CPP Payment Increase 2024 – How Much Will Canada Pension Plan Payment Increase in 2024?

One of the primary sources of retirement income for seniors in Canada is the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). 2019 marked the start of improvements and changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Through a slight increase in their CPP contribution, the enhancements aim to guarantee Canadians access to higher benefits and greater financial stability. The purpose of this article is to explain the CPP Payment Increase 2024 and How Much Will CPP Payment Increase in 2024, so Canadians stay tuned with me and gather more information from here.

The year’s additional maximum pensionable earnings will be introduced in 2024 as part of the CPP enhancement, which will also include a higher earnings cap. The maximum pensionable earnings from the first year will be 7% less than this new cap. For example, in 2024, the new maximum would be CAD 73,830 if the previous limit was CAD 69,000.

CPP Payment Increase 2024

In Canada, the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a monthly financial assistance program that provides disability benefits and retirement pensions. These give qualified individuals and retirees taxable income on Canada Pension Payment Date 2023. Go to www.canada.ca, the Government of Canada’s official website, to find out when your CPP is due.

The Canada Pension Plan 2023 Payment Date was scheduled for October 27, 2023, and the previous payment was made in September 2023. Furthermore, it’s critical to comprehend the advantages and prerequisites for every category. In accordance with this plan, each Canadian made a small contribution to the CPP, and the government matches that amount in your CPP Account.

The applicants will be eligible to receive their monthly pension directly into their bank account upon turning sixty years old. Canadians have to be eligible for this program if they have contributed at least once in their lifetime.

CPP Benefits Increase 2024

CPP Inflation Increase 2024

CPP Payment 2024 Dates

Canada Pension Plan 2023 Payment Date

Plan NameCanada Pension Plan (CPP)
Started byGovernment of Canada
Authority NameEmployment and Social Development Canada
Purpose of CPPPension money
Beneficiaries for CPPseniors in Canada
Eligibility for CPPMust have made one contribution towards CPP
Payment FrequencyMonthly
CategoryFinance News
Canada Pension Payment Date 202327 October 2023
Payment ModeDirect Bank Transfer
Canada Pension Payment AmountCAD 600 to CAD 1150
Official Websitecanada.ca

How Much Will CPP Payment Increase in 2024?

The year’s additional maximum pensionable earnings is a new, higher earnings cap that is part of the CPP enhancement for 2024. The maximum pensionable earnings from the first year will be increased by 7% to this limit.

Employers will also be required to submit both the original and enhanced CPP contributions to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a result of the CPP enhancement. Employers must pay more for the same procedure, though.

CPP Payment Increase 2024 - How Much Will Canada Pension Plan Payment Increase in 2024?

Canada CPP Payment Schedule 2023

CPP for October 202327 October 2023
CPP for November 202328 November 2023
CPP for December 2023320 December 2023

Canada Pension Plan 2023 benefits increase

The Employment and Social Development Canada has increased Canada CPP Payment since 2019, but the benefits are primarily for those who began contributing to CPP in 2019. Present employees contribute marginally more, this leads to future benefits and better financial stability for Canadians. Two new components are included in the 2019 enhancement: one runs from 2019 to 2023 and the other from 2024 to 2025. The goal of these adjustments is to give Canadians better financial assistance.

Big Changes in CPP 2024

CPP Maximum Pensionable Earnings

How Long Do You Need to Work to Get Maximum CPP

CPP Payment Amount Limit

  • CPP- Retirement pension: Up to CAD 1,306.57
  • CPP- Post-retirement benefit: Up to CAD 40.25
  • CPP Disability benefit: Up to CAD 1,538.67
  • Post-retirement disability benefit under CPP: Up to CAD 558.74
  • Children of disabled Canada Pension Plan contributors: Up to CAD 281.72
  • Children of deceased Canada Pension Plan contributors: Up to CAD 281.72
  • Death benefit (one-time): CAD 2,500

CPP increases- Impact on Employees

The Canada CPP Payment enhancement’s second phase will begin in 2024 or 2025 so be ready to get it and do read my blog everyday. In accordance with the maximum amount of pensionable earnings that the CRA determines, eligible one will continue to make a 5.95% CPP contribution. If the applicant’s annual income exceeds the maximum, however, he or she will be eligible for Phase 2 CPP with higher maximum pensionable earnings.

If applicant’s income surpasses the phase one maximum and and land on the phase two maximum pensionable earnings limit, then his or her employer will deduct a 4% CPP contribution from it. I have prepared below an estimated increase in CPP contribution for the years 2024 and 2025, please do have a look.

