Ohio Tax Refund Status – Where’s My Refund and Why is it delayed?

Finding out you will get a refund after filing your state return can feel like a pleasant reward for finishing the paperwork. Now the thing is how do you follow up on your refund once you have filed your return and you think it’s on its way? You can find the answer to the question “Where’s my Ohio refund” by visiting the website or mobile app of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). So you should look at how to find out Ohio Tax Refund Status 2023.

You can use the IRS mobile app or website to track the progress of your tax refund after filing your federal income tax return. State tax procedures, however, vary from state to state so i will also let you know Ohio Tax Refund 2023 Why is it delayed? It might just take a few days for your state to process your refund, or it might take several months.

Ohio Tax Refund Status 2023

  • As we know that filling tax return is very important for the taxpayers of Ohio as they live in this province have some obligation towards nation.
  • And after filling the return you must be looking for the refund, so taxpayers depending on the state in which you filed, the timing of your state tax refund may vary.
  • Your Social Security number is the first piece of crucial information so in my suggestion use it. The majority of states let you use a few different forms of identification if you don’t have an SSN.
  • You can also use Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to know the status of your refund via official website.
  • The Ohio Tax Refund Amount 2023 will also need to be provided in almost all states. Some states, will ask you to provide the precise amount of your refund, but most states only ask you the exact amount.

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Ohio Tax refund- Why is it delayed?

Your Ohio refund could be delayed for a variety of reasons, such as the following:

  1. The Ohio refund could be delayed due to inaccurate tax return.
  2. The applicant filing a joint return, or their spouse, if any unpaid assessments are still pending.
  3. The applicant who has a due to the IRS, or their spouse if they are filing a joint return.
  4. The applicant who has a due for back child support, or their spouse if they are filing a joint return.
  5. The taxpayer who has a due for overpaying public assistance, or their spouse if filing a joint return.
Ohio Tax Refund Status - 
Where's My Refund and Why 
is it delayed?

Ohio Tax Brackets

The Ohio state income tax rate has gradually dropped over the past ten years. The following lists the tax rates in effect for the tax year 2019 as of August 2020:

Ohio Taxable IncomeTax Calculation
0 – CAD 26,0500.000%
CAD 26,051 – CAD 46,100CAD 360.69 + 2.765% of excess over CAD 26,050
CAD 46,100 – CAD 92,150CAD 915.07 + 3.226% of excess over CAD 46,100
CAD 92,150 – CAD 115,300CAD 2,400.64 + 3.688% of excess over CAD 92,150
more than CAD 115,300CAD 3,254.41+ 3.990% of excess over CAD 115,300

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Where is My State Tax Refund – Ohio

Here i will share most important aspect of the refund as you are looking for it on my page. So taxpayers to know about  the Ohio Tax Refund Status, use the online form provided by Ohio’s Department of Taxation. You have to fill your DOB, tax type, and social security number to view the status of the tax return refund from the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Taxpayers who request a direct deposit may receive their refund within two weeks, according to the Department of Taxation. If you have filled the offline returns, however, will take a lot longer so in my opinion better wait for few more days as eight to ten weeks should pass before a paper return is processed.

To make sure there are no problems, use the check status form via official website tax.ohio.gov, if you are looking for the status of refund for your return. Below i have framed Steps to Check Ohio Tax Refund Status, so please use them to extract the status.

Steps to Check Ohio Tax Refund Status?

  • Browse the official website of Ohio Department of Taxation tax.ohio.gov and click on Ohio Tax Refund Status
  • Now fill your DOB, tax type, and social security number then press on submit.
  • Then you can check Ohio Tax Refund Status and get other details too.
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