HSA Contributions Limit 2024 – All You need to know about HSA Contributions for 2024 in the USA?

HSA inflation released by the IRS this week shows a significant increase compared to last year. As per the latest update, the HSA Plan for Self Only has been increased from $3850 to $4150 while the HSA Family Plan has been increased from $7750 to $8300. This is a significant increase in HSA inflation that has set contribution limits for health savings accounts.

If you are here wanting to know about HSA Contribution Limits 2024, What are the HSA Contribution Limits for 2024 in the United States? Then read this article till the end. Whatever updates you are searching for on various websites, I have provided all those updates for your convenience. So I would like to ask you to stay tuned to this article and learn more updates regarding HSA inflation from the following sections.

HSA Contributions Limit 2024

First of all, you would like to know what is HSA and how to contribute to HSA. So I want to tell you that everyone needs medical facilities in their life. If you keep making small contributions to your HSA account for a decade, it will help you in your retirement. On the other hand, we can say that Health Savings Account is a type of savings account which is contributing from the past.

If you have now reached the retirement stage then it will help you to get some medical benefits from which you can buy medicine, take any kind of treatment in any hospital, and even you can save money on the overall medical bills. Can also be saved from burden. But now the HSA contribution limit 2024 has been set by the IRS in which you have to check the HSA eligibility rules from the website. As of the latest, if you’re 55 or older, the HSA contribution limit is set at $1000.

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IRS Health Saving Account (HSA) – Overview

Article OnHSA Contribution Limit 2024
AuthorityInternal Revenue Service (IRS)
Full FormHealth Saving Account (HSA)
BeneficiariesHSA Contribution Limit 2024
CategoryFinance News
Eligibility Age to get HSA Benefits55 or Above
HSA Contribution Limits for 2024For Self Only: $4150
For Family:$8300
IRS Online Portalirs.gov

What are the HSA Contributions for 2024

A HSA account is a must for all individuals who want to save for their future purpose to get medical treatment with an overall discount. This account is designed to make profits on more than the tax you pay. The amount is determined by the Internal Revenue Service and they have set a maximum limit for how much you can contribute to an HSA account for one year. So you can add some money to this account as per the available HSA contribution limit 2024.

The article here is also provided the details of the HSA account, its maximum limit, and eligibility rules which should be known to everyone who has an account. All responsibility of this account is protected under IRS and you can access your account at any time from the official website for which the link is given below in this article.

HSA Contributions Limit 2024 - 
All You need to know about 
HSA Contributions for 2024 
in the USA?

HSA Contribution Eligibility Rules

If you want to make HSA contributions, there are certain eligibility criteria that I have outlined below. The individual can contribute his or her total payment in a year and you should also be aware of the HSA Contribution Limits 2024 that the IRS has redefined on its website. Before contributing, you need to check some of the eligibility rules given below and know who can contribute to an HSA Account.

  • You must not be enlisted in Medicare.
  • You must only be registered in an HSA-eligible plan.
  • You should not argue a conditional on a tax return that is not yours.
  • Must not be enlisted in TRICARE or TRICARE for a lifetime.

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2024 HSA Contribution Limits by IRS

YearFamily CoverageSelf-Only CoverageCatch-Up Contributions

Expenses Eligible under HSA Contributions 2024

  • Allergy medications
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Body scans
  • Doctor visits
  • Eye drops 
  • Eye exams 
  • Menstrual care products
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Prescription contact lenses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Sleep aids
  • A wheelchair
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