Minimum Wage in Vancouver – What is Minimum Payout Per Hour and Monthly?

If you are one of the citizens of Vancouver, this article is for you. Get some time, stay with us, and sharpen your knowledge about Minimum Wage Vancouver: What is the Minimum Wage in Vancouver Per Hour and monthly? Vancouver is a city in British Columbia part of Canada.

The federal government of Canada never fails to take care of the needs and wants of people. The minimum wage refers to the minimum payout that an employer has to pay the employees, and the provision in Vancouver obliged the employers within the city to minimum wages to the employees working for them.

Minimum Wages Vancouver

Minimum wage refers to the least amount that work-assigners pay to the employees per hour. This provision has been established and strict laws have been enforced to protect the rights of the workers and allow them to access the amount they worth of their efforts. Minimum wages are being decided as per the inflation rates and increasing expenses in the modern world. The world we are living in is not equally accessible to everyone.

Every individual is required to pay a specific amount for all the services and resources they use within the society. It is challenging for many people within the society to access even basic resources, essential to lead a healthy life like food, clothes, and shelter. This is the responsibility of the federal government of a nation to look forward to its citizens, to provide them with sufficient funds and food as per eligibility, or to ensure that they are paid enough for their efforts.

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The legal authorities or we can say responsible officials of Vancouver raised the minimum wages for the employees and obliged the employers to pay sufficient amounts to the employees as per their working hours. As per the 2023 report, 16.75 Canadian Dollars per hour is the minimum wage in Vancouver. The rise has been marked by an increase of 6 percent in comparison to the wages provided the previous year.

This wage rate seems to fluctuate as per the inflation rate and expenditures an individual has to bear to fulfill basic needs. Central and state governments hold the responsibility of updating the minimum wage in Canada. This year minimum wage rose by $1.60, which is good news for employees, especially those who work on an hourly basis. Part-time jobs are the jobs that are generally paid by employers as per the working hours of the worker.

Vancouver Minimum Wage Chart for the last 5 years

YearMinimum wage per hour
June 202316.75 CAD
June 202215.65 CAD
June 202115.20 CAD
June 202014.60 CAD
June 201913.85 CAD

Minimum wages do not depend on how the payment has been calculated that is, whether the payment has been made on an hourly basis, monthly, salary, commission, or incentive. The employer has to provide the payment as per the calculation of minimum wage per hour followed in the region. If any employee does not get a sufficient amount as per the minimum wage rate in Vancouver, they need to talk to the employer about it and tell them to raise the payment.

It is recommended that every employee should be updated on the minimum wage rate in the region they are working in and ask for the money as per the norms. If any employer finds to deny the payment as per the norms, employees can raise the complaint against the employer and strict actions will be taken by the authority.

Minimum Wage in Vancouver - What is Minimum Payout Per Hour and Monthly?

Hourly and Monthly Minimum Wages in Vancouver

As mentioned in the article above, Minimum wage rates being decided by the central and state government of the region is an approach used to protect the rights of equality of employees working in an organization. The minimum wage rate concept should not be confused with the concept of limiting the salary. This is obvious that the salary slab offered by any organization to any employee depends on their job roles and responsibilities and employers pay them as per their performance. It does not mean that the employees who work hard or put in extra effort should also be restricted to minimum wage but they should be paid more. The concept of minimum wage is to set a standard amount that is mandatory to pay.

Minimum wage rates are among the highest in Vancouver when compared with other regions of the country.  The authorities in Vancouver increase the amount in June month of every year, even in 2024 the minimum wage is anticipated to increase in June considering the factors affecting the pay scale and expenses in Vancouver. Employees are keenly waiting to see the wage raise in the next year.

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Minimum Wage in Vancouver: Calculation

The monthly minimum wage calculation incorporates the variable dearness allowance (VDA), adjusting for fluctuations in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) indicative of inflation or deflation. Additionally, where relevant, the inclusion of house rent allowance (HRA) further refines the wage structure.

This comprehensive approach ensures that the minimum wage reflects not only the baseline economic considerations but also factors in the cost-of-living variations, providing a more dynamic and equitable compensation framework for workers.


FAQs Related to Minimum Wage in Vancouver

What is the Minimum Wage in Vancouver in 2023?

16.75 Canadian Dollar

How can I know the updated Minimum Wage in Vancouver?

By visiting the official website at

Who is responsible for setting the minimum wage?

The Central and State government of a region holds the responsibility of setting up the minimum wage rate as per the inflation rate and expenses.

Can I survive with Minimum wage in Vancouver?

No, it is not possible to survive in Vancouver only based on minimum wage. Undoubtedly, Minimum wage rate has been increased in the region but still the amount is not sufficient that an individual can afford everything just by accessing the minimum wage.

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