Canada Disability Benefit 2023-2024 – Bill C-22 Benefit Payment Dates, CDB Update

This year, people celebrated the royal assent of Bill C-22, as it has created the new Canada Disability Benefit, alongside the CLC and the disability community. Low-income working-age individuals with impairments will get financial support through Disability Benefit 2023-2024 Canada, which is the first of its type at the federal level.

However, it is unlikely that the Canada Disability Benefit 2024 eligibility criteria and benefit rates for this new benefit scheme would be determined until 2024. The CDB Act 2024 will come in effect soon after it gets royal assent in Canada and this benefit has long been demanded by the disability rights movement and check the account on Canada Disability Benefit Payment Dates 2024.

Now eligible applicants think that Bill C-22 will create a framework through the enactment of regulations and soon they will get its benefit. The Senate changed the legislation to provide a 12-month timeframe for the measures’ implementation in response to community-led agitation.

What is the Canada Disability Benefit 2024?

A new government program called the Canada Disability Benefit, or CDB, is intended to help Canadians with disabilities who are lower-income. In Canada, a physical or mental impairment that limits an individual’s capacity to carry out daily tasks is commonly regarded as a handicap. As per the Federal government, Canada Disability Benefit 2024 will try to decline poverty in Canada and support the financial security of WAP with disabilities.

However, depending on the program or benefit in question, the precise requirements for what constitutes a handicap and eligibility for benefits associated to it may change. Generally speaking, a person’s impairment is determined by a number of characteristics, such as the impact on their daily life, the degree, duration, and medical diagnosis.

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Canada Disability Benefit 2024 Details

Benefit NameCanada Disability Benefit 2023-2024
BillBill C-22
MotiveTo help Canadians with disabilities who are lower-income.
CDB 2024 EligibilityCheck below
CategoryGovernment Aid
CDB Payment amountUpdating soon

Canada Bill C-22 Benefit Update

Bill C-22 for Canada Disability Benefit 2023-2024 became law in June this year, after receiving royal assent. While this is fantastic news, there is still more work to be done in order to fully understand the Canada Disability Benefit (also known as CDB). When Bill C-22 was adopted by the House, gained royal assent, and became law at the end of June, i gave our most recent update.

That being said, neither the Bill nor the CDB have come into force yet. This is due to the fact that there are yet undetermined elements of the CDB, like who is eligible, how much benefits would cost, how the appeals process will operate, and other details. Regulations will formalize and define these aspects in the legislation whenever they are decided.

Canada Disability Benefit 2023-2024 - Bill C-22 Benefit Payment Dates, CDB Update

Bill C-22 will provide income security to Canadians with disabilities

  • This year, Bill C-22, Canada’s first national disability benefit, became a law. The law was first submitted two years earlier and then again in 2022.
  • Bill C-22 has two noteworthy aspects. First, it will concentrate on providing working-age individuals with disabilities with financial security and reducing poverty. And it will be implemented by modifying the ITA to provide it via tax system.

Canada Disability Benefit 2024 Eligibility

  • The applicant should have contributed enough money to CPP and be under 65.
  • You have been diagnosed with a chronic illness that has no chance of recovery or that could be fatal.
  • You have a physical or mental impairment that prevents you from working or from working sufficiently to support yourself.

What happens when you approved for the CDB?

  • Since the specifics of this benefit have not yet been made public, there is presently no information available regarding what occurs if you are eligible for CDB. As information about the process becomes available, the federal government will offer more specifics.
  • There is no set process for what happens once you are authorized for the benefit because the CDB is not yet operational. But it should be paid into your bank account on a monthly basis, just like any other federal benefit that you are entitled to. Since the Minister of Employment was the sole one to make the announcement, more details ought to be forthcoming soon.

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Canada Disability Benefit Payment Dates 2024

As of right now, information is lacking regarding the Canada Disability Benefit Payment Dates 2024 and CDB Payment amount 2024 to be given to applicants for the Canada Disability Benefit, how it is determined, and how it works with other public and private benefits. The benefit is meant to help Canadians with disabilities who earn less make ends meet and pay for unforeseen expenses.

This could include costly prescription drugs, specialist gear, or medical treatments. With a median annual income of about CAD 12,250, over a million Canadians with disabilities live in poverty. The goal is to alleviate some of their financial difficulties. This is far less than the CAD 25,920 low-income level.


