Kleo Season 2 Release Date – Cast, Storyline, Plot and All you need to know!

If you have watched the first season of Kleo and loved it, then i have a good news for you. As i want to share that i have Kleo Season 2 Release Date 2023 now, and as per latest update it will release in early 2024. In recent years, Netflix has released some amazing inter nation shows, and the German action thriller titled Kleo has certainly caused a stir among viewers.

Equipped with a strong, brutal aesthetic and a touch of dark humor, Kleo has undoubtedly proven to be one of the best revenge stories of the year. Now we wonder if this dynamic series, set in the 1980s, in a political context and taking into account women’s desire for revenge, will return for a second season or not so i will reveal everything today. So guys brazen yourself and get the latest updates on this show while reading the paragraph below as i have shared everything on Kleo Season 2 Release Date 2023

Kleo Season 2 Release Date

According to Netflix’s press release, we have some exciting news for fans of the series as Kleo has been renewed for a second season and is currently in development. Given the overwhelmingly positive reviews for the first season, it’s no surprise that the series was renewed for a second season. Filming is underway and there is no confirmed release date as of now, but hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the second season.

If there is a second season of this series, the original cast will reprise their roles as you and me want that star cast only so we can have a feeling of originality. Jella Hasse will play Kleo Straub, the main character, alongside Dimitrij Schaad as Sven Petzold, Julius Feldmeier as Thilo and Vladimir Burlakov as Andi Wolf. The first season was produced by Candy Shop Productions and Zeitsprung Pictures and is available to stream on Netflix and you can now enjoy it.

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Netflix’s Kleo Season 2- Details

Kleo Created byHanno Hackfort Richard Kropf Bob Konrad
Kleo Written byHanno Hackfort Richard Kropf Bob Konrad Elena Senft
Kleo Directed byViviane AndereggenJano Ben Chaabane
Star cast of KleoCheck below
Original languagesGerman English Spanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Running time48-60 minutes
Production companiesCandy Shop Productions
Zeitsprung Pictures
Original networkNetflix
Original releaseAugust 19, 2022 –

Kleo Season 2 Plot/Storyline

Kleo tells the story of Kleo Straub, a convicted Stasi assassin in 1 and she is thrown into prison on a framed charge of passing top-secret information to a West German informant after the murder of a double agent. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she was released as a political prisoner and loses her honor and position as an assassin and this made her sad.

Now she wants revenge on those who conspired against her and during he  expedition she meets an imposter named, Sven Petzold, and things quickly become complicated. When Season 2 comes, i will probably see Kleo kill multiple people, and we might join Sven, even though she shot him in the Season 1 finale. Now i expect that Kleo Season 2 is will start from where Season 1 left off.

Kleo Season 2 Release Date - Cast, Storyline, Plot and All you need to know!

Kleo Season 2 Cast 2023

  • Jella Haase playing the role of Kleo Straub, East German Stasi assassin
  • Dimitrij Schaad playing the role of Sven Petzold, West Berlin police officer.
  • Julius Feldmeier playing the role of Thilo,
  • Vincent Redetzki playing the role of Uwe Mittig.
  • Vladimir Burlakov playing the role of Andi Wolf, old East German Stasi supervisor.
  • Marta Sroka playing the role of Anja, Wolf’s spouse
  • Jürgen Heinrich playing the role of Otto Straub, an East German Stasi GC
  • Alessija Lause playing the role of Anne Geike, a West German officer

Recurring Cast of Kleo

  • Steffi Kühnert playing the role of Margot Honecker
  • Thandi Sebe playing the role of Jenny Schneider
  • Taner Sahintürk plays the role Sven’s friend
  • Yun Huang playing the role of Min Sun, officer of Chinese origin
  • Zethphan Smith-Gneist playing the role of Mark Petzold
  • Alexander Hörbe playing the role of Ludger Wieczorek,
  • Rodrigo Rojo playing the role of Jorge Gonzalez
  • Gunnar Helm playing the role of Erich Mielke
  • Anna Stieblich plays the role of Brigitte Straub, Kleo’s mother
  • Garry Fischmann playing the role of Matthias Frey
  • Jonas Stenzel playing the role of Dopi, Thilo’s friend

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Kleo 2023 Guest starring

  • Harry Schäfer played the role of Alexander Belov
  • Kathrin Angerer played the role of Gabriela Wieczorek
  • Bruno F. Apitz played the role of Walter Blum
  • Lina Wendel played the role of Ms. Lobrecht
  • Anselm Bresgott played the role of Holger

Kleo Season 2 Trailer

As of now Candy Shop Productions and Zeitsprung Pictures have no shared Kleo Season 2 Trailer and i can anticipate in 2024. I will bring more updates on this so you can get the latest and newest updates on Kleo Season 2 Trailer. Friends i am looking forward for the second season of Kleo and you might be waiting for it.

Soon in 2024 means after few months we will have the release date for Kleo season two and then we will watch this show on Netflix. And to watch the Kleo Season 2 you should have a paid subscription as we know that Netflix dont offer any free plan and you can watch the show by paying an amount only, so guys get the premium pack of this OTT platform so you cant miss the second season.

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