NY Minimum Wage – All You Need to Know about Minimum Wage in New York?

The minimum wage in New York is now enforced by the NY State Department of Labor to provide them with a minimum income that may vary depending on the reason or location. So if you are here looking for the NY Minimum Wage and also want to know what is the Minimum Wage in New York then read this article till the end.

All updates made to the NY Minimum Wage and Rates are discussed here. So you have to read this entire article till the end and note down the available NY Minimum Wage Rates as per the region below.

NY Minimum Wage

All New York workers are now eligible to receive the NY Minimum Wage from the Department. NY Minimum Wage Rate may vary you can check it from the table below. The Minimum Wage Category will include fast food workers, salon workers and other types of workers who work for their daily needs and also receive hourly pay.

The NY Minimum Wage Rate is increasing if it reaches the annual cap of $15 an hour. Many industries or businesses have millions of employees working, so the minimum wage for them is different and they pay per hour for any overtime provided by the employer to maintain the working hours.

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New York Minimum Wage

So if you are eligible for New York Minimum Wage then make sure to get it from the department where you are working. Employers must consider certain factors to provide an employee with the Minimum Wage in New York as directed by the Department.

The $15 minimum wage to provide workers has now been implemented across New York and states such as New York City, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk could raise the NY Minimum Wage Rate from $15 to $16 as early as next year. So you need to check the official updates to get the latest minimum salary in New York.

What is the NY Minimum Wage and How Does it Affect You?

Recently, the New York Department of Labor has implemented the NY Minimum Wage in New York to provide all workers with a minimum monthly wage for their daily expenses. Minimum wage in NY will vary by region and all workers will receive the NY minimum wage hourly from the relevant department. Currently, the Minimum Wage Rate in New York is $15 and if it is increased by the Department, the New Minimum Wage Rate in New York will be affected. So it will provide you with more amenities as per your expectation of living with your accommodation.

Minimum Wage depends on monthly salary, bonus, salary increment and many other factors. Depending on the workload, the employee will be allotted overtime for which they will be paid hourly for their work. The NY government implemented this act in the 2016-17 state budget and since then the employee has been provided with the NY Minimum Wage which is now available with the increase in the NY Minimum Wage Rate. You can see the various Minimum Wage Rates in NY from the table below.

NY Minimum Wage - All You Need to Know about Minimum Wage in New York?

New York Minimum Wage Location Wise

Location/ Region31st Dec 201631st Dec 201731st Dec 201831st Dec 201931st Dec 202031st Dec 202131st Dec 2022
NYC – Big Employers (of 11 or more)$11/ Hour$13/ Hour$15/ Hour
NYC – Small Employers (10 or less)$10.50/ Hour$12/ Hour$13.50/ Hour$15/ Hour
Long Island & Westchester$10/ Hour$11/ Hour$12/ Hour$13/ Hour$14/ Hour$15/ Hour
Remainder of NYS$9.70/ Hour$10.40/ Hour$11.10/ Hour$11.80/ Hour$12.50/ Hour$13.20/ Hour$14.20/ Hour

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Minimum Wage Rate in New York

LocationEffective from December 31, 2021Effective from December 31, 2022Tipped Service EmployeesTipped Food Service Workers
New York City$15/ hour$15/ Hour$12.50 Cash Wage | $2.50 Tip Credit$10 Cash Wage | $5 Tip Credit
Westchester$15/ Hour$15/ Hour$12.50 Cash Wage | $2.50 Tip Credit$10 Cash Wage | $5 Tip Credit
Long Island$15/ Hour$15/ Hour$12.50 Cash Wage | $2.50 Tip Credit$10 Cash Wage | $5 Tip Credit
Rest of the state$13.20/ Hour$14.20/ Hour$11.85 Cash Wage | $2.35 Tip Credit$9.45 Cash Wage | $4.75 Tip Credit

NY Minimum Wage Lookup Tool

The NYSDOL has provided a tool that can be used to calculate your Minimum Wage Rate in New York. This tool provides you with wage rates as per your location or area. So if you are an employer and want to calculate your NY Minimum Wage Rate you can use this tool which considers multiple factors to determine the minimum wage rate. Tools include minimum cash salary, tips, location, adjustments and other details.

The NY Minimum Wage Lookup will provide you with the NY Minimum Cash Wage paid by your employer. Selecting the salary requires some details if you want to calculate. This tool will determine the date, place of your employment the tips you receive and many other things. All details matter if you want to get NY Minimum Wage. So if you want to stay updated with your Minimum Wage in New York then you can use this tool which provides you with the nearest update of the Minimum Wage Rate in New York to get cash from the employer.

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