NZ Superannuation Increase 2024 – What is the Increase Amount, Superannuation Rates, and Payment Dates?

The social welfare system in New Zealand is largely dependent on NZ Superannuation, which gives seniors the money they need to maintain a respectable quality of life in retirement. The New Zealand retirement Fund (NZSF) was formed by the government of New Zealand in 1999 to assist in financing the golden years or retirement of future generations. A government-funded pension program called NZ Super gives pensioners extra money to augment their retirement income and help them maintain their level of life.

All citizens and residents of New Zealand who are 65 years of age or older are eligible to receive Superannuation payments, often known as pensions, National Super, NZ Super, or NZS, which are currently funded by taxpayers. So here am updating you on NZ Superannuation Increase 2024, and you should read this page to know New Zealand Benefit Increase Amount 2024.

New Zealand Superannuation Increase 2024

Every year, New Zealand Superannuation benefits are modified to reflect inflation. Since earnings were growing faster than inflation, the raise was based on the average salary from the prior year but this year, in order to keep up with the quickly growing cost of living, the primary benefits have been raised in accordance with inflation.

Superannuation in New Zealand is provided at a fixed rate and if you want it then check your NZ Superannuation 2024 Eligibility. The way that married people and unmarried people get paid differs. In New Zealand, a weekly payout of NZD 496 is available to those who live alone. The New Zealand Superannuation 2024 Payment Amount is somewhat lower for couples, they will receive NZD 458.

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NZ Superannuation Pension 2024 Details

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NZ Superannuation 2024 Eligibility

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for NZ Superannuation:

  • To be NZ Superannuation 2024 Eligible, applicant must be 65 years of age or older, and
  • Hold a valid residency permit or be a citizen of New Zealand.
  • Having moved to New Zealand at least ten times since turning 21
  • Having moved to New Zealand for a minimum of 5 years after turning 50
NZ Superannuation Increase 2024 - What is the Increase Amount, Superannuation Rates, and Payment Dates?

NZ Superannuation Payment Dates 2024

The NZ Superannuation Payment Date 2024 is on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, year-round. Although the official payment dates for the month of February have not been released, i may expect them to fall on the following days. The 2nd Tuesday in 2024 February 13 and the 4th Tuesday February 27 will be when the senior of New Zealand will get their direct deposit payments. Previously, qualified recipients received payments on February 14 and February 28. Thus, based on this year, i can predict that it will be the same. 

How much is NZ Super per fortnight? (1 April 2023 until 31 March 2024)

Weekly Amount
Fortnightly Amount
Annual AmountAnnual Amount
Single (residing alone or with a dependent child)NZD 578.67NZD 1,157.34NZD 30,090.84NZD 25,811.24
(or NZD 496.37 weekly)
Single (residing with someone who is not a partner)NZD 532.43​NZD 1,064.86NZD 27,686.36NZD 23,825.36
​(or NZD 458.18 weekly)
Couple – ​Both must meet the criteria for NZ Superannuation PaymentNZD 439.79 (each)NZD 879.58 (each)NZD 22,869.08 (each)NZD 19,854.64
(or NZD 381.82 weekly)​
Couple -Only one of meets the criteria for NZ Superannuation PaymentNZD 439.79 (for the eligible person only)NZD 879.58 ​​(for the eligible person only)NZD 22,869.08 ​​(for the eligible person only)NZD 19,854.64
(or NZD 381.82 weekly, for the eligible person only)

How to Apply for NZ Superannuation 2024

  • 12 weeks before to becoming 65 or after you have reached that age, you can apply for superannuation.
  • You will get 20 days to complete the Superannuation application after contacting Work and Income.
  • If you have previously worked with Work and Income, you may already have a client number. Fill out the online form to get one if not.
  • If you were not born in New Zealand, register or log in to and fill out the application.
  • Following the guidelines you get after applying may require you to provide additional supporting paperwork.
  • Once you have signed the form, send it back by following the directions.

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NZ Super – What After Approval

Upon receiving your Superannuation approval, Work & Income will promptly issue you a SuperGold Card, granting you access to exclusive deals and discounts from New Zealand companies. Starting on this day

  • Every 2 weeks, your bank account will be instantly credited with your NZ Super Payment 2024.
  • You may be eligible for a Veteran’s Pension if you served in the military during a war or other disaster.
  • You may still get NZ Super Payment Amount 2024 while working.
  • Any changes to your personal information, living arrangements, or plans to relocate abroad must be reported.
  • You also need to disclose any changes your partner makes, whether they are personal or professional, if you have a partner.

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  1. I think it is unfair if you are single person on super for the amount you get compared to a married couple. A single person still has the same fees as a married couple ex:
    Cell phone fees and phone
    Insurances for cars house and house contents.
    Food bills maybe slightly cheaper
    To buy electrical equipment
    Having maintenance done around your house inside and out
    Please consider these factors

  2. If your an Australian you can live any where in the world and still receive your pension as do the Brits
    If your a born and bread New Zealander Why shouldn’t Zealanders be able to receive there NZ Pension.


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