Big Social Security Changes Coming in 2024 – Complete Analysis of How These Changes will Affect You?

More than 89 % of around 48 million retired people who get a monthly Social Security payment view the program as a lifeline that helps them pay for their bills. However, the nation’s most popular retirement program, which lifts more than 21.5 million people out of poverty annually, including almost 15.3 million individuals 65 and older, is dynamic. It is continuously adjusted for changes in lifespan, the rate of inflation in the United States, and a variety of other considerations.

6 Social Security Changes 2024 will go into force in 2024. For 2024, Social Security will undergo significant modifications so you need to check this page for Big Social Security Changes Coming in 2024. The strong clawbacks and extremely low cost of living increase are the highlights of Big Social Security Changes Coming 2024. 

Big Social Security Changes Coming in 2024

In USA for decades, Social Security has provided a stable income for retirees. Yet over time, it has undergone changes. The Social Security Administration (SSA) raises the value of payments every year in accordance with the rate at which inflation and other factors have driven up living expenses. For all those who now receive SSDI, SSI, early retirement benefits from Social Security, disability payments from the VA, and SSDI, there will be an increase in benefits and income restrictions due to this cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA.

The SSA estimates that the 3.2% COLA in 2024 will raise typical retirement payments by more than USD 50. One important government program that is always changing to reflect changes in the economy is Social Security. Knowing the fundamentals is insufficient; yearly revisions are crucial, affecting everything from benefit swings to payroll tax deductions.

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Social Security Changes 2024 Details

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Big Social Security Changes Coming in 2024 - Complete Analysis of How These Changes will Affect You?

6 Big Social Security Changes Coming in 2024

  • Rise in Cost of living adjustment (COLA): The COLA for 2024 is expected to be 3.2%, which is less than two-thirds of the adjustment for this year but still higher than the average of 2.6% for the previous two decades. The impact will be seen by all Social Security recipients, though it will differ based on things like your benefit type and the time you claimed it. According to experts, the 3.2% rise will result in an AMP increase of USD 59 for Social Security retirement beneficiaries. There will be a USD 48 monthly increase on average for those with LTD.
  • More tax on Income: The highest salary/income that would be liable to Social Security taxes in 2023 was USD 160,200. In other words, employees who contribute to the system pay taxes on their salaries up to this ceiling, usually at a rate of 6.2 percent. The maximum wages will rise to USD 168,600 in 2024, which means that a larger portion of an employee’s salary will be liable to taxes. The reason for this change is that average American salaries have increased.
  • Maximum SS Benefit Will Increase: As per Social Security Changes 2024 latest update, the highest Social Security payout for an employee reaching full retirement age will rise from USD 3,627 to USD 3,822. It is noteworthy that this upper limit is applicable to individuals who retire at the full retirement age of 67 for those who were born after 1960 because benefits are decreased for people who retire before reaching full retirement age, the maximum will be different for them. This also holds true for people who retire later than the full retirement age, a move that might maximize your benefit payment.
  • Benefits for Spouses and DW will increase: According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the average monthly Social Security disability payment for a handicapped worker receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in 2023 is projected to be USD 1,489 per month. By 2024, that amount should have increased to USD 1,537. Benefits are determined by average lifetime wages rather than household income or the degree of a person’s impairment.
  • Social Security changes for retirees: Monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income payments for seniors will also increase by 3.2% beginning January 1, 2024 (far less than last year’s 8.7% increase). The increase to the Consumer Price Index from the third quarter of 2022 to the third quarter of 2023 is the basis for this increase. The average monthly retirement payout will therefore rise by more than USD 50 as of January.

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How to know 2024 benefit amount?

By signing into your my Social Security account in December 2023, you may know your precise COLA amount as well as the amount of your 2024 disability payments. A letter outlining your 2024 cost-of-living adjustment will also be mailed to you by the SSA (unless you have already chosen to no longer receive updates via physical mail). The timing of your first 2024 check is determined on your birthdate and the benefits you are eligible for. My older articles on SSDI and SSI payment schedule 2024 will help you determine your first check date.


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