When Will IRS Accept Returns in 2024? Everything We Know About IRS Refund Dates 2024

The IRS is now working on Tax returns for the USA Tax Season 2024 from January 1 and taxpayers who electronically submit their taxes might anticipate receiving their refunds faster than those who prefer to mail their forms. The quickest option to get your IRS Refund 2024 is still through electronic filing with direct deposit, based on the most recent information.

If you are wondering how long it will take to get your refund, the IRS usually pays you 9 out of 10 refunds, presuming your tax return is error-free, within 21 days after electronic filing. Paper filers should be prepared for a lengthier wait time, usually between six and eight weeks after the date of mailing their returns.

To prevent delays, you should ensure to verify the accuracy of all the information. The IRS Refund Dates 2024 you should know about during tax season, the distinctions between paper and electronic filing, the 2024 IRS Refund Schedule, and When Does IRS Accept Returns in 2024? are all covered in detail in this article.

When Will IRS Accept Returns in 2024?

The federal tax return deadline is April 15th, but not everyone must file their taxes by then. Tax season 2024 started on January 1. On April 15, 2024, the Internal Revenue Service will receive the most of individual income tax returns for the 2023 tax year. By this day, taxpayers must file Form 1040 (or Form 1040-SR, if they are above the age of 50) and make any required tax payments.

As per IRS, the Tax Filing Season 2024 will begin formally some time in late January. The tax filing season did, however, begin on January 23, 2023, and on January 24, 2022. Therefore, it is quite possible that the IRS will begin taking 2023 reports sometime around those dates if they continue with the Monday theme, they may even do so as early as January 22.

IRS Refund Schedule 2024

IRS Charging 8% Interest on Taxes

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IRS Accept Returns 2024 Details

Name of DepartmentInternal Revenue Service
CategoryFinance News
IRS Tax Season 2024 Start DateJanuary 1, 2024
IRS Tax Season 2024 DeadlineApril 15, 2024
Official Websiteirs.gov

What If i Can’t File my Income Taxes By April 15?

An extension request, Form 4868 can be submitted by taxpayers who do not possess the necessary documentation to file their taxes. This will allow the person to file their federal tax return till October 15, 2024. As the term indicates, this extension is given without request and without justification. The deadline for an extension may not coincide with the federal return extension, so make sure to review the regulations governing extensions in your state.

When Will IRS Accept Returns in 2024? Everything We Know About IRS Refund Dates 2024

IRS Refund Dates 2024

  • If an early filing taxpayer is eligible for a refund, they might get it as early as mid- to late-February. On the other hand, taxpayers who claim the Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit may need to wait one month for their return while the IRS confirms their eligibility.
  • Refunds are normally granted within 21 days after electronic application; the Internal Revenue Service sets the IRS refund schedules for 2024. Though there are certain instances where it can take longer, most Americans anticipating a tax refund can get it by direct deposit in as little as two weeks during the peak filing season.
  • You should know that the IRS Tax return Schedule 2024 can create circumstances that might impact the return timeline, such as the speed at which you file and the existence of any credits you are pursuing. If you have filed everything accurately and are not claiming any tax advantages that may cause a delay. As of now the IRS has not yet revealed the exact dates of its opening. As soon as the IRS declares its opening date, i will update IRS Refund Dates 2024 here.

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Is it appropriate to file your tax return early?

Sending in your tax return as soon as possible might be a wise decision. For starters, filing your forms as soon as possible may enable the IRS to process them more quickly and deposit your refund into your bank account quicker if you are eligible for one.

Since you will be more likely to send in your actual 1040 form before a thief can send in a fake one and try to claim a refund they are not due, sending in your forms early also lowers the likelihood of identity theft, which might occur if someone files a false return on your behalf. That being said, you must confirm that you’re prepared to submit your documentation. Companies have until January 31st to file W-2s and 1099s, which are crucial tax papers that disclose your income, with the IRS.

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