YearOriginal MPEEmployee CPP Contribution (5.95%)Phase 2 MPEEnhanced Earnings – Phase 2Phase 2 CPP Contribution (4%)Total CPP Contribution
2023CAD 66,600CAD 3,962.70not availablenot availablenot availableCAD 3,962.70
2024*CAD 69,200CAD 4,117.40CAD 73,830CAD 4,630CAD 185.20CAD 4,302.60

92 thoughts on “CPP Payment Increase 2024 – How Much Will Canada Pension Plan Payment Increase in 2024?”

      • ALL seniors are having a hard time especially now with increased price of everything.

        Should check into as to how it is that the government can pay those with children $700 to $800 a month PER child & pay for childcare so parents only have to pay $10 a day … Ever wonder where the government gets the money to pay so much?

        • Yes, seniors have paid their fair share of taxes throughout their working lives and now that they are on a fixed income they should have a break in life. The government shouldn’t depend on seniors to fund the government’s reckless spending- seniors should be paying less taxes. The rich should be paying an extra 1 percent instead to offset the seniors paying less. We, seniors don’t get pay raises and now need the help!!! Remember everyone gets old and one day and it will be your turn to be a senior on a fixed income.

          • It’s just not the seniors it’s the working poor and we are off work to illnesses and can’t even get your doctor to fill out paperwork it’s been sept 19 took paperwork in to her still nothing and can’t get short rearm from it cuzz of that doctor wow so I have nothing and that’s not right it’s the working poor keeps getting poorer and the rich keeps getting richer

          • Well said…the government has tones of money to help many outside causes but keep his own people , specially seniors so poor…..!!! charity starts at home….!!!!!

          • Politicians are not like everyone else, they’re allowed to steal everyone’s money while in office,give their friends tax breaks and claim a pension on the backs of the Canadian taxpayers immediately after leaving office.this bullshit is what’s causing seniors so much heartache as most of them hold out until they’re 65 to get the maximum pittance that the Canadian government allows.the whole system is rigged to benefit them and it’s the same the world over.really sad and corrupt.

        • I totally agree with you. We’ve paid all our working life into this and only get a small monthly allowance. I remember when refugees came from Syria they were given $3,000/month. I agree that we had to help them, no question about that but I was getting 800/month after having worked 35 years. Something isn’t fair on how our $ is being distributed. In other countries, such as the USA home taxes go down considerably when one is a senior. In the EU, they get 60% of their average salary. I don’t even get 20%. How about not making us pay for school taxes if you declare less than $50,000/year, and lower our city taxes depending on how much we make per year. If other countries can do it, I’m sure we can too.

          • I agree when my family came to Canada in 1954 we got nothing now immigrants get all kinds of help. I worked full time for 43 years and it would be nice to get a little more money

          • I agree with you on this , is why we get so little and refugees are getting more yet we work here born here and paid towards it and get so little

          • I hear they get the $3000.00 every month plus a clothing allowance and they are probably getting the child tax credit as well

          • It’s government greed along with financing the world with generosity abroad but neglect the Canadian elderly indigenous and disabled they depend on our votes to get into office why do not the seniors voted based on the percentage paid out in my case 418$ well that puts me in the phuck off category when they call seeking my vote

          • Ohh…boo hoo!! When I was a young single mother no one paid for my child care but me! And I sure didn’t make any where near good money being a waitress. You try feeding three children and keeping a roof over their heads and clothing them on a waitresses wages. The entitlement by this generation and this frivolous government is the reason our country is so far in debt. Take care of your own responsibilities and stop laying them on others backs. You are the ones that had your children and if you can’t afford to look after them then it’s your problem, no one else’s! Stop using the government as the money tree, there are no more leaves to pick!

          • Please get your facts right was a rude reply. We need to be better than that. We don’t want to be nasty like some of the Americans.

          • Exactly!! For some reason the government calls it a benefit, IT’S NOT!! I PAID INTO IT FOR OVER 50 YEARS!!! It was a loan to the government who used those funds. PERIOD.

