Grocery Rebate Bill (C-46) – What is it and Who is Eligible for New Canada Grocery Rebate Bill?

It is important for all those Canadian citizens who want to get a Grocery Rebate Bill but due to lack of knowledge, they want to know what Canada’s New Grocery Rebate Bill is and who will be eligible for it. So this article is for you with all the details that are still on your mind. If you want to get updates about Canada Grocery Rebate Bill and how to apply then you must read this article till the end.

Grocery Rebate Bill (C-46)

This is a time Grocery Rebate that will be delivered only the Canadians who has the lower income source and modest income. Around 11 Million Canadians will benefit from this plan that is under the category. According to the Grocery Rebate Bill that is under the Cost of Living Act, No. 3, around $2 Billion CHT Top Up has been declared to help provinces and territories people who deserve the high-quality and timely health care. This plan is for only those who qualify for this plan and only the eligible Canadian will receive the rebate on the Grocery Bill from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) which is most authority in Canada that operate all the plans to provide benefit to their citizen.

All the taxpayers in Canada will receive the Grocery Rebate Bill from the CRA according to their eligibility. So if you want to get the benefit of this scheme then need to visit this article and get the updates here. This is financial support for all those Canadians who paid their annual tax from the starting. So now you have to check the complete Grocery Rebate Bill from here and also know how I can get benefits from Grocery Rebate Bill C-46 which is explained in the following sections.

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Overview of Canada’s New Grocery Rebate Bill

Name of PlanGrocery Rebate Bill
AuthorityCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Beneficiary of GRB CanadaCitizen of Canada
Budget for the PlanAround $198.3  Billion
EligibilityOnly Taxpayer in Canada

What is the Canada Grocery Rebate Bill?

It is a targeted Inflation relief plan for all those Canadians who pay their annual tax for each financial year. The government has come with the plan under which 11 Million Canadian will be beneficial. This is a Plan that will provide the financial support to provide better health care for the eligible people. The Grocery Rebate Bill will be provided for around $467 for Eligible Couples with Two Children, Up to $234 for Eligible Single Canadians without Children, and $225 for Eligible seniors.

The mode of receive Grocery Rebate Bill will be direct deposit or through Cheque which will depend which service you have selected to get the Grocery Rebate Bill Money in your account. This is a top-up for the middle and modest income families who need this from the government. If you have received the GST Credit then need not worry about the Grocery Rebate Bill Amount being credited to your account, otherwise, it can be adjusted to the tax credit. Below you can know who is Eligible for Grocery Rebate Bill C-46 easily.

Grocery Rebate Bill (C-46) - What is it and Who is Eligible for New Canada Grocery Rebate Bill?

Who will be Qualified for Grocery Rebate Bill C-46?

It is important for all Canadians to know the Grocery Rebate Bill Eligibility to receive the benefit. This plan is made for only the Canadian to provide them financial support in this inflation from which they can get some relief in their common accommodations. If you also want to know the eligibility of this plan then I have mentioned the details in the table below. You should know the table below and know the eligibility of this plan.

Family SituationIncome of 2021
Single ResidentsCAD 49166
Unmarried Residents Looking After One ChildCAD 55286
Unmarried Residents Looking After Two ChildrenCAD 58506
Unmarried Residents Looking After Three ChildrenCAD 61726
Unmarried Residents Looking After Four ChldrenCAD 64946
Couples Having No ChildCAD 52066
Couples Taking Care of a Single ChildCAD 55286
Couples Taking Care of Two ChildrenCAD 58506
Couples Taking Care of Three ChildrenCAD 61726
Couples Taking Care of Four ChildrenCAD 64946

Know How Much is The Grocery Rebate for Single or Married?

The Grocery Rebate Bill will be provided according to the Single and Married Basis. There are different categories on which the Grocery Rebate Bill will be given to the eligible one. The rebate bill is given with the keep in mind the rising grocery prices and the inflation rates. You may check the table below to know How Much is the Grocery Rebate for Single as well as Married Couples.

For Single Resident:

FamilyGrocery Rebate Amount
Zero ChildrenCAD 234
One ChildCAD 387
Two ChildrenCAD 467
Three ChildrenCAD 548
Four ChildrenCAD 628

For Married Couple:

Family SituationRebate Amount
No ChildCAD 306
One ChildCAD 387
Two ChildrenCAD 467
Three ChildrenCAD 548
Four ChildrenCAD 628

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Quick Facts on Grocery Rebate Bill

The Government of Canada has announced a relief program called the Grocery Rebate Bill. This plan will benefit all Canadians. This is an economically beneficial scheme for low-income and ordinary families affected by this inflation. So now the government has come up with a plan and provides a new, targeted inflation relief to all 11 million citizens who are from any province or territory of Canada. You can see some facts related to this program and know what and how much you can get from this program. All details are given below.

  • A single mother with one child who has a $30,000 net income will receive around $386.50 for groceries. She can also get an additional amount of $1160 from the GST Credit this year.
  • A single senior with a $20,000 net income will receive $233.50 for groceries and individuals from this category will also receive around $701 benefit from the GST Credit.
  • If you are a couple with two children with a $35000 net income then will get $467 for groceries with an addition $1401 benefit of GST Credit.
  • Individuals who got the grocery rebate amount during the July tenure need to apply for this. If you want to get then need to pay 2021 taxes returns and then apply for the same.

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  1. I noticed on one of the charts that Seniors get the least. They have the lowest income (pension). How does that compute?
    It is unfair to penalize people for unpaid taxes. There are many reasons for this. They should get the rebate free & clear. They likely need it the most.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Since you make a lot of sense WHO will listen?I’m a senior and I been asking myself the same question for years.I only work and contribute to the taxation system for 49 years, hum maybe they wanted me in my grave and save all this trouble. I’m puzzled.Glad I’m nearing the end of this hell on earth. A once proud Canadian but now????

    • I’m with you on this, what’s even more concerning is there a report on Seniors going back to work because cost of living
      It’s only not that long ago the seniors finally getting increase on the old pension fund
      And it’s still not even close

  2. how much doI get back I am a women who lost her husband to cancer and I’m having dificolt time to make ends meet and sometimes it’s hard for me I’m on pension and how do I do it . lm still waiting for wsib to give me money from my accident it’s very hard especially because it is very expensive buying shoes that fit my feet.

  3. Always the seniors get fleeced..they have paid taxes for years and they get the least every time.. immigrants get a lot more than seniors which is a shame just like our veterans who also get forgotten. Shameful.

  4. This grocery rebate makes me so upset. You go back to 2021 I made too much back then I was on unemployment but 2023 my income I clear cpp $ 979. I paid taxes on it so this is what I received and oap is $822 with so I find I am low income I think I am under $32,000 a year yet I can’t get grocery rebate based on 2021 taxes that is rediculous. I can’t afford groceries at all.

  5. I’m having to go back to work because I can’t afford all my bills. I don’t qualify for these “benefits”. This is how the government makes us angry.

  6. Hi I am 59 and I like to know what other income help I can apply for as just get the carbon tax and gst hope some one out there can help me and email me some help thanks so much


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