Factors Determining OAS – Amount of OAS You Will Get If You Lived 40+ Years in Canada

Canada’s social safety net includes the Old Age Security (OAS) pension, which is essential. Most Canadians 65 years of age or older are eligible for OAS monthly payment. It all comes down to giving elders a helping hand and ensuring a reliable source of income to make retirement slightly more pleasant. The regular taxes that all Canadians pay fund the OAS pension. However, how do you find out if you qualify for it? The qualifications are a combination of residence and age.

Rest assured, though if you are a Canadian residing overseas, you may still be OAS payment eligible. However, bear in mind that the OAS pension is taxable income, and your actual benefit may differ depending on factors such as your individual income and marital status. So check this page to know Factors Determining OAS, How Much OAS Will You Get After Living 40+ Years in Canada?

What is OAS in Canada?

  • Seniors who fulfill the residency and legal status requirements are eligible for a residence-based basic pension under the Old Age Security (OAS) program.
  • A full basic OAS Payment Amount 2023 is given to seniors who have lived in Canada for at least 40 years after turning 18. After turning 18, residents of Canada who are not eligible for a full pension but have lived there for at least ten years are eligible for a half pension.
  • For each full year of residency in Canada, the benefit amount is calculated at the rate of one-fourth of a full pension.
  • Additionally, it offers LI seniors a Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS). Unless they are missing certain necessary information, Service Canada will usually enroll you immediately for OAS pension payments. You will need to apply for OAS if you are not enrolled automatically.
  • OAS is meant to supplement your retirement income with another source of income. It’s not meant to be your exclusive source of income. To make ends meet in retirement, even with the CPP benefit added, you will probably need other retirement income sources.

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Canadian Old Age Security 2024 Details

Name of PlanOld Age Security
Under DepartmentCRA
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official Websitecanada.ca

Factors Determining OAS in Canada

  • Age: To begin with, you must be 65 years of age or older. Senior assistance is the main goal of the OAS pension.
  • Residency: After turning 18, you have to have been a resident of Canada for a minimum of ten years.
  • Legal Status: Do you have legal residency or are you a citizen of Canada as at the time your application for an OAS pension is accepted, you must be one of these.
  • Current Residence: In order to be eligible for an OAS pension, you must be resident in Canada at the time your application is made.
Factors Determining OAS - Amount of OAS You Will Get If You Lived 40+ Years in Canada

OAS After Living 40+ Years in Canada

In order to be eligible for Old Age Security benefits in full, you must have resided in Canada for at least 40 years after turning 18. Even if you are eligible for Old Age Security, you will not get the entire amount if you have resided in Canada for fewer than 40 years after turning 18. Every quarter, the OAS pension’s whole value is modified in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.

Your first OAS payment is due to you the month after your 65th birthday. You can postpone your OAS payments even though you are not permitted to claim OAS early. Your OAS payments can be postponed until you are 70 years old, and you will earn a larger OAS pension for each month that you delay your initial payment.

How Old Age Security Works in Canada?

Enrollment in OAS security is normally done automatically. The month after their 64th birthday, eligible recipients get a formal notification from Service Canada by mail. If Service Canada is unable to enroll you directly due to insufficient information, you may need to apply for the Old Age Security pension payment by filling out the OAS enrolment form found on the Government of Canada website.

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OAS Pension Payment Schedule

  • OAS Pension Payment credited into your account in the final three working days of every month. However, direct deposit is a great option for people who want a simpler process. It guarantees that the money lands directly in your bank account, and help in misplaced checks or delayed mail.
  • And here is more flexibility available. One option you have is to get your pension in one big payment at the start of the month. However, you may also choose for four weekly installments if you make budget for your monthly expenses and like to stretch out your cash. You will have more control over your monthly budget as a result.
  • OAS Pension is portable, meaning it may accompany you wherever in the world, for people who enjoy traveling or who spend a portion of their year abroad. Your OAS pension will therefore arrive wherever you are.
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