          • So what alternative do we have? The government we have had for 2 terms who have embarrassed our country time and time again? The government who has jacked up the taxes and brought in more taxes. And the government who is trying to be a nanny government trying to tell us how to parent, forcing people to take a vaccine or they can’t go here or here and creating a 2 tiered tax scheme where some Canadians get tax exemptions and others (the west) do not get the exemptions. Human rights violations about free speech and the right to express to the government we are unhappy by having peaceful protests. A government who will recommend the MAID program so it saves tax dollars taking care of someone into their later years. A government that thinks the financial devistation in Canada will just balance itself out. Too many things that would take me days to mention, so if we do not make a leader change such as Pierre Poilievre we will be hurting so bad in the future. We can not reward bad behaviour and that is what this Liberal government has been displaying (bad behaviour). Time for change Canada!!!!🇨🇦

          • You are right on that about Poilivre. The $ 10 daycare will be cancelled, all the quarterly rebates, the Dental plan, and any other benefits the Liberals have put in along with what benefits haven’t come in yet. Everyone should educate themselves on what your government has done for you instead of listening to that mouthpiece from the Coservatives with all his doomsday negative comments.

        • What about the unemployment insurance we paid for years I paid in for 28 years & never drew a cheque I think we should get it back.

    • right on .Ibelongs to the worker it is not a goverment support system.And it should not be taxed as it has already been taxed

      • So very true, they taxed our money, then invested it, and made money off our money. Then when we receive the benefit we paid for we have to pay tax again. Seniors should not pay taxes on there senior benefit incomes. Remember the word, ‘’BENEFIT’’

      • Yes, they sure made it sound like what we received as CPP is Welfare…crazy! We worked and paid into the CPP all our lives. It’s our money, not the next generations contributions or the governments.

        • You are so right!!!
          It is so infuriating to pay into CPP all of my working years (30+) only to have the government make it sound like they are supporting us with THEIR MONEY. it is my (our) money plus intrest it accrued until we retired. Now we want our money that we paid into this pension plan.
          It is not charity it is our invested money.

        • So true. There’s so many people now collecting ODSP I know some personally and they could work. Maybe if the government monitored them more closely there would be more money for seniors

      • I quite agree Heather 👍🏾. We worked hard and paid taxes, why is it now referred too as Financial assistance from the government . Then the government get to give those who have not worked one day in their life in Canada more financial benefits such as dental, glasses, etc. so they get to send $’s back home to their countries making them believe how easy we leave here. This is not right. My husband is disabled and im retired, we have to budget , pay our mortgage, taxes ,medicines with the mega $’s we receive 🙄 . Shameful

    • Absolutely. I often encounter belligerent people who seem to think this benefit is the same Social Assistance. As you pointed out we paid into the pension plan so it is earned income not a handout. For those of us on C.P.P Disabilty we earned our income while working when we could.

    • We should have the choice not to pay into it or any other government pension plan. Imagine taking what comes off your pay every 2 weeks for about 40 years. Hell of a lot more than what you’ll get with CPP. Working hard making big money to help boost those with lower income to be higher. Man I man something got to give with this country. They’ll soon be no middle class. We don’t qualify for anything the government hands out. We only get to pay for it.

      • Cathy, quite the rant, But you are not correct on the math of the CPP.
        I have paid about $62,000 to CPP over 43 years.
        I started to draw CPP at 60 and will have received $64,700 by age 67.
        Simple math.

      • I think you are wrong I worked for 43 years and I think it’s only taking me 2-3 years of cpp benefits to make what I paid in

    • For Sure. These, younger people, NOT born earlier, haven’t a c l u e as to ‘how’ the system works. …….Woke generation, is NOT LOGICALLY, ON-THE-GROUND……woke up. Sleeping with their phones………kids. NO more tradespeople, to keep our infrastructure, FUNCTIONING.! …
      …oh well….so much for TRUTH……….entertainment / self-worship seem to be where ‘ its at ‘…

    • Well now free teeth for 56+ pretty soon They won’t need teeth.Wont be able to afford to buy food to eat with the cost of groceries so guess You won’t need teeth.”Just Sayin”.

  1. The cpp monthly benefit should be 10x what we seniors are receiving. The cpp should have been put in the care of the Canadian banks instead of creating s whole new bureaucracy to mismanage it.

    • In the banks where it is invested in stocks? I put my RRSP in the bank for them to invest. Got very little back in return and I get no cost of living on RRSP. What you get back on Canada Pension is what you and your employer employer paid into it. If your salary was $35,000 a year premiums were based on $35,000. How ever if you earned $90,000 a year in the year 2000. The premiums would have been paid on $48,000 as that was the maximum at the time. Your CPP payment would have been based on $48,000 not $90,000.
      That is the basic concept of how CPP works.

