Irish State Pension Increase 2024 – What is the Amount and Possible Increase in Irish State Pension?

New amendments provide Irish citizens the opportunity to work until they are 70 years old in return for a greater income when they retire. The new flexible pension arrangements, which will be implemented on January 1st, were announced by government of Ireland, for those who are turning 66 and seeking a state pension.

With the State Pension Increase 2024, qualifying individuals can choose to delay receiving their state pension at age 66 and instead get an increased payment rate that will be modified until they are 70. By giving people more options, these modifications hope to enhance their social insurance records and boost their state pension benefits upon retirement.

In order to be Irish State Pension 2024 Eligible, it also covers those who began working later in life, allowing them to work longer. According to authority, those who want to start collecting their state pension at age 66 can still do so, however the decision varies based on the circumstances. Check this page for How Much is Irish State Pension and Who can get a higher rate of the state pension?

What is Irish State Pension?

Everyone in the Republic of Ireland is intended to have access to a minimum income through the State pension. Payable weekly, you must have accrued sufficient PRSI payments over the course of your work to be eligible for it. If not, you can apply for and have your eligibility for a non-contributory pension verified via means testing. A personal pension in addition to a state pension is common since for most people the state pension is insufficient to sustain the quality of life they had throughout their working years.

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Irish State Pension 2024 Details

Benefit NameState Pension
Name of DepartmentDepartment of Social Protection
CategoryGovernment Aid

State Pension Increase 2024

The state pension for Irish taxpayers has undergone a significant change. In order to receive the highest pension amount possible when they retire, people can now work until they are 70 years old. The state pension will undergo additional modifications that take effect on January 1, 2024. The main change is the ability for anyone who applied for the state pension at age 66 to do so at age 70.

Prior to this change, 66 was the minimum age to receive a contributing pension but now that there is a new shift, citizens have additional alternatives for receiving a larger payout when they retire. For the grownups who have recently begun to make a living, it is a fresh chance. Now that they may work longer hours and be eligible for State Pension Increase Payment 2024.

Irish State Pension Increase 2024 - What is the Amount and Possible Increase in Irish State Pension?

State Pension Eligibility Criteria 2024

To be eligible for State Pension (Contributory), check below

  • For all State benefits, there is a minimum qualifying age of 66.
  • Delaying your State Pension (Contributory) claim until you reach age 70 is an option.
  • At age 66, individuals receiving an invalidity pension are eligible to move to the state pension (contributory) at the full rate.
  • If you retire at age 65, you can be eligible to receive benefits up to age 66. You must have quit working and met the requirements of the PRSI social insurance program in order to be eligible for this payout at age 65.

To be eligible for State Pension (Non Contributory), check below

  • To get State Pension (Non Contributory you must be 65 years of age or older.
  • Pass the means test.
  • Maintain a habitual residency in Ireland and fulfil the requirements (HRC)

Ireland state pension Amount

The weekly payment for the state pension is €253.30, which is equivalent to €13,171.60 annually. Its purpose is to act as a basic income to keep people out of the poverty cycle. Extra benefits are offered to those who assist another adult, are carers, or have dependents living with them in addition to the basic income. In addition, the State provides free transport, a package that covers gas, electricity and TV licence payments once you turn 70, and a widow’s pension.

Who can get a higher rate of the state pension?

Depending on their condition, many persons are eligible for additional services. You must include every individual who resides in your home and for whom you are the primary provider. This will ensure that you receive all of the allowances to which you are entitled, as determined by the team evaluating your claim. A personal allowance is the term for your own pension payout. You can be eligible for an increase as a Qualified Adult if there is another person who depends on you for support. This is put to the test via means.

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State Pension Increase 2024 Latest Update

With effect from January 1, 2024, the contributory state pension is anticipated to undergo change to provide for increased flexibility, enhanced accessibility, and adjustments to its computation. Pre-legislative review is presently being conducted on the Social Welfare (Amendment) Bill 2023. These are the clauses that it contains.

Between the ages of 66 and 70, the state pension will be available at any time, with an actuarially higher rate to account for the later start date of payments. In order to raise the amount of the state pension, it will also be possible to contribute more to PRSI after the age of 66. Nonetheless, a 40-year PRSI contribution ceiling will continue to apply overall.


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