in Canada in December?

Alberta Child and Family Benefit (ACFB)- Payment Date is November 27

The Alberta Child and Family Benefit is a direct financial aid program designed to promote family well-being, give children a higher standard of living, and still encourage working families. Payments for ACFB can be made by check or direct deposit. Typically, checks are sent out on the same payment dates, but sooner. The best alternative is to use direct deposits since they are simple to set up, safe, and rapid.

You should set up direct deposits through your CRA My Account if you want to be sure you’ll get your benefits on the dates when the ACFB pays out. It is recommended that you wait five working days before calling CRA if your ACFB payments are not received on these dates.

Advanced Canada Worker’s Benefit (ACWB)- Payment Date is January 12, 2024

The Canadian government offers low-income workers and families nationwide financial support through the Advanced Canada Workers Benefit (ACWB). The Advanced Canada Workers Benefit (ACWB) allows you to receive up to 50% of your CWB in advance provided you meet the eligibility requirements for the Canada Workers Benefit.

Similarly, in addition to your standard advanced payments, you will also receive 50% of that amount if you qualify for the disability supplement. At the start of the quarter, you must be a resident of Canada in order to be qualified for these advanced payments.

PWD Payment Dates

CRA Payment Dates

Canada Workers Benefit Payment Dates

Old Age Security- Payment Date is December 20

If you turn 65, you may be eligible for a federal pension through the Old Age Security Program. After turning 18, you had to have resided in Canada for a minimum of ten years. Additionally, you have to fulfill specific citizenship requirements

Veteran disability pension – Payment Date is December 20

A tax-free cash payout intended to promote your well-being is known as a disability benefit. The severity of your condition, particularly how it affects your quality of life, and the degree to which it is tied to your service (entitlement) determine how much you receive (evaluation).


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    • Well, just Google cra benefit payment to see when and what you get. Or log into the CRA site , and log into the “My account” , not hard . As long as you are eligible, it’s pretty straight forward. Same every month. Few more days. Depends on what you get. 🤔

  1. The government should be helping those people on assistance as well especially those with disabilities like me I’m 48 and suffer from chronic COPD but our benefits never go up

  2. I agree 100% I had a Massive Stroke when I was 46, and feel I should get an increase as well, but here in N.S.., Canada, if my disability goes up what little and I mean little Income assistance I receive will be cut down so they can keep us at the Poverty level (to keep themselves in a job, cause if we all live comfortably, why would we need the assistance of these people that act like it’s their money they are giving us) and punish us because we’re not able to work ffs. The Government should not blame us for being sick/disabled… C’mon Canada, We just want what’s fair!!

  3. I don’t know how the Government expects Seniors to make Ends meet when our O.A.S. pensions are So low. With rent, food and other essentials that are needed to survive it is virtually impossible for us but to make ends meet. Seniors get a fixed amount and when we need things like glasses, hearing aids, canes, walkers etc. We Just Can’t afford them. Some of the medications that are needed are not covered by OHIP. Low income Seniors struggle from month to month with the bare minimum.. For example, I make a bit over 1770$. I certainly am not able to afford some of the things that I mentioned… I can’t afford glasses, which I need.
    There are many Seniors that have to use food banks, they do the best they can, but nutritious foods like meat…vegetables are Very Rare if none existent.
    Many Canadians subsist on the bare minimum. How is Our Government helping them? ? ?.
    Affordable housing etc. Where are they ? Most Seniors will NOT be able to afford living in a Decent Retirement home, should the need arise. They are Way too expensive.
    ALL of this is Definitely Food for thought for those in charge of Our Government…..
    Just my opinion.
    Kingston, Ontario


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