BC Minimum Wage 2023 – Everything you should know about Minimum Wage in British Columbia

For those who reside in Canada, i have a good news so guys please read my article on What is the Minimum Wage in British Columbia Now? to learn more about this i have shared deep updates on BC Minimum Wage 2023 so check it now. British Columbia has raised its minimum wage, and the public can now take advantage of the BC Minimum Wage 2023 benefits. The British Columbian province has increased its minimum wage to CAD 16.75. Prior to this, the minimum wage was CAD 16.65 per hour in Canada.

The new rates are effective as of June 1, 2023, and they will also be advantageous to foreign nationals. If i look at the Minimum Wage in British Columbia table once more, i and you should bear in mind that, although the minimum wage has risen annually on average, there were two increases in 2011 and no increases in 2013 or 2014 and now in 2023 there is a good increase in wage for the workers in the province and it is a good sign.

What is the minimum wage in British Columbia?

The minimum wage is normally determined by the territorial and provincial governments, with the exception of occupations that are subject to Canadian government regulation. This implies that the minimum wage will vary based on your place of residence. To know more about Minimum Wage History in British Columbia and What is the Minimum Wage in BC Canada Now please check this page written by me.

I will share more updates on British Columbia Minimum Wage 2023 and as per my knowledge it increases every now and then so the employees dont have to face difficulties. Many people migrate to Canada to get good job and have a nice income so they can have a bright future.

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British Columbia Minimum Wage 2023

British Columbia had the highest minimum wage rate at $CAD 15.65 per hour, and now it is further increased to CAD 16.75 per hour. I have covered for everything you need to know about the minimum wage in British Columbia, from liquor servers to support staff and all in between.

As per 2021, liquor servers must receive the regular minimum wage in addition to any tips and gratuities they receive. Previously, they were always paid the minimum wage, excluding tips and gratuities but no things have changed.

BC Minimum Wage 2023 - Everything you should know about Minimum Wage in British Columbia

BC Minimum Wage Increases: Everything You Need to Know

June 1st, 2023 saw a significant increase in British Columbia’s minimum wage, and it has impacted on working professionals in all sectors of the province both this year and going forward. On June 1, 2023, a significant modification to British Columbia’s minimum wage came into effect. The rise in take-home pay has helped those on minimum wage, but it also indicates the long-term impact of the province’s recent economic difficulties.

British Columbia’s minimum wage is $CAD 16.75 per hour as of June 1 as the minimum wage raise by 6.9 percent from $CAD 15.65 per hour in 2022 to $CAD 1.10 total. As of right now, British Columbia has the highest minimum wage in Canada for 2023, only the Yukon territory has a higher rate. Another province or territory in Canada to start a minimum wage of CAD 16.00 or more is British Columbia.

The minimum wage increased to $CAD 16.75 per hour in BC

Employers are required by law to pay their employees a minimum wage in British Columbia. In addition to varying by province, the minimum wage may also be impacted by whether or not you work in an occupation that is subject to federal regulation. The federal minimum wage has been raised to $CAD 16.75 per hour from $CAD 15.65 CAD per hour.

On June 1, 2023, employers of interns and workers in the private sector subject to federal regulation made payroll adjustments. More than 25000 employees nationwide who work in interprovincial transportation, banks, and post offices were impacted by the increase. Employers are required to give workers the higher minimum wage in provinces where it exceeds the federal minimum wage.

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Minimum Wage History in British Columbia

DateMinimum Wage
June 1, 2022$CAD 15.65
June 1, 2021$CAD 15.20
June 20, 2020$CAD 14.60
June 1, 2019$CAD 13.85
June 1, 2018$CAD 12.65
September 15, 2017$CAD 11.35
September 15, 2016$CAD 10.85
September 15, 2015$CAD 10.45
May 1, 2012$CAD 10.25
November 1, 2011$CAD 9.50
May 1, 2011$CAD 8.75

What is the Minimum Wage in BC Canada Now

ProvinceMinimum wage
Alberta$CAD 15.00
British Columbia$CAD 15.65
Manitoba$CAD 15.30
New Brunswick$CAD 14.75
Newfoundland and Labrador$CAD 15.00
Northwest Territories$CAD 15.20
Nova Scotia$CAD 15.00
Nunavut$CAD 16.00
Ontario$CAD 16.55
$CAD 15.60 (student)
Prince Edward Island$CAD 15.00
Quebec$CAD 15.25
Saskatchewan$CAD 14.00
$CAD 15.00 on October 1, 2024.
Yukon$CAD 16.77
Canada$CAD 16.65

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