    • Thank the Trudeau government and their wreckless spending for our hard times. Daddy Trudeau got EI funds to blow and now sonny boy Trudeau has spent everything else so will be spending the CPP funds that we paid for all our lives. The Trudeau government is a total disgrace to this country.

      • CPP money is invested by the government. Unlike Quebec, the CPP money cannot be accessed for anything other than paying pensions. If Alberta opts out, their governemt will be able to spend Albertans pensions, and hope that when people retire, there will be a lot more people to pay their pensions.

  2. This is a pyramid scam. Here contribute to this your entire working life . We will gibmve you stipend of your money every month. Many of you may die before you ever get it all back. I’m sick and tired of our hard working eldery residents struggling. Rent is through the roof everywhere. Groceries are ridiculous. This is yet another extortion attempt. Here you can have a little bit more of your money back because we’re going to increase the working peoples pension contributions. We need to help our elderly desperately. Yes I’m aware many people and causes need a revamp. The eldery are slways over looked. I’m so disgusted by our government and how they treat our eldery citizens.

  3. Leaving corrupt liberals and ndp in charge we all know what will happen they have a robbed tax payers for 8 years and in process destroyed canada

  4. Im sorry but seniors need a better increase why they work most of there life and have some compassion towards the elderly and we start our pension at 65 or why is there discrimination that you have to be 75 to get some increase of 500.00 what about the rest of seniors this is not of righteousness government take a good look of what you are doing here remember you have to answer to Jesus one day be careful if i were you help all people we are all the same in Gods eyes help your canadian people.

  5. Seniors 65 & up with mortgages need more assistance to keep them at home.
    With the high costs we need to support all seniors. The old formula calculation has to be revised. I have contributed a lot into cpp and my employers, I been told it is an average of over 800K with interest that is per 40 plus years on a workers life span.
    The media needs to push this every night.

  6. Currently, the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Pension are nothing but legislated poverty, forcing people who paid into them for decades to live lives of quiet depression and desperation, when they should be enjoying each of their remaining days to its fullest. Shame on the government of Canada! Great shame.

  7. I have worked 38 some odd years I’m 69 year old paying my taxes and paying into cpp at the max contributions i got a letter from them saying I was paid too much for two years, and had to give back 400 and something dollars what bothers me is it took two years for them to find out. I guess I got to give up one meal a week for the next year to pay this back. I guess it doesn’t pay to be a senior.

  8. The death benefit is still $2500.00 and has been this amount for as long as I can remember. I’m currently 65 years old. I’ve lost 4 siblings from 2019 to 2022. Trust me, when you step inside a funeral home, this “same” $2500.00 gets you nowhere. Many people do not have the means to save for their own funeral, leaving the financial burden to the family. Funeral costs have increased tremendously. I cannot tell you how many people take the ashes home after a funeral, and simply keep the ashes at home because there is not enough money to bury their loved one. The death benefit should absolutely be increased.

    • I totally 100 % agree. My Brother passed away age 58 recently and the total no frills burial came to about $6000.00. The question I have is my brother paid into CPP most of his life was single no children where did all his contributions go to?

  9. The current CCP and OAS is an insult to seniors. After 40+ yrs of top contributions . We are told students need $2000 a month to survive. Seniors carrying mortgages and paying Municipal taxes on the homes. How do we survive?

  10. The Liberal/NDP government have made millions for themselves and paid over a billion to the Ukraine. The CPP is legislative poverty. Please Canada vote these criminals and clowns out

  11. Im73 years old the govt as taken all my benefits hst gst carbon tax because they claim i owe them the money back i collected during covid when my wife was in the hospital i had no income for 3 months

  12. This government needs to look out for seniors that help build this country ,we did not get any hand outs .We worked hard for anything we got .we paid into the CPP it’s not free from the government .Stop giving millions away and help your own first .you government should try living on what you pay us a month and see how it feels .i just got a bill from the tax department saying I owe then $51.81 from two years ago .they over paid me even had the nerve to charge me $5.45 interest and it was not my fault .why did they not corrected when I filed my taxes for 2021 just wrong .

  13. The benefits people got from cerb and other benefits shoukd be free. The govt forced us to stay home in name of a cold virus ..people wanted to work they pushed us in our homes and Imprisoned us also with fear stress insanity . The printed money trillions now they want the money back they printed no way. The system Is a scam. People on odsp as well you think someone making 4000 month wants to be home sick and collect a quarter of that don’t think so. The wealthy shoukd be taxed because most of them are corrupt anyways with their tax filings and are extremely overpaid. The sick and needy should get breaks not Trudeau and corrupt family . One day the poor will revolt there’s more of us … cpp should be over 2500 month as well as oddp and other transfer payments.

