Grocery Rebate Ontario – Who is Eligible for it? How Can You Apply for Grocery Rebate in Ontario?

In coming days, the federal government will give a one-time payment to a large number of Ontarians. The grocery rebates were included in Canada’s 2023 budget announcement in an attempt to relieve the burden of rising food prices and inflation. They should begin Grocery Rebate Ontario to be sent out soon along with the subsequent quarterly GST/HST credit payment.

The refund does not have an Grocery Rebate Ontario Application Process and it will be given out automatically to approximately 12 million Canadians who earn CAD 32,000 or less each year for their households and as individuals.

Seniors will often earn up to CAD 225, eligible couples with two children will receive up to CAD 467, and single Canadians without children will receive up to CAD 234. Here i am going to tell you How to Apply for Grocery Rebate in Ontario, Grocery Rebate Ontario Amount, Who is Eligible for Grocery Rebate Ontario and How to Apply for Grocery Rebate in Ontario.

What is the Ontario Grocery Rebate?

In May 2023, the Canadian government unveiled the Budget 2023 for the fiscal year 2023–2024. The budget, which primarily concentrated on lowering costs and increasing accessibility to services across Canada, demonstrated how seriously the government takes its citizens’ needs. In addition to strengthening Canada’s middle class, it aimed to significantly bright the country’s economy and create jobs in the environmental sector so it was imperative to construct a healthier future as well.

Introduced in July, the Grocery Rebate was a one-time payment designed to assist with the increasing rates of inflation. It is evident that the most disadvantaged groups in Canada are unable to keep up with the rising cost of food. Therefore, the Grocery Rebate in Ontario may be quite helpful.

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Grocery Rebate Ontario Overview

Today’s TopicGrocery Rebate Ontario
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PurposeTo help LI families with food prices distress
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Grocery Rebate Ontario AmountCheck below

Grocery Rebate Ontario

Check your bank account if you have been patiently waiting for the federal government’s Ontario new grocery refund to come. Along with the GST/HST credit payment, eligible Canadians began receiving rebates of up to CAD 628. In an effort to expedite the payments, Canada’s Minister of Finance, decided to remove this plan from the main 2023 budget implementation bill earlier this year. Senators decided to give its consideration a shorter review period. Refund amounts and income limits guidelines have also been made public.

Grocery Rebate Ontario - Who is Eligible for it? How Can You Apply for Grocery Rebate in Ontario?

Who is Eligible for Grocery Rebate Ontario- Canada

  • Around 12 million Canadians with household incomes of CAD 38,000 or less or individual incomes of CAD 32,000 or less are anticipated to get the rebate.
  • If you are eligible for the GST/HST credit in 2021, you can receive the Grocery Rebate Ontario.
  • Even if you didn’t make any money in 2021, you still needed to file a tax return in order to receive the rebate.
  • The Grocery Rebate Ontario will be shared with Ontarians for the January 2023 GST/HST credit. Even if you were not awarded the January credit, you may still be in the process. This is so because the July GST/HST credit is based on 2022 tax returns, whilst the grocery rebate is based on your 2021 tax return.

Grocery Rebate Ontario Amount

Based on your family’s circumstances in 2023 and your adjusted family net income for 2021, the Grocery Rebate Ontario amount is determined. According to the government, starting in January 2023, the rebate would equal twice the amount of the GST/HST credit payment.

A maximum payment of CAD 234 may be made to a single individual without children, and a maximum payment of CAD 628 could be made to a single person or couple with four children. The government has established the following maximum payout guideline:

No. of ChildrenSingle ParentMarried Couple or CLP
0CAD 234CAD 306
1CAD 387CAD 387
2CAD 467CAD 467
3CAD 548CAD 548
4CAD 628CAD 628

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How the Grocery Rebate Ontario Works

  • To assist qualified citizens of Ontario, the CRA has introduced a one-time grocery rebate in response to rising living expenses, which includes rising grocery prices. Canadians with low and modest incomes may find it extremely difficult to make ends meet as a result of the growing cost of groceries.
  • However, you do not need to Apply for Grocery Rebate in Ontario. The Grocery Rebate Ontario Amount of eligible citizens will be directly deposited into their bank accounts or delivered as checks to those who meet the requirements for the new food refund.

How to Apply for Grocery Rebate in Ontario

There is no Grocery Rebate in Ontario application process and those who meet the requirements will automatically get a cheque or a direct payment for the Ontario Grocery Rebate. Citizens of Ontario needed to have filed a tax return for 2021 in order to be Eligible for Grocery Rebate Ontario. It is anticipated that those eligible to receive the January 2023 GST/HST credit will do so. While eligibility for the food rebate is based on your 2021 tax return, but the GST/HST credit is based on 2022 tax returns, you can still be eligible for the credit even if you weren’t approved for it.


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  2. Why did we not receive the grocery rebate in January for myself, cpp disability my husband and our 14 year old Grandson we are raising? Will we be getting itin February? Our taxes are up to date. Or are we getting screwed over again? Please help. Kathryn Miller


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