Canada Government Payment Dates – Check CPP, CCB, OAS, CDB, ODSP, OTB, CAIP Dates

The Government of Canada provides benefits to citizens through many schemes launched in different sectors. If you have enrolled for one of them then you can get the benefits directly in the bank account. The schemes are available to all citizens whether they are children, adults or seniors. The benefits of the Canada Government Scheme will be provided as per the criteria and eligibility defined by the government or the concerned authorities.

Currently, many schemes are running in Canada and lakhs of beneficiaries are taking benefits from these schemes. Today I am sharing with you information about Canada Government Payment Dates of CPP, OAS, ODSP, CCB, CDB, OTB and other schemes. If you want to know the dates then you can read this article till the end.

Canada Government Payment Dates

Such schemes are essential for all citizens and provide many benefits to the citizens in any field. Canada Government Payment Dates are also made as per the scheme norms. So if you are getting benefits from any scheme then you can know about the scheduled payment date as per the concerned authorities.

Now I am providing you with an article that contains all the Plan Payment Dates in Canada and you can get the information without visiting multiple articles on each plan. If you want to know the Government Payment Dates as per the scheme here then you have to read this article till the end and collect the information available here. Individual plans will have different criteria for Payment Dates and they set the dates accordingly. So you need to know which scheme you have enrolled for from the section below.

Canada Pension Payment Dates 2023

CPP Payment Increase 2024

CCB Payment Dates 2023

Canadian Government Plan Pay Dates – Overview

Article OnGovernment Payment Dates 2023
AuthorityDepartment of Revenue, Canada
Scheme TypeGovernment Aid
BeneficiaryChild, Adult, and Senior or Individual
Payment Date for IndividualSee Below
Beneficiary FromProvince or Territory
Payment ModeDirect Deposit or Cheque
Official Portal

2023 Government Payment Dates

If you have received scheme benefits from a province or territory, check the government payment dates below. Each scheme has different payment dates and on that date, you will receive the incentive payment made through the scheme for an individual. There are two options available to get the Government Scheme Payment Dates through direct deposit or cheque.

When you select Direct Deposit the payment will be credited to the bank account within the stipulated time. Through check, you will get the check in the given time and then you have to cash the check from the concerned bank. You have to scroll this article till the end to know the individual plan payment dates.

Canada Government Payment Dates - Check CPP, CCB, OAS, CDB, ODSP, OTB, CAIP Dates

Government of Canada CPP, OAS, ODSP, CCB, CDB, CAIP, OTB Dates

The government or concerned authorities have set the Official Payment Date for the scheme as per the scheme. The dates for when the scheme will start have also been released. Therefore individuals who have enrolled for the scheme must know the Payment Dates of the Government Scheme and also the payment method they choose to receive the payment. Below I have mentioned all the schemes available in the Government of Canada through which Canadian residents are getting benefits. You should know the Canadian Government Scheme Payment Dates given below and get paid on time.

Trillium Payment Dates 2023

OAS Payment Dates 2023

HST Payment Dates 2023

CPP Payment Dates 2023

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a retirement plan in which individuals can receive benefits from age 18 to 70. In case of non-survival of the applicant, the benefit of the scheme will be provided to the CPP contributor or the family of the contributor. You can find the CPP payment dates below and there are only two months left to receive benefits for the year 2023. CPP Payments will depend on the country’s annual budget. So you should check the Canada Pension Plan Payment Date below.

November 202328
December 202320

Old Age Security Payment Dates

The Government of Canada has launched a scheme for old age security that provides a guaranteed income supplement for individuals eligible for this scheme. The scheme will be available to applicants aged 65 years and above with allowance and survivor allowance. You can check the OAS Payment Dates below.

November 202328
December 202320

ODSP Payment Dates

ODSP is an Ontario disability support program for which benefits will be paid to anyone who is 18 years old. This is a program run by the Ministry of Community and Social Services that will award approximately 1308 CAD to eligible applicants. Now you can see ODSP Payment Dates below.

November 202330
December 2023TBD

Canada Child Benefit Payment Dates

CCB payment dates are mentioned in the table below. If you are a beneficiary of the Canada Child Benefit Plan, you can receive CCB Payments for your children who have turned 18. CCB benefits are given as per the monthly dates prescribed by the concerned department. You can see the remaining months of the year 2023 with CCB Payment Dates below.

November 202320
December 202313

Payment Dates for Child Disability Benefit

The Children’s Disability Plan is a Government of Canada program that covers children with disabilities in the Canadian provinces and territories. This program is run in several provinces of Canada and provides benefits to eligible people. So if you want to get the CDB Payment Date then you can see the table given below.

November 202320
December 202313

CAIP Payment Dates

CAIP is a Climate Action Incentive Payment provided by the Government of Canada to eligible residents of Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward, and Ontario. Island, and Saskatchewan. If you are from one of the provinces then you need to check the CAIP Payment Dates from the table below.


ACFB Payment Dates

ACFB is the Alberta Child and Family Benefit Plan which is related to the Canada Child Benefit Plan. ACFB Benefits will be provided to residents of the province of Alberta who have children under the age of 18. Now you should check the table below to get the ACFB Payment Dates.

November 202327
December 2023TBA

Canada VDP Payment Dates

VDP is a Veteran Disability Pension and if you are claiming payment from this scheme then check the payment dates given below. Many citizens are claiming payment from this scheme. So you need to know your VDP’s Next Payment Date from the table given below.

November 202329
December 202321

Ontario Trillium Benefits Payment Dates

OTB is Ontario Trillium Benefits which is a combined payment of the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, the Northern Ontario Energy Credit and the Ontario Sales Tax Credit. Usually, OTB payments are made month-wise for which you need to check the OTB Payment Dates given below.

November 202310
December 20238

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