Record of Employment Canada – How can you access ROE Canada?

If you are a business owner in Canada, you should become familiar with the term Record of Employment, or ROE, because without these crucial documents, your employees will not be able to receive insurance coverage in the event that they cease working or have a disruption in their earnings. I will address What is ROE and how to get Record of Employment Canada?

Employers must consider a number of factors when an employee departs the company due to a temporary layoff, resignation, or termination. This addresses a variety of issues, including who will fill the vacant post and the required amount of notice or payment in lieu of notice. Through a Record of Employment, workers who are in between jobs can receive replacement income.

What is Record of Employment?

A record of employment (ROE) is a common form used in Canada regulated by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that provides employment history. As per CRA, employees use several documents when applying for Employee Insurance (EI) benefits. In the event that an employee’s earnings that qualify them for insurance are disrupted, it is filed to the government.

For your business to succeed, it is imperative that you are aware of the key documents that affect your employees as an employer in Canada. It is essential to comprehend the meaning and implications of a Record of Employment (ROE) in order to comply with Canadian labor rules.

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ROE in Canada- why does it matter to employers?

An employer must fill out a unique form called a Canadian Record of Employment (ROE) and submit it to Service Canada for any employee with insurable earnings who has a gap in income. It is a main employment records in Canada because it shares that is the employee eligible to get benefits from Employment Insurance (EI).

Service Canada uses the ROE to determine whether an employee is eligible to file an Employment Insurance (EI) claim, the length of benefits, and the amount of compensation. The ROE is also used by the CRA to ensure that no one take wrong benefit of insurance and there is no fraud into it. Service Canada keeps all ROE forms for eleven years and relevant data must therefore be accurate so it can be beneficial.

Record of Employment Canada - How can you access ROE Canada?

Canada Record of Employment 2023 Details

Topic NameRecord of Employment
Name of OrganizationCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Shared ByCanadian Employers
DeadlineWithin five days of Interrupted earnings
AimTo claim Employment Insurance

When do an employer has to issue an ROE?

In Canada if an employee’s earnings are interrupted, you as the employer have to provide a record of employment to the competent officials. You have five calendar days starting on the first day of the earnings interruption to finish and submit a record of employment when issuing a paper copy. It will take you five calendar days following the conclusion of the previous pay period to complete the ROE online.

ROE- interruption of earnings

An ROE- interruption of earnings is there when:

  • The employee has not worked or is not anticipated to work for the company for a minimum of seven calendar days in a row also known as the 7-day rule.
  • A worker’s pay is less than sixty percent of their weekly income because of a disease, injury, or pregnancy. It also applies to those who support or care for a family member who is terminally ill as well as parents who must tend to a newborn or adopted child.
  • If a worker/employee leaves the job or an employee gets fired from the company.

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ROE codes and there meaning

  • A00 – SOW / End of Contract or Season
  • D00 – Illness or Injury
  • E00 – Quit
  • F00 – Maternity
  • G00 – Mandatory Retirement
  • K00 – Other
  • M00 – Dismissal
  • N00 – Leave of absence

Steps to get Record of Employment Canada

Your employer from Canada fills out a form known as your Record of Employment (ROE) with information about your work history, including the quantity of hours worked, your pay, and the duration of your employment. There are two ways, your employer can provide your ROE, mentioned below:

  • He/she can electronically submit your ROE to the government and he/she provides the copy of it. If this happens, a paper copy won’t be needed. Viewing your ROE online requires having a My Service Canada Account.
  • Your employer might also provide you copy of your ROE when your earnings are interrupted, they have five days to take this action.

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