CPP Payment 2024 Dates – What will be Increase in CPP and When will you get Payment

This article can be useful to the citizens living, and working In Canada or people near the retirement age. This post will help you understand the CPP Payment 2024 Dates in-depth: When do you get CPP and how much will the increase be? A provision introduced by the federal government of Canada.

CPP Payment 2024 Dates

CPP Payment refers to the Canada Pension Plan initiated by the Canadian government in 1965 to support retirees and their families to access needful resources without facing any scarcity of basic needs. This pension plan is an income replacement for the people who have made their contribution during their earning periods to the government policies. The Canada Pension Plan can be accessed by an individual after retirement or in case of disability or can be accessed by the family after the death of the contributor. This program is enabled by the CPP legislation.

CPP Benefits Increase 2024

CPP Payment Increase 2024

CPP Inflation Increase 2024

CPP Payment Dates 2024: Overview

Name of ArticleCPP Payment 2024
AuthorityCanadian federal government
Contribution Rate 20236.5%
Due payment dates of CPP29 November 2023, 21 December 2023
CategoryGovernment Aid
Age of receiving CPP paymentAge of 60-70 or above
Official websitewww.canada.ca

Canada Pension Plan Payment

Every citizen holding employment in Canada is obliged to invest in the Canada Pension Plan if they are earning more than the threshold value decided by the government of Canada. CPP Investment Board is responsible for looking after all the operations and policies being implemented under the beneficial program. It depends on the wish of the citizens whether they want to work till 65 or 70 and their pension will depend on the time they worked for, the salary they earned, and the contribution they made.

CPP Payment 2024 Dates - What will be Increase in CPP and When will you get Payment

CPP Payment 2024: Eligibility

A candidate needs to be eligible to access any scheme or plan introduced by the federal government of Canada for the benefit of the people. Without proving eligibility, you cannot access the plan because every plan and scheme is being designed as per the needs, wants, and deserving criteria of the people, and not everyone is allowed to access these sorts of social plans. Canada Pension Plan is a beneficial plan that does not apply a list of qualification criteria but it is essential for the candidate to attain at least a minimum age of 60 and must have at least one legal document proving their contribution to the CPP.

CPP Payment Application Processing Time

It is mandatory to apply for the CPP Program through offline or online mode. The candidates are recommended to be mindful while filling up the forms and entering the particulars. The form can be submitted at nearby offices or via an online portal. After submitting the form, officials hold the responsibility of processing the form and completing the procedure as soon as possible.

The authorities make decisions as per the norms and notify the candidate via mail mentioning the amount received by the candidate, and the date of first payment. Online applications can be processed quickly in this time of digital era, which takes only 28 while the applicants who apply through the Service Canada Centre have to wait approximately 120 days.  

OAS Starting Conditions

OAS Payment Dates

OAS Survivor Benefits

When do you get CPP?

The typical age to start the Canada Pension Plan is 65, but you can make it start late in 70 or early in 60, totally depends on you. It is mandatory to ensure that you have applied for the benefit program before the day you wish to initiate receiving the pension.  The candidates are required to understand the correct time at which they want to start pension reception. Some eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled to receive CPP benefit payments.

The candidates are free to choose the age of accessing the pension, but applicants are suggested to read the terms and conditions clearly and then make a decision because as early as they start receiving the pension, the lesser will be the monthly payment amount. If you wish to receive a maximum amount of pension, you should start receiving your pension after 70 years of age. As per the criteria, candidates earning $66,600 in the year 2023 will be entitled to gain complete one year’s worth of CPP payment, amounting to $3,754 in total. How much CPP Payment will increase in 2023-2024?

The CPP payment is expected to be increased in 2024-2025 by one-third of their earnings after the year of 2019. Under the plan, the CPP amount protected by the authorities is anticipated to rise by 4 percent for Canadians. But this range has been set for those only who are making higher now in comparison to the first earning range in 2024. In comparison to the first ceiling, the limit will extend to 7 percent for the second earnings ceiling, and this increment will reach 14 percent for the following one in 2025.

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FAQs Related to CPP Payment Dates

What is the CPP?

CPP refers to the Canada Pension Plan which benefits retirees by allowing them to receive some amount every month after getting retired. The benefit plan is so beneficial that the eligible candidates can access the pension for the rest of their lives.

How much pension can I access at the age of 60?

Pension payment accessed by you depends on the contribution you made and the average salary earned by you annually at the time of retirement.

How many years it is mandatory to work to be eligible for CPP?

Working years do not depend on the accessibility of CPP, but every individual is entitled to a Canada Pension Plan based on their annual earnings and contributions.

21 thoughts on “CPP Payment 2024 Dates – What will be Increase in CPP and When will you get Payment”

  1. Hi my name is Cory Douglas foged. Please give all government employees a big raise or some perks or improve their pensions.i would like too say thanks too for all your support past, present and future. Please increase cpp benefits too all who collects. Please take some notes and let’s continue on building a better life. Thanks so much
    Regards Cory Douglas foged

      • I agree 100%
        With the cost of living skyrocketing it’s virtually impossible to survive on just CPP, OAS, and GIS.
        Programs such as BC’s SAFER which is supposed to assist elderly renters are highly inefficient as the rent ceiling in the Fraser Valley is $735..!!!
        I defy anyone to find an apartment in Chilliwack for $735 let alone an assisted living facility which is on the bottom end about $2000 per month.
        It’s criminal how Canada treats her seniors.