    • 7In case you haven’t been paying attention that “cold virus ” has killed 7M people. Not exactly kleenex & Vicks was (is) it.

  14. I feel these I myself worked 45 years and 230$ a month from that and maybe I made the mistake of taking pension at 55 im 62 now and social assistance and pension I make about 738 dollars a month try living off that thanks government of Canada.

  15. Since we Canadians paid into OAS and CPP and were taxed originally at source during our working years, why is it this is dubbed taxable income ???
    CPP and OAS should NOT be taxable income to seniors on a FIXED income with no other pensions available to them…

    • I worked 50 years and never collected EI either. Paid into CPP AND OAP all that time. I should not have those payments as taxable income. The government collected interest on my money. They benefited all those years, not me.

  16. This government has taken no interest in looking after the people who have built this country the Liberals and the NDP are giving away money to the new immigrants and other countries to make it seem like Canada is a rich country well that’s BS the Liberals have now broke our backs and taking everything out of our pockets and will continue to take more as long as they are in power. The seniors especially baby boomers are taking the brunt of this liberal onslaught because of our wealth

  17. My husband and I owe the government again this year over 15000 dollars . Last year it was closed to 20000 dollar s . My husband phone them and told them how do you think we are going to pay for this . They had the nerve , and told us to sell our home so that we can pay our tax bill. So then we can live on the street . We are both seniors . I still have to work us so we can try and pay them back. I am sick with stage 4 kidney failure , can’t afford to retire. And my pension sucks not enough to live on. So I will just keep working until I drop. But who cares the government doesn’t as long as they tax the shit out of us. I hate them for all that they represent. The government is corrupted and all of us have no say in the matter .

  18. CPP was designed (1960s) to create a supplemental pension for Canadian Seniors. OAS, savings, and CPP was what we we would live on. It was never designed to have someone solely live off it’s payments. The Plan’s initial contributions were ~1.5% of an employee’s earnings (plus employer contributions). Deposits were invested in Canada Savings Bonds, paying a reasonable return and life expectancy was in the 70s.
    By the 90s, CPP was inadequately funded and by the 2010s, predicted to be broke. Retirees who paid little in the Plan were living longer…80s, 90s and still getting a cheque. Canada Savings Bonds paid little.
    In the late 90s, CPP was reworked, working Canadians had to pay a lot more into it. Today near 12% of incomes (max $66.6K – employee/employer) is collected yearly versus 3%. The second change, CPP created an Investment Board to get “good investment returns”.
    20+ million Canadians pay into the Plan yearly, deposits of $110+ billion yearly. That’s 5 years of deposits sitting in the Pot, plus a bit of interest. Seems like a large amount.
    Shouldn’t it be larger? Yes, if CPP was a fully funded Plan. But it isn’t. Contributions today, help pay current retiree entitlements.
    As long as Canadians continue to pay into CPP, the Plan is viable.
    However, if a jurisdiction wants to get out of this ‘scheme’ (they can elect to at anytime), an expectation is they want their money out of the Plan. If some of their money has been spent, should their contributors be penalized for a Plan that wasn’t historically well managed?

  19. The entire system is in need of a revamp! What was viable with a population of 15 million,is no longer possible with 35 million. And why do new immigrants who never paid a dime into anything get more than a person who paid into it for 35-40 yrs? I mean seriously, taking the impoverished from other countries to fill our population is ridiculous. We don’t have enough homes for present Canadians and most Canadians can’t afford to pay for housing, except of course ” new Canadians” cause the government pays almost everything for immigrants.
    Something stinks and it’s not hard to find where the smell comes from.

  20. People seem to be criticizing the liberals and the NDP for their problems. What makes you think the Tories (PCs) would be any different? They have been in power in the past and made no changes. So it doesn’t matter who is ruling the country, the problem will remain the same. Think about that for awhile.

