Capital One Settlement Payment Date – Class Action Lawsuit Eligibility and How to Appeal?

You might be Class Action Lawsuit Payment Eligible 2023 if you were one of the 98 million Capital One clients whose personal information was exposed. However, there is not much time left for you to claim your share of the settlement, so you will need to move swiftly. The last date to Claim Capital One Settlement is 27 November 2023 as it is the Capital One Settlement Claim Last Date 2023 so hurry up guys. In July 2019, Capital One announced that their networks had been hacked by a criminal breach.

The attacker obtained personal information belonging to over 98 million American consumers without consent. Should your information have been compromised in the 2019 Capital One data breach, you might be eligible for financial reimbursement from the USD 190 million settlement of the Capital One class action on Class Action Lawsuit Payment Date. Here i will discuss about How to Appeal for Capital One Class Action Settlement?

Capital One Settlement Payment Date

The Capital One Settlement follows a cyberattack on Capital One’s computer systems in 2019. About 98 million American consumers’ personal information was compromised by the attacker, according to the webpage announcing the settlement. Names, addresses, bank account balances, credit scores, zip codes, payment histories, and transaction data over the previous 30 days in 2016, 2017, and 2018 were among the data that was hacked.

Approximately 80,000 bank account numbers and 120,000 Social Security numbers were also hacked. The Capital One Settlement claim date 2023 has passed, those who are eligible for funding should have received an email notifying them of their status. In the event that you received the message, you have until November 27 to reply and choose your mode of payment.

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Capital One Data Breach- Understand the Case

With about 50,000 people and USD 28 billion in revenue in 2018, Capital One is the eighth largest bank overall and the fifth largest consumer bank in the United States (Capital One, 2020). In July 2019, Capital One revealed that, despite significant improvements in IT infrastructure, the business had critical customer data hacked by an outside party.

According to Capital One’s official notice on July 29, personal information belonging to over 100 million people in the US and about 6 million people in Canada was exposed due to a data security breach. Additional information showed that Paige A. Thompson, the main suspect in the case, a former software engineer for Amazon Web Services (AWS), gained illegal access to a Capital One data server, which resulted in the incident.

Capital One Settlement Payment Date - Class Action Lawsuit Eligibility and How to Appeal?

Capital One Data Breach 2023 Updates

Name of CompanyCapital One
Article TopicCapital One Class Action Settlement
Start date to claim28 September 2023
Last Date to to claim27 November 2023
Clients98 million
Claim AmountUSD 190 million

Capital One Settlement 2023 Who is Eligible

  • The claimant should be a resident of the USA and your personal information was accessed during the July 2019 data breach to become eligible for the Capital One Settlement. This comprises those who:
  • At the time of the breach, were applicants or customers of Capital One
  • Had their bank account number, SSN, name, address, or other sensitive information been compromised in the hack
  • By visiting the Capital One Settlement website or giving the Settlement Administrator a call at 1-855-604-1811 (toll-free), you can find out if you qualify.

Class Action Lawsuit Payment Date

According to the Capital One Class Action Settlement 2023 Latest Update, the Capital One Settlement 2023 Payout Date 2023 is November 27, 2023. There are a number of reasons why the payment process could be delayed. The precise date of the settlement has not been decided upon, although it might take several months to resolve the claims.

To receive the Class Action Lawsuit Payment 2023, the Capital One Lawsuit payment Form 2023 should have accurately completed within the allotted time frame. Should any claimant not get the money by the specified date, they will have to wait an additional three weeks for the amount to be transferred.

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How to claim/Appeal settlement from Capital One?

  • Sorry, the initial claim filing deadline has already gone and now you cant claim settlement from Capital One. On the other hand, by September 30, 2022, those who were already in the financial queue ought to have gotten an email regarding the settlement.
  • You have until November 27, 2023, if you received the message, to reply and select your payment option.
  • Every recipient of the message is qualified to Capital One Settlement 2023 Payment.
  • You will receive a paper check in two to four weeks if you don’t choose a payment option by the deadline of November 27.
  • Call 1-855-604-1811 or send an email to [email protected] to reach the settlement administrator for additional information about the settlement.
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