CRA Mileage Rate 2024 – All You Should Know about Medical Travel Allowance

Today you will know what CRA Mileage Rate 2024 is and how much it will be for medical travel. According to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the CRA Mileage Rate will be given to Canadian citizens who travel in or outside the country in case of an emergency. So the government will give them some financial help in the form of CRA Mileage 2024, for which the person can not affect his cost of living.

Today you will get information about how the CRA Mileage Rate impacts, how to get the rate from the Government of Canada, and the criteria for getting the CRA Mileage Rate 2024. Sometimes due to an emergency, the health care professional has to attend to patients from different locations which may be far away from their point of arrival. Therefore they will have to pay additional costs during the journey and this will impact their other expenses.

CRA Mileage Rate 2024

Therefore the Canadian Government has decided to give them CRA Mileage Rate 2024 on this basis so that they can manage the travel expense-free. The burden of travel costs will now be reduced and healthcare professionals can transport patients from anywhere in Canada.

If the patient needs to be transported outside of Canada they can receive expenses from the government as stated. It helps healthcare professionals to provide the best treatment on time to any patient from any geographical location. CRA Mileage 2024 or Medical Travel Allowance has been introduced by CRA to reduce the burden on health care for transporting any patient to any location in Canada.

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Canada Revenue Agency Mileage Allowance 2024 – Overview

Allowance TypeMedical Travel Allowance
AuthorityCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Beneficiary of CRA MileageBoth healthcare and patients
Allowance given on the basis ofKilometres travelled
CategoryGovernment Aid
CRA Mileage Rate by KilometerFor the first 5000 km: $0.68/ per km
After 5000 km: $0.62/ per km

CRA Mileage Rate Explained

Prior to the CRA Mileage Rate 2024, healthcare providers would have to pay for travel costs out-of-pocket which would impact their cost of living. Now through CRA Mileage both health care and patients will benefit and individuals will get financial assistance which is a small contribution to their daily expenses. So if you are a healthcare professional and your job is to pick up patients from any location then you can get CRA Mileage Rate 2024 and perform the duty easily without any cost burden.

CRA Mileage Rate 2024 also provides medical travel benefits and has a stake in the economic growth of the country as stipulated in Section 7306 of the Income Tax Regulations. CRA mileage allowance will be calculated as per kilometres travelled by the health service and allowance will be provided on the basis of kilometres. More details and CRA Mileage Rate 2024 can be checked in the section below.

CRA Mileage Rate 2023 - All You Should Know about Medical Travel Allowance

What is the CRA Mileage Rate 2024 and How is it Calculated?

If your trip is for business travel then CRA Mileage 2024 will be given to you. The Government of Canada will give you a travel allowance if your destination is too far from the arrival point. So you can claim CRA Mileage Rate 2024 as per personal travel for business reasons. CRA Mileage will provide you as per your kilometres and you can avail of this allowance from CRA after providing them with complete journey information and they will make CRA Mileage Rate 2024 as per your journey.

CRA Mileage Rate 2024 may vary as per the kilometres driven by you for business purposes. Any individual in Canada can obtain CRA mileage benefits from the relevant department for business-related travel. As per CRA Mileage Rate 2024, it will depend on the distance you have travelled for some business and then the rate will be calculated as per the section given under Income Tax Rules. You can check the calculations in the section below.

  • The CRA Mileage Rae for the first 5000 Kilometer will be 68¢.
  • After the 5000 Kilometer Travel, you will get 62¢ per kilometre.

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Can I make a Medical Claim in CRA Mileage Rate 2024?

There are many factors on which medical claims are calculated. If you travel with a patient for hospitalization then you must have all the documents ready, which will include all the costs like travel expenses, transportation charges, insurance, maintenance and other costs. You have to submit the complete sheet to claim the allowance from the CRA officer. The medical claim will depend on various factors which include the following;

  • If a doctor goes for it, you can charge around $10 to $600 for it. Other treatment and medicine charges will not be covered.
  • If a hospital stay is required, the charge can be around $3000 to $4000 and for a day it can go up to around $8500.
  • In this, the patient will also get an amount of about 155 dollars per day.

Know CRA Mileage Rate for Medical Travel

CRA Mileage Rate 2024 has different parameters and depends on the type of your journey. If you have travelled for medical purposes then it can be done accordingly and the department has prescribed allowance for the same. CRA Mileage Rate 2024 will be affected if you are travelling more than 40 kilometres during a medical trip. The cost will be given for those who travel around 40 kilometres and if the journey is more than 80 kilometres you will also get food and parking allowance in CRA Mileage Rate.

Anyone who travels outside Canada and the travel is for medical reasons will receive the allowance if the travel is far away from their location. No allowance will be made if you travel with local transportation between 40 and 80 kilometres outside Canada. If you want to claim medical allowance by CRA then you have to provide travel data to the authority and then they will further decide whether you are in the criteria for CRA Mileage Rate 2024 or not.


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