Facebook Settlement Claim Status 2024 – Who is Eligible to Receive FB Settlement Payment and When Will You Get it?

Millions of users have asked for a share of the money that Facebook agreed to pay out as part of the court arrangement after the social media site settled a multi-million US dollar privacy lawsuit last year. More than 500,000 Americans who submitted have had their settlement claims denied since the application deadline; further rejection letters might still be arriving as claims are processed.

Whether you applied, here is all the information you need to know, including where to check the Facebook Settlement Claim Status 2024 of your application, how to determine whether it has been denied, and why it can be difficult to anticipate when you will receive your FB Data Breach Settlement Claim 2024 Payment. I will convey details on Who is Getting FB Settlement Amount 2024 via this page.

Facebook Settlement Claim 2024

Uncertainty remains over the FB Settlement 2024 Payment Date to those who have filed claims under the settlement pertaining to Facebook user data that was inappropriately shared with other companies and have not received a rejection notice. The Facebook Settlement Claim 2024 Amount have been discussed here so check this page.

August marked the META’s exhaustion of appeals about its $310 million to $500 million settlement, three years after the deadline for filing claims in Apple’s class action lawsuit and six years after the company acknowledged it had slowed down the iPhone models 6 and 7. Millions of American users have accounts on the biggest social network Facebook in the world between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, making them Facebook settlement Claim 2024 Eligible.

Facebook Settlement Check

FB Settlement Claim Payment Date

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FB Data Breach Settlement Claim 2024 Details

Social Media PlatformFacebook
Name of CompanyMETA
Reason of CaseData Breach by FB
Total FB Settlement Payout$735 Million
Settlement byAngeion
Judgement Announced10 October 2023
CategoryFinance News
Eligible BeneficiariesUsers from USA
Eligible Duration24th May 2007 to 22nd December 2022
Official Websitefacebookuserprivacysettlement.com

How to Know if My Facebook Settlement Claim Has Been Rejected

  • Tech giant Meta, the owner of Facebook, settled a privacy complaint and gave a whopping $725 million in compensation to platform users affected by its unethical practices. Facebook users who were eligible to apply were notified in April via a notice.
  • Over 17 million claims had been preliminary validated by September 7th, after applications were accepted over the summer and people had until August 25th to apply. The judge finally approved the settlement’s implementation on October 11th, but not before hearing several objections. Two objectors have already filed appeals throughout this appeals period.
  • As per news, 28 million Americans have submitted settlement applications to the case manager, Angeion. It is now the most claims filed in US history as a result. 500,000 of those claims have been denied. You could have received an email notification already if your claim is among the unfortunate ones that gets turned down.
  • Make sure to check the spam folder and your inbox of the email address you provided when submitting the claim application. You have ten days to challenge the decision if you were refused.
Facebook Settlement Claim Status 2024 - Who is Eligible to Receive FB Settlement Payment and When Will You Get it?

Facebook Settlement Claim Status 2024

Angeion’s claims portal, which was established in order to handle the Facebook Settlement Claim 2024, includes the most recent information regarding the Facebook privacy settlement. You can reach Angeion via phone at the number shown on the website if you have any questions, and you can look through the FAQs section to discover the solutions to frequently asked questions by other applicants. Remember that the location-tracking settlement that Facebook has been battling alongside it is distinct from the Facebook privacy settlement covered in this article, and each has its own claims procedure.

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Who is Getting FB Settlement Amount and When?

The legal dispute persists even after the application has received final approval, so winning claimants regrettably still have no firm timeframe for receiving payment. As of right now, “despite the Court’s Order granting both Motions and overruling the Objections filed, two Objectors have filed Notices of Appeals,” according to the facebookuserprivacysettlement.com.

The statement goes on to say that “until the appeals are settled, settlement payments cannot be disbursed to qualified claimants.” We will find out more as the appeals move along, but the turnaround time for an appeal might vary greatly. It is currently estimated that each claimant will get a median payout of about $30 when the payments are issued.

500,000 people rejected from FB privacy settlement

Over the past few weeks, half a million Americans who were expecting to get a FB privacy settlement Check 2024 from the huge $725 million Facebook privacy settlement have been sent rejection letters.

A San Francisco judge last year gave final clearance to the massive settlement, which Facebook parent company Meta consented to in order to resolve accusations that it had violated users’ privacy by sharing their data with third parties. Angeion, the company in charge of managing the settlement fund, is currently examining the 28 million claims that it has been provided.

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