$3,375 Stimulus Checks Confirmed Payments – How Millions of Americans can Easily Claim this Payment?

A $145 million settlement has already made it possible for more than 8 million Americans to receive a payout of $3,375. These verified payments, which will be dependent on the purchase or lease date, are available to owners of two of the most well-known automakers. Korean manufacturers Kia and Hyundai have agreed to settle a $200 million class action lawsuit over claims that their cars and SUVs are far too simple to steal.

The settlement, which may impact more than 8 million vehicle owners, will provide up to $145 million to owners of stolen cars to help with out-of-pocket expenses. A total of $6,125 per owner for the complete loss of their vehicle, together with up to $3,375 in damages for damage to their personal property and vehicle, may be included in $3,375 Stimulus Checks Confirmed Payments. Here i will tell you more about Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Eligibility 2024 so check this page now.

$3,375 Stimulus Checks Confirmed Payments

The class-action complaint was sparked by allegations that Hyundai and Kia neglected to install immobilizers in their vehicles, making them more vulnerable to theft. Older Hyundai and Kia cars can be readily stolen, as demonstrated by many Americans. The problem began in Philadelphia during the summer of 2022, and thefts continued throughout 2023.

Thus far, Kia and Hyundai have verified three such payments. Claimants may get up to $3,375 in partial payment for all losses, 375 US Dollar in insurance-related claim, or USD 250 in payment for other expenses. Also Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Claim 2024 Eligible should be everyone who bought or leased a Hyundai or Kia between 2011 and 2022. If you are qualified, material with instructions for submitting a Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Claim Form 2024 will be sent to you this week.

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Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement 2024 Details

Companies InvolvedKia and Hyundai
Payment Amount$3,375
CategoryFinance News
Last date to claimJanuary 11, 2025
Official Websitewww.kiatheftsettlement.com

Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Claim

Lessees and owners of certain Hyundai or Kia vehicles built between 2011 and 2022 who were at danger of theft because their vehicles lacked an engine immobilizer will get compensation as part of the Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement, a class-action lawsuit settlement. The deal includes software upgrades, steering wheel locks, up to $145 million in compensation for those whose cars were stolen, and other benefits for more than 8 million car owners in the United States.

Of the $200 million settlement, the drivers will receive up to $145 million. So here i have also updated you on Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Claim Amount 2024, so heck it out now. On May 18, 2023, a federal judge approved the settlement preliminary authorization; the final approval hearing is scheduled for July 15, 2024.

$3,375 Stimulus Checks Confirmed Payments - How Millions of Americans can Easily Claim this Payment?

Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Eligibility 2024

Eligible applicants for the Hyundai theft settlement claim are owners and lessees of specific model year Hyundai and Kia automobiles in the United States. Based on the facts supplied, the following are the salient features of eligibility:

  • Certain Hyundai vehicles manufactured between 2011 and 2022 that are devoid of engine immobilizers are covered by the settlement.
  • The theft of your Hyundai car must have occurred between November 1, 2021, and April 14, 2023.
  • Importantly, there was a theft connected to the software flaw. The theft had to be clearly connected to the particular software flaw that was fixed in the settlement.
  • supplementary documents: You must offer proof that connects the theft to the software flaw. This may consist of: Police report: Citing the software flaw or the “Kia Challenge” as a contributory reason and Security footage: It shows how the stealing method takes use of a software weakness.

Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Claim Amount 2024

Until the court authorizes a final settlement and the time for qualified beneficiaries to apply is passed, it is difficult to say. As of right now, the legal firm estimates that compensation for the whole loss of automobiles might reach $6,125. For damage to cars and personal goods, compensation may be as high as $3,375. Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Claim Amount 2024 may also be available for charges like vehicle rentals, fuel, and towing.

$3,375 Stimulus Checks 2024 Deadline to Claim

The date on which claims must be submitted in order to receive settlement payment is scheduled for January 11, 2025. Since then, automakers have increased their efforts to combat the theft trend. A software patch has been created in an effort to fix the problem. The patch, which consists of software that requires an actual key in the ignition to start the automobile, is being applied free of charge to models that need it.

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How to Claim for this Payment?

  • Visit www.kiatheftsettlement.com to find your claim form and submit it online.
  • You can download a copy or request one by letter or email from the company if you want to do it offline.
  • Fill out the $3,375 Stimulus Checks 2024 Claim Form, putting in the information about your vehicle and personal situation, the kind and quantity of reimbursement(s) you want, your signature, and the date.
  • Add invoices, receipts, and payment confirmations, or any other required supporting paperwork, to your claim.
  • Send your completed Kia Hyundai Theft Settlement Claim Form 2024 and any supporting documents to the company by mail, email, or online before the deadline.
  • The deadline for submitting your claim form is January 11, 2025, for the majority of benefits.
  • You will get a confirmation email or letter from the company following the receipt and processing of your Claim Form.
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