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    • Hi Dawn what myself and my wife do is that we made a deal with the pharmacy we deal with we pay a monthly payment to them that works out to our pharmacare yearly limit is.
      So say your at $1200 for instance just to make it easy you would pay $100 a month most pharmacies Will gladly help you I don’t get to much for my CPPD payments so this helps us out a lot as we need a lot of meds each month.
      Hopefully they will put something into place so we won’t have to pay so much for our meds as it’s not right if you are on income assistance it’s free plus your dental.

      • Dental on disability they the local welfare office is limited to 1000. A year and the dentist charges far more per procedure than the government allows.
        Every time I go to the dentist it costs me a large sum of cash and I need to have pay it before the filling or what have you. Speaking from personal experience, this is a hardship and needs to be addressed and adjusted for persons on disability.

  1. Well if they say $12,250 is a median income for disabled Canadians, I wonder what they think if someone like me who makes $864/month on CPP disability presently and 10 years ago when I was finally approved for it after fighting for 10 years I was given a little over $600/month so pls, bring on the CDB AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!

    • I have been fighting with the fraud department for almost a year and they won’t release my account to do my taxes it has been very frustrating they can’t give me the correct answers to my questions I have sent in all the required documents and still nothing is being done im at the end of my rope I just want it release to do my taxes so I dowt that I qualify I just want answers

    • Same thing here kevin. How do they expect us to live on 679 a month when you cant get a decent bachelor apt for less than 1000….if your lucky!!Yes bring on the CDB ASAP.

    • You can apply to ODSP or your provinces disability program to supplement that. I think they have to if you’ve been approved for CPP-D. Either way, I’d check into it, it might get ya some extra $$.

      • If you qualify for cpp disability you are automatically approved for odsp
        You will get a cq from odsp but cpp will be deducted dollar for dollar. However you will still be ahead

      • Ya but O.D.S.P claws back penny for penny any money you receive from cpp-d so even tho you are paying taxes on your CPP-D as I am they don’t treat it as earning money it is literally no benefit for those of us who end up on social assistance because we can’t survive on what the government be provincial or federal. They treat all of us who can NOT work like we are nothing even tho we did work and we have paid our taxes year after year and now no support. At least with O.D.S.P we have most of our prescriptions covered but the ones for things that cost more…unless the drug company is kind and gives it to you, good luck being able to afford them.

    • I’d like to know how to and when to apply. If youre already on cpp disability do you still need to get all the forms filled out. Drs chg for these forms and its getting expensive!!

      • Exactly my question I am on the higher end (I do get max) Cppd but no benefits
        I am really annoyed at the fact I was forced to sell our home spend that money and burn thru 200 grand of savings for therapy etc the first year after my brain injury and vision loss was very expensive
        I am married and have been left dependent for everything
        I wondered if we are approved do we have to do those costly forms again

  2. Hello I am on CPP-D already and I am no longer able to work so would I qualify for this Canada disability Benifit bill C-22
    I am on Aish Disability and CPP-D disability but remember Aish Disability takes all my CPP-D therefore I am way way below poverty.
    Please provide me with information regarding this
    Thank you


    • Only Alberta has a program for disabled. The one thing we need to know and our government is not saying is will Alberta keep this program. Province says to get federal government funding first. Which is why we have to apply for CCP-D first. AISH is a supplement, if Federal government gave more, AISH pays less. It stands to point out bill 22 is to offer $2000 a month, which means no need for the Province to give any funds. We will still be living in poverty.

      • Bill 22 is going to be a top up from the federal government. Provinces and pension still have pay you. If your over 2000 and single then you won’t bennifit from it. But if all your payments now are under the 2000 then bill 22 will top you up to that amount.

        • My wife and I together don’t make near 1500 a month it’s much less then that if they ever figure this out I wish they would just make up their minds already and do it!!!!

      • Hi I get $960 a month so if they give $2000 I’d be so happy really it’s double what I’m getting now it sucks how someone gets more than someone else on CPP D it should all be the same but unfortunately it isn’t so for me an extra $1040 a month would help us out so much.

