Australia Pension Increase 2024 – What is the New Aged Pension, Disability Pension Increase and Know About Changes

The Age Pension is a major source of income for the most of pensioners in Australia, even with the growth of superannuation. In Australia, around 39% of people who are eligible for an age pension receive the whole amount, while 24% only receive a portion of it, according to experts. With the implementation of permanent reforms to the pension system in the new year, older Australians will be able to earn an additional AU$ 4000 before their government assistance payments are reduced.

Veterans and eligible pensioners can now make AU$ 11,800 instead of AU$ 7800 before their benefits are cut. Here i will update you on Australia Pension Increase 2024, New Aged Pension, Disability Pension Increase and Changes 2024, Age Pension 2024 Eligibility so check this page.

Australia Pension Increase 2024

Australian citizens who are eligible for the full Age Pension are eligible to receive up to AU$ 1,604.00 for couples and AU$ 1,064.00 for individuals every two weeks. If you are employed, you can continue to get the full Age Pension even if your income is up to AU$ 204 for a single retiree or AU$ 360 for a pair per fortnight.

You can be eligible for government retirement benefits like the Age Pension so you must check this page to know more on How to apply for the Age Pension?. As it gives you backup income in case your superannuation or other assets don’t have enough money saved for retirement.

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New Aged Pension, Disability Pension Increase and Changes 2024

On March 20, 2024, there may be a change in the Age Pension rates 2024. Since changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), MTAWE, and the PBLCI are used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to assess increases, they are likely but not guaranteed. Although it was the first time since 1997, the Age Pension rates did not rise in September 2020. Every year in March and September, the rates of the Age Pension as well as the upper bounds on the income and asset tests that determine who is eligible for a part of the Age Pension are modified.

Australia Pension Increase 2024 - What is the New Aged Pension, Disability Pension Increase and Know About Changes

Every July, the lower restrictions that apply to determining an individual’s eligibility for the full Age Pension are modified. Normal and transitional rates of pensionable income are determined by the consumer price index. The information has been discussed in the table format below:

Normal Rates 
Particulars Single Couple Couple (who stay together) Couples (who are separated)
Energy SupplementAU$ 14.10AU$ 10.60AU$ 21.20AU$ 14
Basic Rate (Max)AU$ 1,002.50AU$ 755.70AU$ 1,511.40AU$ 1,002.50
Pension Supplement (Max)AU$ 80.10AU$ 60.40AU$ 120.80AU$ 80.10
Transitional Rates 
Particulars Single Couple Couple (who stay together) Couples (who are separated)
Energy SupplementAU$ 14.10AU$ 10.60AU$ 21.20AU$ 14.10
Pension (Max)AU$ 892.70AU$ 721.00AU$ 1,442.00AU$ 892.70

Age Pension 2024 Eligibility

You must meet certain residency requirements in Australia, have achieved Age Pension age 67, which is determined by your birthdate and pass both the assets and income tests in order to be eligible for the Age Pension. You may be eligible for a full or partial Age Pension, depending on your income and assets.

  • Assets test- In addition, your assets must be worth less than AU$ 301,750, or AU$ 543,750 if you don’t own a house, in order for you to be eligible for a full Age Pension as a single person. If your assets fall below AU$ 667,500 or AU$ 909,500 if you do not own a home you may still qualify for a portion of the Age Pension. If a couple owns their own house, their combined assets must be less than AU$ 451,500; if not, they must be below AU$ 693,500 to be eligible for the full Age Pension. In the event that your assets fall below AU$ 1,003,000 (if you own your own house) or AU$ 1,245,000 (if you do not), you may still be eligible for a part-age pension.
  • Income test- If you are a single person and your income is less than AU$ 204 (or roughly AU$ 5,304 per year), you are eligible for a full Age Pension. If your income is less than AU$ 2,397.40 (or approximately AU$ 62,332 per year), you may still be eligible for a part Age Pension. Couples can still be eligible for a part-age pension if their combined income is less than AU$ 3,666.80 each fortnight, or roughly AU$ 95,337 annually, but in order to get the full age pension, their combined income must be below AU$ 360 per fortnight, or AU$ 9,360 annually.

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Super income stream MWR has ended

The minimum amount that a retiree must take out of their superannuation as a pension in the 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22, and 2022/23 fiscal years was temporarily lowered by the Australian government in reaction to the coronavirus epidemic. The minimum withdrawal rate is currently back to what it was before the outbreak.

Age2023/24 onwards2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23
Under 654%2%
95 or more14%7%

How to apply for the Age Pension?

  • Make an account on MyGov.
  • Now complete the Centerlink Confirmation of Identity process.
  • Use your MyGov account to submit your online Age Pension claim.

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  1. Not all pensioners are fit for work. As far as I can see if you are a pensioner we don’t get an extra income increase. Yet if we can’t work is because something is usually wrong with our health so we have a lot extra expenses. Some GP’s won’t bulk bill and paying for medication til we get to the cut off point. I would like to see a politician live on what I have left after paying rent, medical exp and insurance and if you have a car more money to pay out. Than I have.a loan because I couldn’t afford the cost of replacing bearers . I use to be able to bank at times $300. . So we do really need a rise. I am going to have to sell my car as I can’t afford the cost and I own the car out right. I would like a scooter but until I sell my car can’t afford one and it will be second hand. D L Whiteman.

  2. I am 72 years old , I applied for the age pension and they exceeded it on the 30th October 2023, this is now the 13 February and still no payment received, keep getting told it is progressing,

    • I’m on a dsp I’ve had the shakes for a while now and the doc wants me to go to a specialist to make sure I don’t have parkensons but the specialist costs $700 plus and you don’t get much back so I’m not going I’m 66 not quite ready for aged pension but I just lost my husband and all the extra costs of living I still pay for the car I still pay the rent and I still have to eat and get fuel for the car rego it and all the rest that goes with just staying alive but I can’t afford to do the one thing that I should be doing and that’s getting out and about socially but I sit at home because I can’t afford to go to the club for lunch or dinner when everyone else does so I sit alone shame on you albo or who ever was before or before that even you’ve made it hard to live and stay alive

  3. Jessica Johnston
    What I would love to see is every politician have a turn on living for at least 12 months periodically on the age pension.
    Not what the politicians retire on, but the average aged person.
    Let them experience what the average person has to deal with. They may have second thoughts. Australian aged are a forgotten society. They worked hard all their lives paid their tax, plus that of their for fathers to be kicked aside. Ather countries look after their age, not Australia.
    Shame on you

  4. I’m a dsp pensioner with an scooter but because of public transport I can’t use it. I’m trapped in my suburb because of my disability. I can’t go anywhere. There is nowhere even if I did go anywhere to charge my bike, they don’t last long so locked in this area after 20 years is heart breaking. I’m 77 why doesn’t the government check age pensioners and their needs. I have been trying to go Many and on the ferry like I did at 17 years.

  5. I am a pensioner and I am quite capable of working part time. I am not able to work in these part time jobs as I would earn $300pw and Govt only allows us to earn $300pf. What century are they living in? I still have a mortgage which leaves me little for food and bills. I believe the Govt needs to allow pensioners who can work and want to continue working by increasing the amount to $600pf. I have raised three children as a single Mum and I never once asked the Govt for assistance. Instead I worked in two jobs. Now I am on a pension, I can’t even work part time or I will have my pension reduced. We need a pension increase. Not everyone is financially free. Maybe we just need a different Government who is fair and not tight fisted


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