Australia Disability Support 2024 – Who is Eligible, What is the Increase in Pension Amount and Payment Dates

Read the post to learn about Australia Disability Support 2024. The post describes the Pension Increase Dates, the Increase Amount in Australia, and Who Qualifies. The budget is allocated considering the increasing inflation and overall expenditures within the country. The beneficiaries receiving the payment benefit under the disability support plan can observe changes implemented in their paychecks. In this article, all the relevant information regarding Disability Support Pensions (DSP) has been shared.

Australia Disability Support 2024

The Disability Pension Act was passed in 1908 intending to support citizens to be availed with sufficient financial support. Additional aid is offered to the claimants who are not in a condition to earn and work due to physical or mental impairment. The support is offered to the recipients having a government job. The rank and post of the servicemen are not of any concern for the pension. Each category is entitled to collect a part of their Disability Support Pension.

It should not be considered like the payment can be accessed by every disabled person but it is mandatory to meet specific eligibility to get the benefit. There are certain medical and non-medical criteria set by the officials to determine the deserving candidates to obtain the amount. The basic pension accessed by the citizens was similar to that of the pension plan.

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Understanding Disability Support Pension

The DSP refers to the financial aid offered to citizens of every category who are not able to work exceeding 15 hours a week. One of the conditions to receive the benefit is that the recipient should be impaired for a long duration or should be disabled by birth. An intellectual table prepared by the authorities determines the theory and category under which the payment is transferred to the beneficiary. The table comprises the categories of disability like psychiatrist impairment, permanent blindness, and physical disability.

The support was instigated in 1908. Very less claimants were counted during the program’s initial period as people were not aware and embarrassed to claim financial support from the authorities. The pension is offered weekly. The payment transferred to the individuals is $1064 and the payment distributed to the married couple is AU$802. The payment is deposited directly into the bank account of the recipients.

Overview Table on Disability Support Pension

Post TitleAustralia Disability Support 2024
CategoryGovernment Aid
Legal ActDisability Pension Act
The percentage increased for the impaired person59.1%

Pension Increase Anticipated in Australia in 2024

Subsequent growth in the DSP can be observed for the last three decades. Receipt of the benefits given to the beneficiaries is proof of the growth. The financial help in the DSP has been increased gradually. Increment of $32.70 has been implemented in the last quarter. The working capital of candidates with disabilities is lower in the nation than it is in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, according to government reports. The percentage of disabled people who are employed is 59.1%. When it comes to employment of people with disabilities, the nation is ranked 21st out of 29.

The federal government of Australia has been promising to the challenge on a national level to provide an employment source to individuals who are physically or mentally challenged. The officials aimed to create almost 20,000 new employment opportunities for such applicants. The pension should also be raised with the additional job opportunities. The pension is anticipated to be raised as per the working hour rule.

Australia Disability Support 2024 - Who is Eligible, What is the Increase in Pension Amount and Payment Dates

Maximum Amount through DSP 2024

The maximum amount allowed under the basic pay rate and the energy bonus offered in some territories is included in the pension amount.

Pension RateSingleCoupleCouple CombinedA Couple (Who reside alone)
Basic Pay$1002$755.70$1511$1002.50
Maximum Pension$80.10$60.40$120.80$80.10
Maximum Energy Bonus$14.10$10.60$21.20$14.10

If the applicant is having age younger than 21 years then the DSP amount is variable. The applicants who reside in the nursing home or foster care will receive $740.50. People aged between 18 to 21, single and living independently are entitled to the benefit of $540. The adults who show dependency on the income of their parents will be receiving AU$608.70. A married couple having age above 21 years is entitled to receive an amount of $792.50.

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Eligibility for the Disability Support Pension

Some medical and non-medical rules are mandatory to be taken into consideration to be eligible to receive the amount. In the section below some medical rules that are considered to access the benefits are mentioned:

  • Permanent blindness
  • The recipient must be suffering from 4 HIV/AIDS
  • Individuals must be under foster care and nursing home care
  • The special payment for the recipients under the Veteran Disability Support
  • People should be terminally ill with a life span of less than 2 years.
  • The individual must be intellectually impaired and his/her IQ level should not exceed 70.

The general medical rules that should be followed by the applicants are mentioned in the section below:

  • The illness is possible to diagnose and can be treated reasonably.
  • Having a disability level of 20 pints or lower.
  • Having a physical impairment that does not allow an individual to work exceeding 15 hours a week.

The recipients are obliged to carry proof marked by a licensed medical professional. The medical report should be detailed including prescription, illness, medical bills, and medical treatment.

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  1. Disability pensioners don’t ask to b on this pension, in 95 % of cases we have arrived at this evil and depressing pension through no fault of our own .in my case I was certified by the government that I’m disabled and not fit for work for the rest of my life ,but to justify that I get a pitiful 976 a fortnight, I challenge anyone to try and live on that a.ount of money a fortnight, it just doesn’t work ,out of the fortnightly payment ,for at least 9 days of the fortnight I have no money ,and I mean no money ,it’s not our fault we are on this pension remember, my Disability was caused from the neglect of another human ,it set me back at least 10yrs to basically have a little quality in my life ,,why are disabled pensioners treated so badly in this horrible country.,u can’t even rely on super cause u have to support yourself with wat dismal amounts u did have with hardship payments and out of the 10.000 u can claim the maggot government still tax u 2500 on that so it adds up if u take 50.000 over 15 to 20 yrs ,wat sort of a government tax the people they have certified as disabled, wen we are payed far below minimum wage average..apart from America this country would b the worst country I will ever live in .I’m ashamed to call myself a white Australian, because I will never b like wat our government want all of the rest u to b ,.


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