    • The new CDB is a joke’s no different then the federal CPP in place now .which I myself and many others have given up trying for …due to the lengthy process it takes .the majority of people with disabilities don’t have the means to continue with the federal governments way of their so called processes ..the phone process alone ,for just a simple question answered ?from someone!! not just this topic …anything!!! .. people with disabilities are sick and tired of exploiting our struggles to 100s of people it is exhausting..and mentally draining and down right embarrassing…
      So the federal government should really have the actual people with disabilities helping MAKE the decisions not pretending that we have a voice
      After the embarrisng long lengthy process people give up why???? Because people with disabilities don’t have the means to continually appeal these so called processes
      How many people with low income alone afford the countless phone calls drs app drs papers back to the dr another paper signed. Oh wait now can’t get that paper signed why ??? Cause those papers cost out of pocket money so people simply give up after awhile ..and live on peanuts and try to just live!!!because that’s all you can do !!..we can’t afford medication ..bills education..phones,homes this new benefit is only gonna help people to that have had decent employment before this anyone that worked part time(which is what most with disabilities do )or seasonal which is what I did for 35 years but didn’t contribute enough or what about the people that have never had a job …oh right government will still help them with a bottle Tylenol or something..there is no way that the Canadian federal government is gonna help the RIGHT people ..
      MAID is unfortunately handing out clearer answers oh ya didn’t take the government this long handing that deal out on the table or how about the COVID $$$ good job that didn’t take 5 years to decide or implement..except to the people with disabilities..we all got NOTHING!! again!!
      And honestly the government could take a few more steps in the finance part of this they know everyone on disabilities are struggling. They can send money to everywhere possible ..and put a aside millions of $$$ to basically pay people for a year to fight and argue over this in big board rooms and parliament ..instead of putting that money into actually helping the people that need it the most ..I got lots more to say too
      Like to see all forms of government stand in line at the food banks listening to children crying and seniors barely walking just for food ..

      • My mother chooses to go the route of M.A.I.D instead of fighting for monetary help she dedicated almost 35 years to raising children 2 of us with severe disabilities. I miss my mom and I refuse to follow her foot steps and go with M.A.I.D because my grandchildren are babies, she left us 2 days after her twin granddaughters turned 15. I will not go that route but I just keep getting more and more medical issues the newest being MS and this one is so much worse than all the rest it feels like although I am dealing in every way but financially. My husband has become my full time caretaker because I don’t want a stranger doing for me and I have a hard time even asking him for help until I am falling over but he is here for me and he helps me to do almost everything but do you think the government pays him for the 24-7 care he gives me? The feel that the less than 2 grand with O.D.S.P and CPP-D will cover us. And hey you can’t even get a place to live for that so we will be homeless come February 1st 2024 thanks government. And hey yes we both worked full-time jobs until 2013 when due to my severe mental health issues and fibromyalgia I could no longer work. So thanks Mr. ford we are truly grateful for your kindness. And to the PM we are starving and can’t even afford to rent a home but look at you.

  3. It certainly would help adults with Autism who need a safe place to live and food on their table Most adults with disabilities live with their older parent(s) or family members who cover most of the cost for their adult child/sibling who is developmentally delayed and requires significant support It is better to give the disabled individual more financial support and /or to the families who are caring for the disabled family member so they do not end up on the street.

  4. Bill C-22 discriminates against people receiving CPP Disability because once they turn 65, they lose the Disability portion of CPP. They still have their Disability and are then worse off financially. What about seniors? Trying to survive financially in Canada nowadays a single person needs to be getting a minimum of $40,00 per year. The money for Bill C-22 is coming from the CPP Fund. It is money that employees and employers contributed to for the employees to help when they retire or are disabled. How the MP’s and could pass Bill C-22 when it violates the Canada Human Rights Act is disgusting. People with disabilities and seniors are struggling financially with no end in sight. Bill C-22 does not sound like it will help very many people who need it now!

    • Right I agree 100%. I’m on disability and cppd which just gets deducted off my disability cheques there for leaving me with the same amount of I was just on disability and not cppd. I was forsed to apply for cppd because that’s what disability does where I live if you have ever worked. I’m 32 by the time I retire I’ll have Penny’s to live off. Does this mean I won’t qualify for the c22? Probably, which is so frustrating. I need fillings replaced but can’t afford 595$ for sedation which means my teeth will just rot I guess

  5. I applaud the Government for taking a step in the right direction. But more, much much, more needs to be done. We have been chronically underfunded for many years. A step this is though. But that’s all it is.

