Canada Dental Care Plan Highlights – What are the Current Benefits and Will it be Fully Implemented By 2025?

Promoting the best possible dental and oral health for all Canadians is a common objective among dentists across the nation. Increased access to dental treatment for all Canadians is possible because to the historic Canadian Dental treatment Plan (CDCP). A well-executed CDCP has the potential to rank among Canada’s greatest public health accomplishments.

The second application period is now underway, ongoing from July 1, 2023, and Canada Dental Care Plan Application 2024 Last Date is June 30, 2024. Up to 8 million Canadians without health insurance, including the elderly and those with disabilities, may profit when the complete CDCP becomes accessible. Here i am sharing Canada Dental Care Plan Highlights 2024, and updates on CDCP Full Implementation By 2025.

Applications for the second benefit period, which will assist in paying the cost of dental care services are currently being taken. While the Canadian Dental Care Plan is being implemented, families may start taking care of some of their young children’s basic dental needs with the help of this benefit.

Canada Dental Care Plan Highlights

The Canada Dental Care Plan (CDCP), which would cover dental treatment for uninsured citizens with a household income of less than CAD 90,000 annually, was unveiled as a project of the federal government in 2022. The CRA promised to:

  • By the end of 2022, offer insurance to children under the age of 12 from low- and middle-class households who do not now have it;
  • Incorporate in 2023 those with impairments, elders, and Childs and teenagers under the age of eighteen; and
  • By 2025, make the program available to all Canadians who qualify.
  • There will be complete cost coverage for people whose family income is less than CAD 70,000 annually.

CRA Payment Dates December 2023

Canada Dental Benefits

CPP Benefits Increase 2024

Canada Dental Benefit Plan 2024 Details

Plan NameCanada Dental Benefit Plan
Name of OrganizationCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Application PeriodJuly 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024
CategoryGovernment Aid
CDCP Payment Schedule PeriodPeriod 1: 1st October 2022 to 30th June 2023
Period 2: July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024

Canada Dental Care Plan- Current Benefits

Canadian families are entitled for up to two tax-free payments totaling CAD 650 for each qualified child under the Canada Dental Benefit. Children who are under 12 years old who do not have coverage via a private dental plan are eligible to receive these payments. October 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, and July 1, 2023 to June 20, 2024 are the 2 CDCP payment distribution time period 2024.

You must apply during each payment period in order to get both payments. The benefit amount is determined by the adjusted net income of your family:

  • Every child in a household with income under CAD 70,000 receives CAD 650.
  • Earnings between CAD 70,000 and CAD 79,999 each family get CAD 390.
  • Earnings between CAD 80,000 and CAD 89,999 each family get CAD 260
Canada Dental Care Plan Highlights - What are the Current Benefits and Will it be Fully Implemented By 2025?

Canada Dental Care Plan- Eligibility Criteria

  • Your child was born on or after July 2, 2011.
  • In Canada, your child receives dental treatment from July 1, 2023, until June 30, 2024.
  • There is not a private dental insurance plan available to your Child.
  • There is not any government dental program that covers all of your child’s dental expenses.
  • As on July 1, 2023, you will either get the full CCB for your child or, if you have joint custody, half of the CCB.
  • Your 2022 taxes were filed.
  • In 2022, your family’s NFI is less than CAD 90,000.
  • In 2022, your family’s NFI is less than CAD 90,000.
  • For the 2022–2023 benefit period, no one has applied for the additional reimbursement for your child’s dental expenses.

CDCP- Full Implementation By 2025

The goal of the federal government’s 2023 federal budget was to make dental care more affordable for low- and middle-income Canadians without health insurance whose adjusted net family income is less than CAD 90,000. The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) will not be completely implemented until 2025. In the interim, the government introduced the Canada Dental Benefit (CDB), which covers children under the age of 12’s out-of-pocket dental expenditures.

Direct, upfront, tax-free payments of up to CAD 650 are available to qualifying families for each child. Beginning in 2023–2024, the Canadian government will invest CAD 13 billion in the CDCP over a five-year period. It projects that the CDB will help half a million children in Canada; as of now, it has received huge number of Canada Dental Care Plan 2024 Applications.

Canada Disability Benefit 2023-24

OAS Increase 2024

CPP Inflation Increase 2024

How to Apply for Canada Dental Care Plan

  • Applicants can Apply for Canada Dental Care Plan through their Service Canada account or CRA “My Account”. The CRA is establishing up a special phone line for dental benefits applications in order to accommodate people without access to the internet platforms.
  • In any case, applicants will need to respond to security questions to confirm their identity and complete a series of attestations to establish their eligibility.
  • In order to receive this financial support, applicants must apply in advance of their appointments. They will also need to submit proof of eligibility, which may include the dental service provider’s contact details, the appointment date, and information about their employer, spouse, or partner’s benefit coverage.
  • The CRA strongly advises registering for direct deposit as the quickest and most straightforward method to obtain this financing. It should be noted that although receiving a check by mail may take up to 10 business days, receiving funds through direct deposit is expected to take only five business days.

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