ODSP Increase 2024 – How Much will ODSP Increase in the year 2024

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) may be available to residents with Disability who satisfy the program’s age, income, and medical eligibility conditions. Those that are ODSP 2024 Eligibility can receive financial aid through the ODSP. This post will include detailed instructions for every step of the ODSP application process 2024.

The goal of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is to assist individuals with disabilities in meeting their requirements and gaining greater independence. It offers financial support to individuals with disabilities; the amount of assistance varies based on family size, housing costs, income, and assets. Here i will update you about How Much Will ODSP Increase in 2024?, What is Ontario Disability Support Program? ODSP Payment Dates 2024, will ODSP payments see an increase in 2024 or not?

What is Ontario Disability Support Program?

The Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services is the concerned authority for Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), a social assistance program that provides qualified disabled citizens of Ontario with employment help and income support.

Living expenses such as food and housing, as well as health benefits like prescription and dental treatment, are covered by ODSP income support. Since the program is only intended to be used as a last resort, you should try to obtain financial assistance from other sources before using ODSP, such as a job, Canada Pension Disability benefit, Workplace Safety, and Insurance Board.

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Ontario Disability Support Program 2024 Details

Program NameOntario Disability Support Program
GovernmentGovernment of Ontario
Ministry In-chargeMinistry of Children, Community, and Social Services
BeneficiariesDisabled people of Ontario
CategoryGovernment Aid
ODSP Increase Rate 2024Check back soon
ODSP Increase Rate 20236.5%
Official Websiteontario.ca

Will ODSP Increase in 2024?

The purpose of ODSP is to pay for necessities of life, including housing, food, clothes, and transportation. Prescription drugs, dental and vision care, and mobility device upkeep and repair are all worthwhile extra perks. There are currently no plans in place by the Government of Ontario to ODSP 2024 Increase. As per the ODSP Increase in 2024 Latest Update “increases to rates and benefits to reflect inflation and cost of living will drive additional costs” in the years to come, but it makes no reference of any particular plans to increase the money for the programs.

ODSP Increase 2024 - How Much will ODSP Increase in the year 2024

Qualifying for ODSP 2024 Eligibility

  • Reside in Ontario and he/she must possess a disability that significantly restricts your ability to work, take care of yourself, or perform daily tasks and is anticipated to persist a year or longer.
    must provide proof of need for money.
  • A means-tested program is ODSP which means you have to demonstrate your need for financial assistance when applying for ODSP.
  • This implies that in order to keep your eligibility for the ODSP, you have to be aware of some financial constraints if you meet the requirements.
  • You have to prove that your assets and income don’t beyond the ODSP restrictions, which are as follows: A person has liquid assets of CAD 40,000 and a couple’s liquid assets of CAD 50,000.
  • A person is only permitted to get CAD 1,000 per month from their job. A person’s monthly ODSP check is reduced by 75% of any amount beyond the first CAD 1,000.

How much financial support does ODSP provide monthly?

The ODSP uses your household size and the costs of essential necessities (like food, clothing, and other personal items) and shelter (like housing) to determine how much financial support you will receive. Below is a list of several sample households’ maximum rates as of 2023:

Household SizeMBNAMMSATotal
Single Person
CAD 752

CAD 556

CAD 1308

One Parent & 1 Child
CAD 895CAD 875CAD 1770

One Parent & 2 Children

CAD 895  

CAD 947  

CAD 1842  

CAD 1085CAD 875CAD 1960

Couple & 1 Child
CAD 1085CAD 947CAD 2032

Couple & 2 Children
CAD 1085CAD 1027CAD 2112

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ODSP payment dates for 2024

Through one of the province’s social assistance programs, more than 910000 people or around seven percent of the province’s total population receive funding. As per the news, this figure has increased in the last 15 years and is predicted to rise now due to the effects of the corona virus and lockdown.

Payments for the ODSP are made on the final working day of every month. Direct bank deposit is the most convenient method of receiving your ODSP payments. If you don’t have a bank account, you can either use a check or a reloadable credit card.

How to apply for ODSP income benefits?

You can ODSP payment 2024 apply Online, over the phone, or in person at your nearby ODSP office, you can apply for ODSP income support. You can find out if you qualify for the ODSP and other social assistance programs by completing an online application, which takes around half an hour. If you choose to apply online, bear in mind that you will need to complete the application with a caseworker in person at an ODSP office in your area.

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  1. These numbers will leave any disabled person living in poverty. In Canada since 1990 when Canada signed the united nations disabilities rights accord it is illegal for a disabled person to live in poverty and in March 2019 the united nations denounced Canada which provinces are just accountable for violation of article 28 of the accord in which states no person with a disability shall live in poverty.

    • I’m disabled (took me 9+ years to “qualify”) I now live in a $3,200++++/mo home that I can’t afford… (Had to move 2x and “lost” :'( a dog during COVID) I’m blessed to have an amazing best friend…. (Who kinda understands my disabilities)

      • Hi there!,,sorry to hear your situation..the article above states that nobody with a disability should liv in poverty..I also am on odsp and I’m very much living in poverty, I can’t afford to eat every day,I don’t drive so I have to rely on others to take me to food banks and the like,which I hate doing..I’d love for the government to walk In our shoes,they are clueless as to how hard it is to scrape by month to month,it now costs 5 bucks to do one load of laundry, I have to wonder if they take into account the smaller but necessary things we need to get by,the cost of food is outrageous, as you know it’s impossible to buy healthy food,any food for that matter,a dozen eggs was 6.99 the other day, obviously I couldn’t afford them,some medications are not covered,so I go without, that shouldn’t happen, I could go on and on here..just know that you don’t suffer alone..I hope all the best to you,,for the first time this yr I’m saying happy holidays to you!

  2. at 62 years old and will have to renew my mortgage soon. I know I will lose my home if disability does not increase the monthly payment.

  3. Living on odsp is hard some have to choose what to pay the when you don’t pay some bills it’s sent to collections agency who can afford rent,food, and luxury things like cable internet and a cellphone on odsp and if you have fur babies it gets hard harder but at least am thankful I have a place and a bit of food for myself and fur babies and you cannot go without in Ottawa they have many programs that will help just need to look yes there is the food banks and placing for your fur babies to get food yes it will be nice and helpful to have extra money on odsp

    • Honestly the government doesn’t care how we live ..beig on disability really suck went from a good paying job to thus sickening odsp/cppd ..I’m Honestly tired of this government doesn’t care about disabled Canadians..
      I eat pasta 5 days a week if im lucky ..

    • I’m on odsp, with a very hard situation, but odsp pays me only $750
      I really don’t know what I have to do
      Why they don’t pay full amount
      If you find the answer, please let me know as well (thanks)

  4. I think.the government should help people with disability that are on oral and increase at least 5 percent this year of 2024 and increase for medical supplies and extra ecclesial benefits too please open your heart and the right thing because everyone is expensive and food too

  5. If you’re rent is 1450 will they increase it a bit more so you can pay you’re rent it is 1,308 the max unless you have special benefits for special diet needs?


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