  6. Uts always more information coming soon crap why bother mentioning anything at all as UT will be made to be so difficult to get accepted into this program that it’s not even worth mentioning ..why doesn’t the government stop squandering tax payers money on the most stupid crap and unnecessary stuff including high government officials salaries and clothing allowances and expenses and stop with the misappropriation of funds and boost people’s monthly income to atleast to the average national poverty line but no ..let’s introduce yet another failure scheme that will not help anyone really’s pathetic that our government has failed the Canadian people so badly we need someone in power to actually give a crap about the less fortunate the vulnerable and those forced to try to live 14 k under the poverty line with most people thinking that it’s labsolyrely doable if you budget correctly …let me tell you ….it’s impossible…some days you can’t eat some days it’s so bad and discouraging that you just want to end yourself always be so behind and so destitute that there is no light at the end of the tunnel…how about actually caring about thise that are so low they can’t deal with any more pressure of living in a first world country try and living as though there is no hope cause there will never be a time where one can remotely get ahead of even have one small treat during the mo th but you can’t even buy toiletries let alone do laundry cause due to unfortunate circumstances you find yourself going from 110k a year to 14 k a year loosing everything stop just stop the blatant stupidity and help us feel human at least for a short time cause this dangling a stupid carrot of disability tax blah blah blah is so tiring and over do e if yiu are going to posy something g that may give hope make sure its attainable and that all the info is mentioned vs this crap

  7. Your right when you turn 65 just dig a hole and climb in they got your money and they want to keep it and diabetic 2 on insulin GET no help hope we get something instead of lip service

  8. My son hasn’t been able to work since2017 He applied for Disability and was turned down wanting more informative for CRA.So he has been to many doctors and specialists and got all of them with paper work done for al have said that in his was unable to work. So this went on for years
    Until August 2023 that he was approved but he still hasn’t received any money. we have been living with him for few years. And have paid his living expenses for years but we are running out of our savings. Living off my pension, Cpp and OAS. Not much left. Hopefully he will get some money soon. I feel so sorry that my son is so sick that he can’t work or go do any.
    It’s truly sad.

    • They make you fight and fight for everything ! I had to fight to get my CPPD for 3 times after complications from heart surgery . It got so bad I had to get government officials involved but it did get approved then for the Disability Tax Credit I went through the same crap . This new benefit could be life changing but they better not make the application process a joke . The Federal Government has all our information so it should just be an automatic addition 🤞

      • CPP denies about 90% of all first-time applications. You literally have to appeal/reapply at least once, and sometimes two or three times before you get approved.

        I didn’t want to apply for CPP, because I have private workplace LTD insurance benefits that cover 70% of my wage. But, my insurance company MADE ME apply for CPP. When I got rejected, they made me reapply. Then I got approved.

        But why did they make me apply? So that they wouldn’t have to pay the full benefit amount! So, now… I’m in receipt of CPP benefits just to lessen what my insurer has to pay! And they took the full $15,000 that CPP issued in back pay!

        Meanwhile, many people without any private insurance can’t even get CPP, and people like me shouldn’t have even needed it!

        The whole system is messed up. The people most in need get no help.

  9. Hi I receive CPPD I’ve been getting Long Term Disability now since 2018 will you automatically just start receiving payments.
    I receive $961. a month try living of this it’s next to impossible so yes I get what a fella on here was saying how he’s under the poverty income line.

    Could you please let me know how does this work will I just start getting an increase in my monthly payments will it just turn right over for me, or do I need to apply I can’t see why I should have to if I’m already receiving CPPD Long Term.


  10. I think many people will be kicked off the system depending on how they determine what a disability is. A disability in terms should mean any impairment physically or mentally that negatively impacts daily life tasks such as driving dressing walking holding a job and so on. I have rheumatoid arthritis I have trouble walking and dressing.

  11. Yes we do not keep on an equal, quality of Life for our Citizens yet we are supposed to be First World n G 7 n Western World? Where is the Rational thought in this Mad Men’s World or foolishness of Fraud; Robbery; Hate Crimes? God bless us please!

  12. I think anyone who is already receiving ODSP or CPP Disability should be automatically receiving this benefit as they have already proved to both govts that indeed they are should be implemented immediately

    • You need yo have worked for at least 16 years in order qualify for CPP or CPP-D.
      If you don’t qualify, go to provincial disability.

