Alberta Adult Health Benefit – Who is Eligible and How can you Get Adult Health Benefits in Alberta?

Albertans with low incomes can receive the Alberta Adult Health Benefit (AAHB) from Alberta Employment and Immigration. The Health Benefits Card (HBC), which grants access to critical medications for health and well-being, nutritional items, emergency ambulance service, dental and optical care, and diabetic supplies, is given to recipients. The specific health care and the person’s income level determine the coverage.

It is mandatory that throughout the Alberta Adult Health Benefit 2024 application process, candidates will need to provide proof of their income and place of residence. Ensuring that low-income individuals and families have access to necessary medical services and prescription pharmaceuticals is the main objective of the Alberta Adult Health Benefit, which aims to enhance the general health and welfare of Albertans. Check this page to know How to Get Adult Health Benefit in Alberta and Alberta Adult Health Benefit- Eligibility.

What is Alberta Adult Health Benefit?

Prescription medication, dental treatment, and other healthcare costs are covered by the Alberta Adult Health Benefit if you are LI person, pregnant, or have considerable ongoing prescription drug needs. It provides much-needed coverage for emergency ambulance services, prescription drugs, essential over-the-counter treatments, dental care, eye exams, and eyeglasses.

By offering these benefits, the program ensures that all qualified Albertans have access to necessary healthcare treatments and provides LI Albertans with health benefits. The program requires candidates to live in Alberta and fulfill certain income standards in order to be eligible. The income threshold is influenced by the size of the household.

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Alberta Adult Health Benefit 2024 Details

Program NameAlberta Adult Health Benefit
CategoryGovernment Aid

Alberta Adult Health Benefit- Eligibility

If they are now residents of Alberta and do not qualify for federal health coverage, the following individuals may be eligible to get health benefits via the Alberta Adult Health Benefit:

  • Individuals quitting Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) or Income Support who make more money than the program limitations through employment, self-employment, or CPP-D.
  • Low-income pregnant women and their unborn children.
  • Families with low finances and significant continuous prescription medication demands.
  • The Alberta Child Health Benefit may be able to provide free medical care for children from other low-income households. Every year, the financial eligibility is reevaluated, taking into account both net income and non-taxable child support income.
FamilyMaximum income
Single adultCAD 16,580
1 adult + 1 childCAD 26,023
1 adult + 2 childrenCAD 31,010
1 adult + 3 childrenCAD 36,325
1 adult + 4 children*CAD 41,957
Couple, no childrenCAD 23,212
Couple + 1 childCAD 31,237
Couple + 2 childrenCAD 36,634
Couple + 3 childrenCAD 41,594
Couple + 4 children*CAD 46,932
Alberta Adult Health Benefit - Who is Eligible and How can you Get Adult Health Benefits in Alberta?

Programs Covered Under AAHB

  • Prescription/Non-Prescription Drugs and Nutritional Products: Medications in the Alberta Health and Wellness Drug Benefit List (DBL) and the AE&I Drug Benefit Supplement List (DBS), including non-prescription medications, prescription medications, and nutritional items.
  • Dental Services: fundamental procedures like fillings and extractions (and, under certain situations, extra services like yearly exams and teeth cleaning).
  • Optical Services: Adults should have an eye checkup and glasses every two years, while dependents under the age of eighteen should have spectacles annually
  • Ambulance Services: When no other insurer or government agency is in charge of coverage, emergency ground ambulance transportation to the closest hospital is provided.

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How to Get Adult Health Benefit in Alberta

  • You must complete the Alberta Adult Health Benefit Application form in order to be eligible for the adult health benefit in Alberta and this is the first step in getting this beneficial health plan.
  • The application must be mailed to the Health Benefits Contact Center after it is completed.
  • Please contact the office by phone at 780-427-6848 or 1-877-469-5437 if you have any concerns regarding the application process or require assistance filling out the form. Their competent personnel will be pleased to assist you.
  • Please contact the officials if you are now receiving assistance from the Income Support or Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) programs and intend to stop because of extra income from employment, self-employment, or CPP-D payments.
  • A health benefit card will be mailed to you once your application for the Alberta Adult Health Benefit is accepted. All eligible family members will be listed on this card, along with their identifying numbers.

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