Canada Workers Benefit Payment Dates 2023-24 – CWB Eligibility, Application and All You need to know!

The low salaried workers in Canada will benefit from new quarterly payments for the Canada Workers Benefit, which started on July 28, 2023, and will help make life more affordable. Depending on their income, eligible single workers can receive up to CAD 1,518 and families can receive up to CAD 2,616. These benefits are divided among three basic quarterly Canada Workers Benefit payments.

Additionally, depending on their yearly income, qualified Canadian workers are eligible to receive a disability supplement of up to CAD 737. Families or individuals who qualify typically receive this payment as per the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) Payment Dates 2023-24, however, it may take up to 10 business days for the money to appear in the associated bank account with the Canada Revenue Agency. The Canada Workers Benefit Payment Dates 2024 for the upcoming one is January 12, 2024 so check the official website to know more.

What is Canada Workers Benefit (CWB)?

I am heading towards CWB Payment January 2024 Eligibility so check this page and get yourself updated. I am here to help you with Canada Workers Benefit 2023 Application so stay tuned with me. A program called the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) is intended to help people and families who work but do not make enough money to cover their essential expenses. It is divided into two parts: the Disability Allowance and the Basic Amount. When filing their income tax returns, eligible recipients can make a claim for the Canada Workers Benefit January 2024.

The Advanced Canada Workers Benefit is now in use from July 2023, allowing qualifying individuals and families to receive advance payments equal to 50% of the CWB. Once your tax return is filed, you can claim the New Canada Workers Benefit 2024. You must either file your taxes electronically and follow the directions in your CTS, or if you are filing on paper, complete Schedule 6 and mail it in to get the CWB Payment January 2024 Amounts

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Advanced Canada Workers Benefit 2024 Details

Program NameCanada Workers Benefit
Name of OrganizationCanada Revenue Agency
BeneficiariesEligible lower income Canadians
CWB Payment January 2024 AmountCheck below
CategoryGovernment Aid
CWB Payment Dates January 2024January 12, 2024

Eligible for New Canada Workers Benefit 2024

  • You must be a resident of Canada and at least 19 years old on December 31 of the year you are filing in order to be eligible for the Canada Workers Benefit.
  • Applier have to be making less money than the net income allowed by your province or territory of residence and paying taxes.
  • If you are a diplomat or an officer or servant of another nation, or if you are related to or employed by someone who is, you are not eligible. Neither are you eligible if you are a full-time student at a designated educational organization (unless you have an eligible dependent).
  • Additionally, if you have spent at least ninety days behind bars in the past year, you are ineligible to get CWB.
Canada Workers Benefit Payment Dates 2023-24 - CWB Eligibility, Application and All You need to know!

Canada Workers Benefit Payment Dates 2024 New Schedule

On July 28, eligible Canadians have received their CWB First October 2023 Payment under the recently improved Canada Workers Benefit from the Canada Revenue Agency. Without the need for an application, those who received the Canada Workers Benefit in 2022 will automatically be eligible for the Eligible for New Canada Workers Benefit 2024 as a top-up to their income.

The money will be distributed as per the Canada Workers Benefit Payment Dates 2024 as three advance payments in July 2023, October 2023, and January 2024. The additional benefits and measures intended to combat inflation accompany the new advance. These include lower child care expenses, the Canada Child Benefit, the Canada Dental Benefit, the Grocery Rebate, the PPR, and tax exemption from the higher Basic Personal Amount. The CWB payments 2023-24 will be distributed on the following dates:

  • First Payment: July 28, 2023
  • Second Payment: October 12, 2023
  • Third Payment: January 12, 2024

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CWB Payment January 2024 Amounts

Province or TerritorySingle IndividualFamily
AlbertaCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
British ColumbiaCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
ManitobaCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
New BrunswickCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
Newfoundland and LabradorCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
Northwest TerritoriesCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
Nova ScotiaCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
NunavutCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
OntarioCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
Prince Edward IslandCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
QuebecCAD 34,143CAD 44,776
SaskatchewanCAD 33,015CAD 43,212
YukonCAD 33,015CAD 43,212

How to Apply for Canada Workers Benefit 2024?

  • A Person can apply for the Canada Workers Benefit online by using approved tax software and following the guidelines mentioned on the official website of Canada Revenue Agency. Alternatively, the Canada Workers Benefit 2024 application form may be filled out on paper and submitted with income tax returns by completing Schedule 6, Canada Workers Benefit.
  • If applicant or applicant’s spouse are eligible for the DTC, then they must claim both the base credit and the disability supplement in order to receive the disability supplement. Only one spouse may claim the minimum amount if both are eligible, and separate Schedule 6 forms must be submitted for the disability supplement.
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