SSS Pension Date 2024 – What are the Payment Dates, Amount and Check Complete Month Wise Schedule

In this article, you will explore the SSS Pension Date 2024. SSS refers to the Social Security System, which is a government-operated program in the Philippines. The authorities provide a monthly payment to pensioners. The article will discuss the complete month-wise schedule, payment dates, and amount.

SSS Pension Date 2024

The Social Security System payment offered by the federal government assists Filipino Pensioners in managing their monthly expenses. In the year 2024, the federal government of the Philippines has decided to implement some changes in the amount. The payment will be disbursed according to rising inflation and increasing cost of living. These are the federal payments that are supplemented as the most accessible assistance for employees. Everyone wants financial security and stability post-retirement. The pension plans act as life insurance and provide support, and financial assistance as per the contribution made by them.

In the year 2024, the SSS Pension aid was delivered on 31 January 2024. The payment has been granted as per the income, retirement age, and total contribution made by the claimant in social security taxes. The payment of the this month will be granted on 29 March 2024. The SSS pension benefits are supplemented directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries and all the qualified claimants will be provided with a sufficient amount.

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Overview Table on the SSS Pension 2024

Title of the PostSSS Pension Date 2024
CategoryGovernment Aid
Next SSS Pension Payment Date (Expected)29 March 2024
BeneficiariesRetirees (Low-Income households)
Official Account

An increment in payment has been designed to incorporate for the pensioners in this year. The changes will be implemented to support eligible applicants having financial stability in the long run. The estimation of 3.5 million seniors has been projected post-retirement of the SSS pension, through which pensioners would be able to manage their monthly expenses.

SSS Pension Date 2024 - What are the Payment Dates, Amount and Check Complete Month Wise Schedule

SSS Pension Schedule 2024

The Social Security System administered by the federal government of the Philippines ensures financial stability to all low-income individuals working in the private sector within the country. These are the monthly payments and the SSS is a social welfare program. For the year 2024, the payment will be supplemented to all the eligible beneficiaries as per the schedule prepared by the authorities.

The SSS amount is paid as per the several factors considered for the member. The monthly pension benefits will be supplemented only to the candidates who are retired or suffering from a disability. The payment provided to the retirees will be calculated by considering the contribution they have made to the social security taxes. The benefits are relevant to the total monthly payment. You can refer to the table mentioned below to analyse when will your payment will be proceeded:


These are the dates when the SSS pensioner’s amount will be credited to them. The payment will be deposited directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. In case you want to update the bank details, then some steps given below need to be mentioned:

Step 1: Start browsing the web, and log in to the bank accounts.

Step 2: On the homepage, select the option of “My Account”, selecting the option will direct you to the table.

Step 3: Tap on the “Direct” option and click on edit/view. Here, start enrolling with the banking account details you have entered previously.

Step 4: Proceed further by entering the new routing number, entering the new account number along with fill out some required details. At last, click the accept button.

By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to modify the direct deposit account. After making the changes and updating the account, a confirmation mail will be sent by the authorities. In the further months, the SSS Pension will be received by the pensioners on the federal date.

Steps to receive the SSS Pension?

While claiming the SSS Pension, the qualified recipients are needed to keep their savings account active and operative. The SSS will proceed with the payment into the designated bank, and the pensioners will be able to receive the federal payment via two different modes:

Lump Sum Payment: This is the method by which candidates will be allowed to choose 18 months of pension, later on, discounts on the SSS rates will be applied. The monthly pension will continue after the 18 i.e., onwards the 19th month.

Lifetime Monthly Pension: This is the method that will be initiated after the application of the SSS pension benefits. The candidate must choose to return to work after becoming 60 years old. Additionally, the monthly pension will cease until the individual reaches the age of 65.

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SSS Pension 2024: Eligibility

If one wants to receive the payout, there are numerous eligibility-related considerations to take into account. The age group, annual income, and proof of primary domicile are among the variables. The section below includes a few of the crucial elements. Senior persons may begin to receive benefits as early as the last month of their 59th year of age or as soon as they turn 60.

Pension payments are only available to retired individuals, and candidates must not be receiving any extra income from outside sources. The retiree’s basic monthly pension, which they can access for the duration of their life, is computed as follows: P300; 20% of average monthly income is deducted.

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