    • We have the same concern! My son has social anxiety disorder and agoraphobia therefore hasn’t been able to leave the house in many years. He can’t go for an interview or been able to work in order to contribute to CPP. He was approved for the disability tax credit since 2002. He lives with us, his retired parents who cover all his financial needs, a place to live, food, clothes, health needs. What happens when we are gone, in our mid 70’s now? Without CPP contributions will he be eligible for CDB?

  13. I’m worried that if the same criteria apply for cpp disability payments, I will not qualify for the new cdb. You can see what you have provided cpp contributions throughout your life,however if you have not contributed in the last 7 years,you are disqualified. I had applied for the cpp disability benefit, have been turned down,appealed and turned down once again. If the criteria is the same as qualifying for cpp disability, I’m **it out of luck,no matter what my doctor attests to my ability to walk and lift. Hopefully the new fund captures disabled people who the bureaucrats deem not disabled and does not qualify do to inconsistent contributions. This fund will do nothing to help me with an annual income of $6,000.00 annually.

  14. It would be really nice on CPP-D
    to be shown some dignity.
    We pay 100% rent in some
    circumstances. Compete with
    refugess’s and immigrants for
    housing. I do not have any teeth
    due to disease, experimental drugs, and no fresh food.
    How do we pay rent, tax, meds,
    dental and denture care.
    It is really embarrassing to be a
    Canadian in the position.
    Call the MLA’s ‘ new on job don’t
    know. Jason Stephenson??
    Don’t know….what is happening??

  15. Its frustrating trying to find out details on applying. And equally frustrating as to when we’ll actually see money in the bank. Im sure I’d qualify. Currently on cpp disability making 8100.00 a year. If thats not poverty i dont know what is. I was told by MP 3 different dates on when its coming. Last was end of nov but cant see that. Havent had info given on how to apply!!

    • Yes I also would like to know since I am 54 live ina Manor because I live from my wheelchair, the Manor gives me 149 a month plus I pay for meds, I am already fighting with myself about ending it all already when is government going to actually get off their asses and do a lot more.

    • It will help on ODSP, bill 22 will top it up to around 2000 a month for a single person. If 2000 is what the government decide it’s going to be.

  16. I collect CPPD and ODSP, my biggest worry is how will it affect provincial programs. It won’t do people any good if it gets clawed back.

  17. I’m on cpp disability I all ready proved I was disabled with all my medical from Dr. Why do we need to apply for new benefit when they have all the medical reports from Dr.
    If we need to apply for this that means we need to pay for more Dr. Reports.
    This is more duplicate paper work we just did to get cpp disability.

  18. I agree with you on being approved for this new disability Benefit if you are on A provincial Disability program… having to go back to a doctor (that is if you have a doctor) and go through the entire process again… it actually cost more money and time doing the process twice… Also agree with the claw backs from provincial governments… ODSP had already clawed back money years ago and it never has made the money been given back… given more before and we given still less now… prices of life has gone up and we get increases very little… Some people have invisible disabilities as some call them… most are mentally… many people hide those disabilities… I am one of those people… it is not easy…

  19. The eligibility requirements need to be changed if it includes if you contributed enough to CPP. I would like to ask the politicians if it was THEIR CHILD who has NEVER been able to work due to disability or disabilities how would they feel? So now besides being disabled they are now discriminated against too? What if you were 25 and in a serious car accident and could not work anymore? So again because you didn’t pay into CPP long enough you are not eligible.

    This so called Canada Disability Benefit should be just that. If you are DISABLED you should qualify. That should be enough.

    • I agree with this it’s not fair to those who haven’t been able to work since they were like 19! That person hasn’t paid much or nothing into the CPP! So that person is still suffering cause they only get a small amount on a monthly check which doesn’t even cover the full month with everything going up so much! The government needs to do better for those one disability cause I know a lot of people who are suffering from now making enough!

  20. Well if you 1200 on from odsp and yo get 600 cdp from Federal government and then ODSB got you off the 600. Where do you get extra money from? You? Don’t get nothing extra. You just gotta pay taxes on the 600 so how are you getting more money you loseing money no wsy will ford let you get 500 or 1000 from cdp and not deduct it from your odsp


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