IRS Amended Return Status 2024: How can You Check the Status and All You Need to Know

It is a return in which a form is filed to correct the mistakes made while filing the return in the previous year. While amending your return taxpayers can get the benefit of the tax refund. The amended return corrects the errors in the return form. The amended return can be filed electronically. This amended return is also available in both languages English and Spanish. Here in this article, you will learn about Amended Tax Return and How To Check The Status Of Such Returns.

IRS Amended Return Status 2024

The Status of An Amended Tax Return can be checked only after 3 weeks of submission of your amended return. Taxpayers also require certain things to check the status of amended returns and these are:

  • A Social Security number is required while checking the status
  • The date of birth of the taxpayer is required to track the status
  • Zip code of your locality to find it quicker.

Where’s Amended Return

24 hours is the accessible time for amended returns for the taxpayers. Hence it also includes some exceptions when amended returns for taxpayers are not accessible and they are:

  • From 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. Eastern time (on Mondays)
  • From 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. Eastern time (occasional Sundays)

Here are some Kinds of Amended Returns for which you can’t check and these are as follows:

  • Business returns
  • Returns that contain a foreign address
  • Carried back applications and claims for returns
  • Injured spouse claims if any
  • Form 1040 which is remarked as amended
  • Returns by some special units such as bankruptcy or examination.
IRS Amended Return Status 2024: How can You Check the Status and All You Need to Know

Why file an amended return?

An amended return is filed if there is any error or change in your returns, the taxpayer shall File an Amended Return related to it and such returns that are filed by taxpayers are:

  • Return related to Filing status
  • Return related to Income
  • Return related to Deduction
  • Return related to Credits
  • Return related to Dependents
  • Return related to Tax liability

When to file an amended return?

Taxpayers Shall File Amended Returns within the period of three years after taxpayers have filed the original return or after 2 years at which you paid the tax. Whichever is later out of these.

Why amended return not processed?

Here are some amended returns that have not been processed due to some reasons and it has been more than 12 weeks the reasons behind it are:

  • If it still contains errors
  • It is incomplete
  • It is not signed
  • Inadequate information
  • Includes any irrelevant form
  • If it is affected by theft or fraud

Dealy in the processing of amended returns also occurred when:

  • Routing towards any specialized area
  • Reviewed and approved by a revenue officer
  • Review of a petition of the IRS decision
  • Request reconsideration of the IRS decision
  • Clearance by bankruptcy

Corrections to tax returns

Usually, taxpayers do not know about the corrections they can make to their filed tax returns. Nowadays options are available for taxpayers if they wish to make any changes to their returns and sometimes it is necessary. To make it easy IRS department has provided a fine solution that is it has introduced a process and a specified form that is filed for any corrections and that form will be considered by the Federal Tax Department. The Form 1040-X Is Filed for any changes that occurred and it is termed as Amended U.S. Individual Tax Return.

How to file an amended tax return?

Here are the following steps for filing an amended return by taxpayers

  • Step 1- Collect Your Tax Documents

gather all the documents associated with your original tax return and carry a copy of the original tax return, also carry reference points like W-2s or 1099s, taxpayer must also carry proof which supports its amendment.

  • Step 2- Get Form 1040-X

Search the form 1040-X, fill it out online, and then download it and also take a printout of it and send it to the department. Or second option available to taxpayers is to send it electronically through advised software.

  • Step 3- Complete Your Form 1040-X

The description of the form goes like it has 3 columns which are required to be fulfilled

Column A- shows the amount of your original tax return.

Column B- shows the increase and decrease of the amount which are applied

Column C- it shows the correct value. Fill all the columns correctly and explain every change done at the back of the form. IRS gets easily accessed and processes amendments more smoothly.

  • Step 4- Attach Any Required Documents

Always attach proof to your amendment made, so that you get support for a refund if any.

  • Step 5- Review Your Submission

Review your form twice before submitting or sending it to the department. ensure that all the necessary and important documents are attached or not. There are not any errors now.

  • Step 6- File Your Amended Return

IRS department now seeks taxpayers to provide returns electronically or through mail IDs and mail IDs are mentioned on the booklet where the form is attached.

Who should file an amended return?

Taxpayers shall file their tax returns annually for the preceding year.  Those taxpayers who want to change according to their circumstances shall file and send through mail ID or submit it to the government or department of USA responsible for such particulars. This option has been provided by the IRS To Refile Your Return with Changes made thereon.


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