    • It’s very hard to enforce changes when you start with the current situation this country is in. These people are making so much money with their expenses paid ( as in Trudeau taking “HIS Family” on vacation to the states costing somewhere in the vicinity of 200-250,000$) and that is according to the news. How many seniors could that feed in a month? He don’t pay for groceries, taxpayers even pay for the dam toilet paper he wipes his ass with. He probably hasn’t set foot inside a supermarket since he became an excuse for a Prime Minister. And get this !!!! He spent 8 million$$$$ of taxpayers money to replace a barn at Rideau Hall just to make it zero carbon. The property where he lives which once again is free accommodation for him and his family. He’s just like his old man, the ruination of our country, and The NDP will skid right along with him as long as they continue to bribe each other, you do this for us and we’ll go along with you. It’s amazing how so few people have enough control to ruin a whole country. Yes the PCs are making common sense promises and I don’t doubt they will give it their all and I think there “will be” Change, IF they get in and I pray they do, the NDP will continue to bribe and change won’t come fast enough so people will continue to complain but the time has come!

  21. It is 100 percent a broken system. There is no more middle class it is rich and poor. Seniors and disabled people are getting left out at every turn. I was a single parent for a very long time I worked hard. Payed all my taxes. I was in a very serious accident. At the time the income assistance program was taking child support dollar for dollar. So basically a parent was forceed to ” live off the childs money” if that was the only income. In my case at the time due to injuries and a nasty divorce it was. Over time the legislation changed to the childs money is for the child. This was a great move. However it does not help much if a ex does not pay any child support. After 2 appeals and a third party tribunal I was given my CPPD.
    It took 8 years !! 8 years of rehab speach therapy physical therapy cognative therapy and so on .
    So Now I was able to collect Income assistance. Hold up though. If you worked all your life and payed CPP benifits income assiatance demands you apply for CPP. No matter your age .
    If you are disabled and are not eligable that is ok!!!.
    If you are. They take your CPP OFF DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR.

    So basically even though you worked and paid into a system a ( pension system) a disability pension system) the provincial government now STEALS peoples Federal benefit to help fund its ” public system. If you are not eligable thats ok because you still get the same disability amount.
    The same housing allowance etc.
    For example
    1)Income assi disabilty 1500
    Client 2)
    Income assi disabilaty 1500
    Cppd -700
    Income assi disabilty 800

    Its called excess unearned income.
    Cppd plus income assis is 1500

    So the max you can have in any situation is 1500 , As a single person they allow you 500 for shelter and housing.
    This is no different for seniors. They take all thier income as excess unearned income dollar for dollar. Cpp etc.
    Which means if they get 1501 thats what they get . Yet the government during cerb understood people could NOT live on 2000 a month and put a freeze rents a non eviction clause etc. 1500 + 700 is only 2200 many seniors are not making that. They are choosing food over meda or taking meds qithout food. Going to food banks and not gettinf nutrition they need. Its a very very sad situation . The increase I see in my area of homeless seniors asking for change is disturbing !!! These are not HOMELESS seniors some who are veterans. Our government both federal and provincial ahould be ashamed. They focused to much on child benefits and family bonus etc. Yes Kids def need programs and familys need affordable child care . But no one needs over 600 dollars per child in tax benefits . 1800 to a single parent of 3.
    The system needs a overhall .

  22. I am 66 and get a measly 179.00 a month for CPP. I was a stay at home mom and worked part-time so I could be home for my kids when they got home from school. Because I didn’t get the 4000 minimum income, it booted me for most years. The only time I got enough credits was when I worked full time in the early 80’s for my pension before kids. So my pension is OAS/GIS of 778 and 179 a month. Not much to live off of is it. We live off hubby’s pension and his OAS. Worked 46 years and he gets 1300 a month and the 778. What will I live off of if he passes before me. Not much. Yet the schedule above shows 600 a month for minimum now. Maybe it is time for them to make everyone at a minimum. I should have paid myself for daycare and done it like a business I guess. How can anyone live off less than a grand a month. I am thinking of going back to work with my arthritic hands.

  23. I’m a widow… lost my husband almost two years ago. He was getting a pretty good cpp, but he worked for 50 years. I worked for over 40 years.
    I find out, I’m only receiving about $100 a month of his cpp. Because I receive cpp, they add his & mine together, which are two different entities. What should his or mine have to do with each other’s? We both paid into cpp. He only got to receive seven years from the 50 years he worked, so where is the rest of his contributions going? We are only one couple. How many other’s is this happening too? Our government is ripping so many of us off.
    They are stealing from us all… big time, & the sad thing is, they have a license to do so. Sickening!!!!

  24. Hi my name is Theresa I only get 585 on my cup disabilaty I don’t no how with food prices and rent to servive the goverment should help people and give every one 1.500 hundred a month to be able two live thank you theresa


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