Israel-Palestine Conflict Live Updates: Israel declares state of war, All you need to know

After the latest attack by Hamas on Israel, Israel and Palestine conflict is once again in the center of discussion. On Saturday, October 7, Hamas launched “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” against Israel. Hamas claimed to have fired 5,000 rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip. Not only this, dozens of fighters associated with Hamas attacked Israel from the south and entered inside the border of Israel. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war against Hamas.

Around 310 Israeli civilians have died so far in the attack by Palestinian extremist group Hamas. More than 1500 people have been injured. This is considered to be the biggest attack by Palestinian extremists in decades. Here, there is news of about 200 people being killed and about 1800 people injured in Israel’s retaliatory attacks on Gaza Strip. So now i will share the Israel-Palestine Conflict Live Updates 2023.

Israel-Palestine Conflict Live Updates 2023

According to Israel-Palestine Conflict 2023 Latest Update, fierce fighting between the Israeli army and Hamas militants in southern Israel continues on the morning of October 8. It is reported that in the morning, rocket sirens were heard in areas like Sderot, Kibbutz Nir Am, Yad Mordechai and Netiv HaSara.

These areas fall near Gaza Strip and still situation is not completely under control of Israel. It is reported that US President Joe Biden has approved an emergency military aid package of $ 8 billion to Israel. Turkey’s foreign minister has called his regional counterparts to discuss the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said on October 7 that India stands in solidarity with Israel in this difficult time.

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War started between Israel and Palestine

Israel Palestine dispute Palestine and Israel dispute remains a problem not only for these two countries but for the whole world. The seeds of the horrific form of Islamic terrorism that the world is witnessing today are buried somewhere in the Israel-Palestine dispute.

Looking at today’s circumstances, it is certain that this hundreds of years old problem does not seem to be solved in the near future. To understand the Israel Palestine dispute, we have to go back hundreds of years in history, where this problem started with the beginning and acceptance of these countries.

Israel-Palestine Conflict Live Updates: Israel declares state of war, All you need to know

Israel-Palestine war highlights: Around 500 people killed

The whole world is keeping an eye on the tense situation created by Israel’s Hamas attack and Israel’s retaliatory action. After the attack, Israel has declared war against Gaza. More than 290 Israelis are reported to have died in the sudden attack on October 7. Leaders of all countries are strongly condemning the attack and expressing support with Israel. Some countries are also standing on the side of Hamas. And, there are some countries which have not made their stand clear regarding this fight.

Dispute between Israel and Palestine – History

Israel is the only Jewish country in the world. Palestinians, who are Arab Muslims, come from this land, which we call Israel. Whenever the name of Israel comes up, it becomes clear that the war between Jews and Muslims has been going on for thousands of years. The war between Israel and Palestine is so complex that it is difficult to understand but it is nothing like that.

The place which we know as the conflict between Israel and Palestine used to be very peaceful a hundred years ago. Before this there was no Islam-Jewish conflict. Even later this fight never happened over religion. There are more stories than bullets in the war between Israel and Palestine.

Reason of dispute between Hamas and Israel

War has started between Israel-Palestine and we can see videos going viral on social media. So now i will try to make you understand Reason of dispute start between Hamas and Israel.

  • The first Reason of dispute is the West Bank. Actually, the West Bank is between Israel and Jordan, Israel captured it in the 1967 war, but both Israel and Palestine claim their rights on this area.
  • Along with this, Gaza Strip is also a cause of dispute between Hamas and Israel. This is the place which is between Israel and Egypt, which is occupied by Hamas. In fact, in September 2005, Israel had withdrawn its army from the Gaza Strip and then in 2007, Israel imposed several restrictions on this area.

Foreign Countries and there stand on Israel-Palestine war

USAJoe Biden spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and confirmed his full support for Israel’s rights.
TurkeyTurkey has strongly condemned the conflict and said it is ready to help defuse the situation before it spreads to wider areas
BritainIt condemns the sudden attack by Hamas and UK will always support Israel. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described Hamas’ attacks as cowardly and posted on X that he is with Israel
FrancePresident Emmanuel Macron also strongly condemned the terrorist attacks against Israel and said he expressed his solidarity with the victims and their families
IraqPrime Minister that this operation carried out by the Palestinian people is the natural result of systematic oppression for many years.
QatarForeign Ministry said that Israel alone is responsible for this attack due to violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.
SyriaSyria also issued statements of support for Hamas attacks on Israel via state news media.
RussiaRussia has urged Israel-Palestine to exercise restraint and they are in contact with Israelis, Palestinians and Arab countries.
GermanyIt supported Israel and said that condemns ‘terrorist attacks’ from Gaza against Israel.
IndiaIndian PM said that India stands in solidarity with Israel in this difficult time.
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia blamed Israel for the attack. Claimed that this attack took place due to repeated provocation by Israel and depriving Palestinians of rights.

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