ESA Benefit – What is it and How much ESA Will you get for Illness through ESA Benefits?

This article will help you dive deep into the details of ESA benefits: What is ESA Benefit and How Much Can You Get for Illness? The application procedure for ESA benefits is so easy that even a person with no technical knowledge or even a new applicant can apply for this. The scheme was expected to be launched in October 2008. The Department of Work and Pensions proposed the idea of the scheme in front of the UK government. The scheme is advantageous and supports the lives of the citizens in some ways.

ESA Benefit

In the UK, approximately Euro 2,268 has been evaluated as the cost of living yearly, considering a family with 4 members. This cost reaches Euro 651 for a single person living in the UK. Of the total number of populations, 20% are students residing in the country. Around 24% proportion of the UK population is comprised of people who are specially-abled and 60% population in the country is working. But this percentage includes the elderly as well as retired individuals, who are not contributing to the overall earnings. This is the phase where an individual can access the ESA benefit through which they can get financial allowances.

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Let’s understand ESA Benefits

ESA refers to Employment and Support Allowance provided to disabled UK citizens or to citizens who are not able to work and earn money. This is the financial support that helps people access money so that they do not have to be dependent on others for their basic needs or do not have to take any debt.

Department of Work and Pensions holds the responsibility to manage the financial assets that are applied for the welfare of the residents. In any challenging situation, people can contact such authorities.

ESA Amount: What is the Allowance?

People who reach the age of 25 or more can get Euro 67.20 and people having more age can get Euro 84.40. Once the application is submitted by the applicant to the concerned authorities, they start the amount processing to the bank account.

ESA Benefit - What is it and How much ESA Will you get for Illness through ESA Benefits?

Eligibility criteria to access ESA Benefits

Some criteria should be met to process the application, the points are mentioned below:

  • People at the age of State Pension can apply for the scheme but only of their working get affected by their health condition.
  • An individual who has worked under an employee or was self-employed is considered to be eligible.
  • Disabled people can apply but they must have a professional-verified document.
  • The scheme can be applied to people who are suffering from any sort of illness.
  • The applicants are obliged to provide a record of the National Insurance Contributions consistently for 2 to 3 years.

How to Apply for ESA?

Various schemes have been introduced and are still being introduced by the governments of different nations within their countries but it is the smartness of a citizen to be updated about the various introduced schemes and keep applying for them after checking the eligibility as per the norms. Thanks to technology, one can apply for these schemes online through official websites.

  • Visit the official website of the UK Government at
  • Tap on the link and go to the section “check eligibility”.
  • After checking the eligibility, you can proceed further by entering information like Bank Account Number, National Insurance No., personal details of healthcare provider, your details like name, address, and contact number, mention the source of income, stat leaves, and many more things being asked by the portal.
  • Tap the button “Apply Now”.
  • It is mandatory to be mindful while entering the information and provide appropriate details. Any wrong information may lead to form rejection.

How Much ESA Benefit is Accessible for Illness?

In the section mentioned below exact amount is mentioned as per the age that beneficiaries can get if they apply for ESA Benefits.

Age Amount
If an individual aged 25£67.20
If a person has aged more than 25£84.80

It is noteworthy that valid banking information must be provided by the applicants to access the amount.

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How Much ESA can be accessed?

The Department for Work and Pensions provides the ESA amount and how much amount an individual is getting majorly depends on the type of ESA an individual is claiming:

  • Income-based ESA
  • New style ESA
  • Contribution-based ESA

It is possible that an individual can be eligible to claim both income and contribution-based ESA. Now the DWP comes into the act and analyze the amount you can access in both of them and provides you with the claim which is the higher one.

Special ESA Rules for Terminal Illness

It is important to prove eligibility to claim ESA under the special rules, and the claim may be affected as:

  • The department tends to provide the claim at a fast pace in case of terminal illness.
  • The beneficiary is added to the support group at the time of the first claim and the beneficiaries are provided with Euro 128.85 per week.
  • In such cases, beneficiaries are not obliged to present a Work Capability Assessment.

Everyone cannot apply under special rules, but only people who are suffering from any disease that is getting worse day by day are eligible to claim this. It is important to show a document that proves that the healthcare professional also expected the life of an individual less than 12 months.

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ESA Benefits FAQs

How much time an individual can be able to claim ESA?

An individual can claim ESA until they are found to be capable of work. Once the situations get reversed and their Work Capability Assessment proves the person fit to work, they will not get ESA.

What is contribution-based ESA?

Contribution-based ESA is for those people who are not able to work because of some illness or disability.

Do benefits get affected by ESA?

National Insurance Contribution is the basis of ESA, and taxes apply to it. If an individual is found to have a private pension or is registered for other benefits, ESA can be reduce

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