SSI Benefits – What is it and Is There any Possibility of a Fourth Stimulus Check?

SSI refers to Supplemental Security Income, provided by the US government to the old age population to support them in fulfilling basic needs. This scheme is a financial benefits program, if you are a US senior citizen or an individual living with your old American parents. This article can help you accumulate too much knowledge of SSI benefits, its schedule, and the chances of accessing the fourth stimulus check.

SSI Benefits

SSI Benefit is a federal program initiated by the US government. Funds are released by the treasury and Social Security Administration holds the responsibility for the program’s administration. The payment is provided during the first of every month of the fiscal year. This benefit program cannot be accessed by any individual within the nation, but some limitations have been applied by the officials to the scheme so that the people who actually are in need may get help.

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History of SSI

For the very first time in 1972, the Social Security Administration created the SSI which is impregnated under Title 16 of the Social Security Act. It takes two years from the date of introduction to the program to be operated. If you delve deep into the history, you will know that the program replaced an adult assistance program by the federal state.

Eligibility to get SSI Benefits

Only people aged 65 or more i.e., senior citizens within the different states of the US can get their names registered under the program. Apart from supporting old age people, the program also proved to be helpful for disabled or blind people. Specially-abled people or children with difficulty in watching or hearing out things are not supposed to be fit to perform many jobs so, the federal government support such type of people and helps them access basic needs of life like food, shelter, and clothing.

Eligibility criteria also consider the income of an individual as well as the gross annual income of the family. People earning $1,913 or less monthly are eligible for the benefit program. This income limit is more for legal partners and parents having dependent children. Some other aspects are also being considered like pension, social security, and unemployment.

People who are getting social security but the payment is not found to be enough to access the basic needs can also apply for the program. It is better to check the eligibility before applying. People can check their eligibility online through the “benefits screening tool”.

SSI Benefits - What is it and Is There any Possibility of a Fourth Stimulus Check?

SSI Benefit: Overview

ArticleSupplemental Security Income (SSI)
CountryUnited System
Organization release fundsGeneral Treasury Funds
AdministrationSocial Security Administration
Benefit receiversPeople aged 65 years or more and specially-abled
AmountCouple: $1,371
Individuals: $914
CategoryGovernment Aid
SSA Official Website

How much one may get from SSI

SSI Benefits should not be confused with Social Security Payment. These both are different programs funded by different sources. The payment provided under SSI keeps fluctuating as per the Consumer Price Index. In 2023, the federal government decided to raise the payment.

In recent times, Supplemental Security Income payment is 914 US dollars for an individual and 1,371 US dollars for legal couple. The amount retirees or disabled people get may fluctuate based on the overall income of the family, living situations, and many more factors.

Let us understand how living arrangements impact the SSI

The living arrangement is one of the factors that define how much SSI one may get. The payment received under SSI depends on the living situation including whether you live in your own home or in someone else’s home. It considers whether you are living in a care facility or group care, whether you are admitted to a hospital or a nursing home. Considering the factor is an obvious act because the place an individual lives in highly impacts the expenses.

If you know someone near you or your relatives eligible for the financial benefit program, you can inform them about it and may guide them in their application. One may easily apply for the program by visiting the official website of the US government at or you may visit the local Social Security office. A helpline number is also available to serve people conveniently, you may dial 800 772-1213.

SSI Payment Schedule 2023-24

Social Security Dates December 2023

IRS Tax Fourth Stimulus Checks

Will the fourth stimulus check be released under Supplemental Security Income?

There is no official news on the Fourth Stimulus check date by the authorized people. The senior citizens of the country forced the government to introduce the programs and release a check of 1400 US dollars under the program.

The Social Security recipients found the program very helpful and supportive. As per the unofficial sources, there will be no fourth stimulus check for the people aged above 65 or more, and the adults and children suffering from any sort of physical disability. Social Security recipients should not expect any check further at least for this year.

Official PortalClick here

FAQs Related to SSI Benefits

Does SSI have an official website?

Yes, you can access the official website of SSI at

For what purpose SSI money can be used?

SSI money can be used by the beneficiaries to access food, clothing, personal care items, housing, utilities, medical and dental expenses, and many more.

How much amount SSI beneficiaries get under the financial benefit program?

The amount retirees obtain depends on many factors like family income, number of dependent children, living situations, consumer price index, employment status, and so on. The nominal amount decided by the officials is $1,371 for couples and $914 for individuals.  

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