Polish Election Results 2023: Every Update you need to know!

Voting for Polish parliamentary election 2023 organized in Poland on Sunday 15 October 2023. In this election, the main contest of the ruling right-wing Law and Justice Party is with the opposition alliance ‘Civic Coalition’, which has been accusing the present government of weakening the foundations of the country’s democratic system. Now everyone is waiting for Polish Election Results 2023 so i will update you on this page about it.

Polish nationalists Law and Justice (PiS) party has a wide support base in Poland, a country of more than 37 million. The party’s supporters have praised it for protecting Catholic traditions and for pensioners and family welfare schemes as it has been claimed that these schemes will provide relief to poor people. However, since the last elections organized in 2019, the party’s support base has been learning. In that election, the party got around 44 percent of the votes amid allegations of hyperinflation, nepotism and friction with European allies.

Polish Election Results 2023

The opposition Civic Coalition and other parties – ‘Third Way’ and ‘New Left’ – during the campaign promised to establish rule of law and improve relations with the European Union and other allies if voted to power. Millions of people aged 18 years and above are eligible to vote in the election. Voting started at 7 am and was continued till 9 pm on 15 October 2023.

As per some news if Polish nationalists Law and Justice (PiS) party returns to power, the problems of the 27-nation European Union could increase so the result can change the scenario. The victory of Donald Tusk can be a game changer for the public of this country.

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Poland Election 2023 Exit Poll Result

Opposition wins Polish election, according to exit poll so i am sharing latest updates on this. The results in Poland will also influence next year’s EU elections. Huge voters of Poland turned up for voting on 15 October 2023 to decide the nation’s fate so i am also looking forward for the Poland Parliament Election Result 2023. I advise you to wait for the result as we have seen the exit poll result and things are pretty clear now.

The supporters of Tusk has started celebrating this win and on the other hand the government supporters are not happy with the Polish Election Results 2023 so i am sharing the latest updates on the result. As we know this election in Poland is important for the general public and European Union which i will define in my next section so kindly read all the paragraphs written by me in this page.

Polish Election Results 2023: Every Update you need to know!

Poland Parliament Election Result 2023 and EU?

Poland is always an important country for European Commission so i must tell you about Poland Parliament Election Result 2023 effect on it. The European Union (EU) is an organizational structure of a large economy of the world, in fact the European Union is a group of 27 countries of the world.

Although some time ago the number of its members was 28, but in January 2020, England left its membership. The currency of European Union is Euro (EURO). In this, the chairman is appointed for every 6 months. So Poland’s election will effect the EU upto large extent and now we have to see what changes Poland Parliament Election Result 2023 will bring on EU.

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Poland Election 2023 in History

As i have told you about Poland Parliament Election Result 2023 in this article so we have come to a conclusion that there will be a change in the next government here. Now i will tell some facts about Poland as a country so you can know more about this beautiful country.

  • In terms of area, Poland is the 69th largest country in the world and the 9th largest country in Europe.
  • The Second World War started only after Hitler attacked Poland.
  • More than five million citizens of Poland were killed in the Second World War.
  • After the Second World War, there was communist rule in Poland till 1989, after which a referendum was held for all the citizens and it became a democratic country.
  • More than 30 percent of Poland is covered with forests and almost half of the land here is cultivated.
  • As a large part of the country is covered with forests, this country is also called Super Green Country.
  • There are many National Parks and Natural Reserves in this country. Apart from this, there are huge number of lakes in Poland.
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