US Visa Status Check (Direct Link) via Case Number or Application ID

At present, passport is made with great ease but while getting visa, we have to go through a lot of problems, for going USA, visa is as important as passport, without these two we cant travel to America, it takes too much time to get a Visa. There are many people who ask how to US Visa Status Check via Application ID or Case Number. They want to know this because they have to check the status of their visa whether the visa has been granted or not.

Not only this but there are many other reasons due to which we need to Check US Visa Status Online. So now in this article i will guide you on How to Track a US Visas via Passport Number. If you have also applied for visa via and you also want to check your visa with the help of check US visa status 2023, then you have come to the right place, through this article we will tell you how to check visa via Application ID or Case Number.

What is a Visa?

VISA is an official document issued by the government of a particular country that allows you, as a traveler, to enter, stay and engage in various activities within its borders for a specified period. Meaning VISA is a ticket and it is very important for a foreign traveler to have a visa card which is issued by the immigration authorities. The role of this card plays an important role for the passengers. If understood in simple language, it is a kind of permission card to live abroad which allows a person from another country to come to his/her country.

USCIS Visa Bulletin 2023

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What is passport and visa for USA?

To travel USA, two things are required, passport and visa. You get a passport made from your own country but you have to get a visa from USA. To go to most foreign countries, it is very important to have a visa for that country. Without a visa, you are not allowed to travel to foreign countries. Meaning, visa is a kind of permission, which is necessary to enter other countries. To visit America it is very important for you to have an American visa. A visa is a document that allows you to visit USA for a certain period of time.

US Visa Status Check (Direct Link) via Case Number or Application ID

Types of US visa

America is a very big and beautiful country, where there is more than one place to visit. Its beauty is known all over the world. Actually, there can be many purposes for going to America, like someone goes for a trip, someone goes for a job, someone goes for a business meeting, etc. There are mainly two types of visas, first is immigrant visa and second is non-immigrant visa.

Non-Immigrant VISAWith Non-Immigrant VISA a person can stay in USA for a limited period of time, and then have to apply for a new visa again.
Immigrant VISAWith Immigrant VISA a person is allowed to live permanently in a foreign country.

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Apart from this, there are many other types of visas, which are as follows:

Transit VisaA transit visa is required when a person has to go to one country via another country.
Tourist VisaTourist VISA is a visa that allows you to travel United States of America for a short period of time on holiday. Meaning, you can get a tourist visa to travel abroad and it can be made online from your home. And the tourist visa holder is not allowed to carry out any kind of business activities in USA
Business VisaIf a person is thinking of going United States of America to do business then he needs a business visa.
Student VisaStudent visa is an endorsement that is added to the government passport, this visa allows students to study at eligible college of USA. If a student wants to pursue higher education USA, he/she is given a Student Visa. The duration of this visa is issued according to the course.
Employment/Work VISAThis visa allows the holder to “work” in USA for a temporary period. This usually involves sponsorship by an employer, employment visas are issued for short periods.

How to Check US Visa Status 2023

  • Browse the official website and click on VISA tab
  • Now fill your Application ID or Case Number and click on submit
  • Then US Visa Status 2023 will open on the screen and you can check the status of your US Visa
Official PortalClick Here

FAQs Related to US Visa Status Check

How to do US Visa Status Check online?

You can easily US Visa Status Check online by visiting the visa official website and entering your passport number or application ID.

How many days does it take for the visa to be prepared?

It takes different time to get the visa of different countries, but usually the visa comes within few days, its time is not fixed.

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