        • Totally agree they seem to have forgotten us. What will happen when they reach this age, I’m sure they will sit up and think about oas as it pertains to them.

  2. OAS should only be for people who were born here to crap that our taxes go to the people and seniors who never contributed a dime to this countty

  3. Seniors (who built this country) should get at least minimum wage when we get $10 hour for over 40 years of contributions. It’s a crime this government puts us in! Our government gives away billions of dollars to other countries and yet we have people living on the streets.
    The government should be ashamed!

    • I agreed with you.Government like those peoples who stay home and enjoy welfare money. We hard working no respect in the society. We generate money and they enjoy our tax money.

  4. When will the banks give there retiries a cost of living increase like the federal government! I think it is terrible that all the profits they make, that they do not give pensioners a bonus!!!

  5. I receive OAS and CPP but after I pay my rent and bills I only have 143 dollars to live on for the rest of the month. They really need to raise OAs. I worked hard in this Country had business paid my taxes but I live as a pauper how is that after 35 years

    • I am in the same boat worked for 36 years and I can’t afford to buy food at the end of the month. People group everyone in the same boat and I payed into the system and I am living below the poverty line. The people that represent us should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe it’s time to represent our selves

  6. I understand why you want to take more cpp of peoples paycheques but we are maxed out now!! Rent..groceries etc you will literally be taking food out of peoples mouths wtf?

  7. I think it is wrong that someone who never contributed here in Canada during their working life can come here from kalistan and get full CPP and OAS after just 10 years in the country having never contributed

    • There is no way they would get full CPP after 10 years since CPP is based on contributions.
      Not sure about OAS but I would think it would be prorated.

    • I agree with you. If people work and contribute, they will get an amount based on their contributions. If they can’t work, then they should be on social assistance only. Not fair that people get CPP when they didn’t pay into it. That money is for Canadians that worked all of their lives. Our government needs to revisit how this money is being handed out.

  8. CPP & OAS were never designed to provide our total income requirement in retirement. These plans were always intended to augment our own retirement preparation plan.

    Was this good policy on behalf of our governments, absolutely not, and it was exceptionally poor policy given the millions of Canadian Baby Boomers who are about to overwhelm the generations who follow us.

    Since its introduction, the CPP should have been designed as an income replacement plan in retirement, it should have been mandatory, and deductions should have reflected the true cost. It would have been a forced RRSP, and it would have been fiscally painful to us while raising children, paying mortgages, buying groceries, and paying bills, but it was a necessary deduction so that we wouldn’t find ourselves in poverty in our golden years.

    As for OAS, if the CPP was designed as a true income replacement plan in retirement, then OAS should be for those folks among us, who through no fault of their own, were unable to reach the CPP retirement threshold needed in retirement.

    • Tim, I absolutely agree with the first paragraph in your letter when you say “CPP and OAS were NEVER designed to provide our total income requirement in retirement.
      These plans were always intended to augment our own retirement preparation plan”.

      Yes folks, that’s the bottom line. You save whatever you can for your retirement while you’re working. I’m a senior and when I started working 50 yrs ago I saw a lot of young folk start working right after finishing High School without pursuing higher education, because jobs were easier to get in those days. For those kind of jobs salaries were minimal. Rents were fairly low, so they would rent a place and think they were doing OK, but most lived paycheck to paycheck and didn’t give the future much thought.
      Recent statistics have proven that the senior population is growing. We are living longer. We can’t blame the Government for that. At the same time the younger population is shrinking and they are saying to the Government “What about us” because the headlines lately stated that the OAS for seniors is going to increase.
      I rest my case.

  9. The Seniors in this country are the ones who made it what it is today, with their blood and sweat, they built it. They fought for this country, some made the ultimate sacrifice, so we could have a decent standard of living for our children and I know that they were of solid moral character. Over the years the CPP has been ignored for the most part by all governments and that is why alot of Seniors find themselves in the position of struggling and perhaps even homelessness today. They have been forgotten. It is a shameful reminder of the moral compass in this country. If you want to make it right and make a difference then we need to demand that the governments of today to correct it going forward.

  10. The government of Canada hates old people they cost to much retirement homes hospital etc. Are government really sucks. Seniors after giving everything should not pay any taxes this would help very much there lives.

  11. That will never happen to politions….. after 5yrs of serving they have a right to a full pension just like they worked for 60yrs…..indexed and scale for life……there pension is about 70tho a yr witch they draw on after only five years…….they quit politics and recieve a handsome pension every month and they can continue working earning a salary with no penalty for doing so….. the pension is for life….70tho a yr for life….. let’s say they collect for 30yrs…. 30×70…..2.1 million Plus more because it’s all indexed…… anyways…… the mna,s in Quebec just gave themselves a30tho a yr raise but they have no money for nurses or teachers……


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