SASSA Appeal – How Can You Appeal For SASSA SRD Grant? Check Status of R350 Appeal

This article will help you develop knowledge of SASSA Appeal: How to Appeal SASSA SRD Grant? You will find a section revealing steps for the R350 Appeal Status Check. The government’s social security system is managed by an authority named the South African Social Security Agency.

The agency is responsible for managing social problems and introducing schemes intending to grant social relief to eligible people. It is recommended to read the full article to be more informed about the SASSA Appeal.

What is the SASSA Appeal?

The SASSA group was established to grant relief to eligible people and reduce the corrupt practices within society. This act was found to be beneficial for the people who require basic resources like food and shelter. The act includes grants in various fields like Disability Grant for people who are specially-abled, and children are being supported through Child Support Grants. The agency has been observed to be beneficial for more than 45% of people living in South Africa and contributed to relieving the burden of people who are in need.

SRD refers to Social Relief Distress and many responsible people from different posts having authorities observed to make their contribution in planning and executing the social relief program successfully from their sides. In every country, it is the responsibility of the government to be careful and mindful of citizen’s needs and wants. Developing an understanding of the needs of the people and then acting accordingly is important to be a good ruling party within the nation.

SASSA Status Check

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After appealing for the grant, many people complained about the rejection of their application forms filled out under the SASSA grants. Now let us bring some light to the consequences that may lead to the rejection of the application forms under the SASSA SRD Grant. The federal government of South Africa keeps getting a large number of application forms from people who wish to access the benefits of the scheme. Outflow of the application forms.

Reviewing the forms and processing procedures to grant each form can be hectic for people working under the organization, so that could be a reason for delayed procedures. Apart from that there are chances of making mistakes from the applicant’s side. Applicants must be mindful while applying for the scheme. Every organization prefers to check the eligibility criteria and determine whether the applicant is eligible for the benefits or not.

SASSA SRD Grant: Overview

AuthoritySouth African Social Security Agency
BeneficiariesDisabled people, Children, and Senior citizens
ImportanceSupport to vulnerable people
CategoryGovernment Aid
Challenges and SolutionsActive resolution by SASSA

Not every citizen has access to the benefits but eligible candidates can access these schemes, for which it is essential to prove the eligibility criteria. The application form asks some queries and details need to be filled in correctly and accurately.

Any wrong information provided by the applicant may lead to the rejection of the form. In case of any mistake, the officials grant you permission to rectify the mistakes and update the details which may take some time in processing the application. After applying, the procedure may take 2 to 3 months to process the application and come to a conclusion.

SASSA Appeal - How Can You Appeal For SASSA SRD Grant? Check Status of R350 Appeal

How to Appeal the SASSA SRD Grant?

SRD, Social Relief Distress is a social scheme introduced to grant some financial relief to eligible citizens who find it difficult to fulfil their basic needs like shelter and food. Some points have been decided by the authorities based on which people are considered eligible for the SRD Grant as follows:

  • If the applicant has been waiting for the grant for a time but has not received it yet.
  • If the individual responsible for running the family is imprisoned for less than six months of duration or has died because of some reason.
  • If the applicant has gone through some crisis or disaster.
  • If the applicant is not in any employment due to some medical issues.

If you are a South African citizen and have suffered from any of the above situations, you are eligible for the SRD Grant. Under the grant, the authority will provide food packets or food money.

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SASSA SRD Grant: Status Check

After applying for the benefit, the applicant can check the status of their R350 application through various ways:

  • One can visit the SASSA office to know the status of their application. The officials will help you by providing all the information.
  • One can visit the official website for which credentials need to be logged in.
  • You can even call the SASSA helpline number.

SASSA Payment Dates for 2023-2024

MonthDisability GrantOlder Persons GrantsChildren’s Grants
October4 Oct 233 Oct 235 Oct 23
November3 Nov 232 Nov 236 Nov 23
December4 Dec 231 Dec 235 Dec 23
January4 Jan 243 Jan 245 Jan 24
February5 Feb 242 Feb 246 Feb 24
March6 Mar 245 Mar 247 Mar 24

FAQs Related to SASSA Appeal Status

How can I check my SASSA application status?

You can check the status by visiting the SASSA office nearby or by visiting the official website on the digital platform.

How much time I can expect to complete of the procedure of the SASSA Appeal?

It may take 60-90 days to review the appeal.

How can I know if my SASSA Appeal is approved or not?

You may know by checking the official SASSA portal. The portal can be accessed by using the login credentials like ID and mobile number given at the time of registration.

My SASSA Appeal has been pending for a long time. What should I do?

You are recommended to visit the SASSA office near your residence or you can contact the officials through helpline number at 0800601011.

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  1. Dear sir / Madame kindly have to inform you office that , since the lock down I’m I struggling with this SRD most of the time then I’m declined I mean for a 59 year old to find employment in SA let alone source of income is one out of a hundred please I need this money it’s my only source of incomes

  2. I’m not working for so long I’m not receiving any income but I can receive the srd grant they said I got income but they lying in not receiving any payment I need this money


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