UK Child Tax Credit 2023 – Payment Amount Per Week, Helpline Number & Apply Online

The UK government has launched the Child Tax Credit in which all individuals can apply and avail the benefits of this scheme to improve their financial condition. This scheme has been started for those families who are financially weak and unable to bear the expenses of their child. This scheme is a kind of booster for all those families who find it difficult to manage their cost of living. If you are still living with your child you can claim Child Tax Benefit in the UK by applying the scheme.

Here I am providing you details about the UK Child Tax Credit 2023 per week, payment amount, eligibility, application, numbers and other updates that you might want to know. If you are excited and want to be able to track all the expenses weekly, monthly or yearly then collect the information available here below.

UK Child Tax Credit 2023

The UK government launched a new policy under which eligible families will get the Child Tax Credit in the UK if they are taxpayers and pay their taxes on time. This scheme is designed for all those families who are low income to reduce child deprivation. This scheme will help those families who are unable to afford their child’s future. So this is a part of reducing the financial burden for them.

So this can be a financial help for those who want to improve the future of their child. Here in this article, I am mentioning the UK Child Tax Credit online application, how to benefit from the UK Child Tax Credit and what the eligibility to apply for this scheme. So if you want to collect all the details then you can follow this article till the end.

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Child Tax Credit in UK – Overview

Article onChild Tax Credit
DepartmentTax Department, UK
GovernmentGovernment of UK
Beneficiary of CTCResident of UK
EligibilityMust be a UK Resident
Required Age for CTC16 Years
CategoryGovernment Aid
UK CTC BenefitsSee Below

What is UK Child Tax Credit

All individuals who wish to receive some financial assistance from the government for their children can apply for the UK Child Tax Credit. Once you apply for this scheme then the benefit of this scheme will be given to you according to your annual income and taxes paid for the financial year.

UK child tax credit also depends on the number of children you have and the profits you make from work. So all the details useful for this scheme are given here below. You should check the details and also utilize the potential to get benefits from this scheme. You’ll also find a step-by-step process for applying for UK Child Tax Benefit here.

UK Child Tax Credit 2023 - Payment Amount Per Week, Helpline Number & Apply Online

UK Child Tax Credit Eligibility

Some criteria defined individual eligibility for this UK CTC Plan to get the benefits. If you are under the criteria then you can eligible to apply for the UK Child Tax Credit Plan and get the benefits from the government. For eligibility, you have to check the details below.

  • Individuals must be permanent residents of the UK or working in the UK itself.
  • The EEA Citizens will also get benefits from this scheme if they receive a pension from the government.
  • The applicants must be working for more than 24 hours a week.
  • A person who has not worked but is a primary guardian of a child can also benefit from this scheme.

UK Child Tax Credit Amount Per Week

If you have a child and you are one of the child’s responsible parents or guardians, you may be able to receive UK CTC benefits from the government. If your child is born after 6th April 2017 then you can get CTC for two children and if one child is born before 6th April 2017 then there will be family element. You can check more details from the table below.

Child ElementAmount
The family elementAround £545
For one childAround £3,235
Disabled Child£3,905
More than one disabled child£1575

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UK Child Tax Credit Benefits

The UK Child Tax Credit Scheme has several benefits that anyone who qualifies can take advantage of. Some of the benefits are mentioned below in this section and if you want to see the benefits then you can read the following points carefully. Only those applicants who have a legitimate child living with them can apply for this scheme and improve their expenses for the upbringing of their children. The UK Child Tax Credit Plan will give you the following benefits.

  • If you are employed and living with a child you can receive a UK CTC boost of $3000 to $3600.
  • If you want to receive UK CTC monthly payments this can be around $250 for children who are between 6 and 17 years of age.
  • If you have a child under 6 years old, you can get about $300.
  • You will also be eligible to get some relief in your tax payment.
  • If your income is low then easily bear all the living expenses through this scheme.
  • Through the UK CTC amount, you can plan better to provide better education to your children.

How to Apply for UK Child Tax Credit?

If you have complete eligibility then you can easily apply for this scheme. Soon the UK government will provide you with a portal on which you can complete all the formalities to avail yourself of the benefits of this scheme. You can also seek help from a tax expert to complete your tax registration for further benefits of the UK Child Tax Credit.

Here the government also provides a UK CTC helpline number which you can call and ask them to complete the application form. The number you can use to get help from an expert is 0345 300 3900 and for abroad it is +44 2890 538 192.

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