CRA Audit Notice – Why Should You Care about CRA Audit and How Far Back Can it go?

The Government of Canada, along with a number of its provinces and territories, entrusts the administration of tax legislation and numerous benefit programs to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). A significant component of the CRA is to guarantee that the tax system is equitable for all parties is auditing.

The CRA carefully reviews a taxpayer’s books and records during an audit to verify that they are paying their taxes, appropriately adhering to tax rules, and getting the benefits and refunds to which they are legally entitled. Most Canadian taxpayers abide by the country’s tax regulations.

In addition to assisting these taxpayers in better understanding and fulfilling their obligations, the CRA’s auditing procedures also contribute to upholding public trust in the equity and integrity of Canada’s tax system. So check this page to understand CRA Audit, What is a CRA Audit?, CRA Audit Process, How Far Back Can CRA Audit Go? and Why Should I Care About CRA Audit Notice?

CRA Audit Notice

An audit is a formal review by the CRA of your personal or business tax documentation. CRA audits are primarily conducted to make sure that people and companies are adhering to Canadian tax laws. When selecting which taxpayers to audit, the CRA conducts risk assessments and takes into account variables like error frequency and error likelihood.

You may get information by phone or letter (or sometimes both) if you are selected for a CRA tax audit. Time and money can be greatly invested on CRA audits, which may lead to a reassessment that includes fines and interest. This might have disastrous financial effects and force taxpayers into bankruptcy. What does an audit include and what results might you anticipate? This article will provide a general overview of a few CRA Audit Process.

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CRA Audit Process

  • Usually, CRA will notify you in advance of their plan to audit, as the message will specify what initial data they need from you. You might occasionally receive a comprehensive audit questionnaire. After that, the auditor is free to inquire further. The ideal moment to hire legal counsel is at the start of an audit. As auditors aren’t always answerable, they might not take your justification for completing your returns in a particular manner seriously.
  • A tax attorneys can communicate with the auditors on your behalf and start the legal process required to settle any problems pertaining to your return. It is especially important to have representation as soon as you have been reviewed by CRA if you disagree with the audit’s findings. Although you have the right to appeal, you only have ninety days to do so by submitting a Notice of Objection. As tax attorneys, they can offer comprehensive support for submitting your objection.
CRA Audit Notice - Why Should You Care about CRA Audit and How Far Back Can it go?

How Far Back Can CRA Audit?

  • For a maximum of three years from the date of your tax assessment, the CRA may audit you but, the CRA can go back much further up to ten years, if they think you committed an error due to carelessness.
  • The CRA has the right to investigate earlier years if they discover notable differences in their tax audits.
  • The CRA may audit your tax returns to any extent they see fit if they suspect fraud or other major problems because they are more serious and may include more money that the CRA may be able to recover, offshore audits typically take longer than traditional audits in order to find undeclared income or assets kept outside of Canada.
  • For this reason, tax returns spanning ten years are typically included in offshore audits. Therefore, information and documentation beginning in 2011 is typically requested if an offshore audit was initiated in 2021.
  • Typically, simple reviews that merely need the CRA to verify a credit report take approximately a year to complete.
  • How far back can CRA Audit, then? The response is that there is no upper limit as long as they can use the taxpayer’s alleged tax return fraud and/or lying to support their findings.

Why Should I Care About CRA Audit Notice?

You should Care About CRA Audit Notice as it is attached with your firm’s future. The CRA audit may happen on-site at your home or place of employment, or it may happen at a CRA office. Documentation must be submitted so that your designated CRA auditor can review it in person, via mail, or online via the CRA Secure Services portal.

Please take note that emailing records is not permitted. Remember that the CRA may go into the records of your family members, business associates, employees, and others that have anything to do with your tax return during an audit.

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What should you do if you are audited by CRA?

In the event that you are chosen for a CRA audit, you should cooperate and not back down from the situation. If you do otherwise, the auditor will go unhappy and might contact your bank, suppliers, or customers to obtain sufficient information to support an audit evaluation against you. This is the time to enlist the assistance of a company such as GTC Gateway Tax CPA Inc.


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