Star Rebate Checks – Who is Eligible and When Will You Get Star Rebate Payment in 2023-2024?

You should now begin keeping an eye on your mailbox for your check for the STAR property tax credit. If yours has not arrived yet, it will probably do so shortly. You can use a tool provided by the state Department of Taxation and Finance to find out if checks have begun to be mailed to your town. It is available online, where you may look up every municipality and school system in Onondaga County as well as other places. For instance, checks began to be written out in the city of Syracuse in the middle of July.

According to the Tax Department, Star Rebate Checks 2023 for many additional municipalities and districts surrounding Onondaga County seem to have begun shipping. This is for West Genesee, Liverpool, Fayetteville-Manlius, Jamesville-DeWitt, and further areas. Check this page for STAR Rebate Checks 2023 Eligibility, Who is Getting Star Rebate Payment in 2023-2024 and Star Rebate Payment 2023 Checks.

Star Rebate Checks

The New York State School Tax Relief Program is known as STAR. For qualified homeowners, it removes a percentage of the entire value of a home from school property tax. The STAR program is available to New Yorkers who fulfill the income requirements and who own and occupy their principal house. The STAR program is a governmental initiative over which school districts have no authority. To apply for the exemptions, homeowners must go via the assessor’s office in their municipality.

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NY State School Tax Relief Program 2023 Details

Program NameNew York State School Tax Relief
City New York
Country USA
CategoryGovernment Aid
Department NameDepartment of Taxation and Finance

Eligibility for STAR Rebate Checks 2023

Homeowners have the option to switch from an exemption to a check, and for those who choose to do so, the value of their STAR savings may rise annually since the state stipulates that the STAR credit may rise by up to 2% annually. STAR exemptions are not able to gain value. Moreover, STAR benefits are broken down by demography.

Basic STAR: If the owners and their wives live at the property their combined income cannot be more than USD 500,000. Only the combined incomes of the property’s owners and their spouses are subject to the income restriction.

Enhanced STAR: Every year, the Enhanced STAR income cap is revised to account for inflation. The total incomes of all owners residents and non-residents as well as any owner’s spouse who resides at the property, are subject to the income restriction.

  • Income cap for 2022 is USD 92,000.
  • Income cap for 2023: USD 93,200
  • As of December 31 of the year of exemption, each owner must be at least 65 years old (unless they are siblings or spouses, in which case at least one owner must be at least 65).
Star Rebate Checks - Who is Eligible and When Will You Get Star Rebate Payment in 2023-2024?

Types of STAR Rebate Checks 2023

Exemptions from the STAR Program come in two forms:

Basic STAR: For owner-occupied primary residences with household incomes under USD 500,000, this exemption is available regardless of the age of the owners. The way the scheme operates is by excluding from school taxes a percentage of a home’s whole worth. There is a distinct exemption amount for each town or city. For that particular property, homeowners only need to apply once to be eligible for Basic STAR, and it is valid for that year.

STAR is applied directly to property tax payments for a large number of households but starting in 2016, the state started converting STAR to a credit that is issued as a state check. First-time or not, buyers of new homes must register with the State of New York by contacting or visiting

Enhanced STAR: This exemption is available for those 65 years of age and older whose principal homes do not exceed a certain annual household income threshold determined by the state. This scheme exempts a portion of the owner’s home from school taxes, similar to Basic STAR, but with a bigger exemption under Enhanced STAR. Again, the amount of exemption varies every town or city.

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When should you expect your NYC STAR benefit?

  • Depending on where you reside, your tax bill might show up anywhere from late August to December if you are eligible for a STAR exemption.
  • If, on the other hand, you get a STAR credit check, you could have received one in the last several weeks. If not, most parts of the state will shortly provide you with one. Do you want to know when you may expect to receive your check? Visit to find the delivery schedule for your location using this official website.
  • There will be differences in the deadlines for school property taxes across municipalities. Check with your city, town, village, or school district to find out when your property taxes are due for your school.

What to do if my STAR benefit is not shown?

Please get in touch with the Department of Taxation and Finance using your Online Services Account or by calling the office at 518-457-2036 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, if your STAR check hasn’t shown and your deadline for paying your school property taxes has gone.


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