$1,200 Monthly Stimulus Checks for Everyone – Who is Eligible and When Will You Get $1200 Per Month?

Read the article to be aware of the $1,200 Monthly Stimulus Checks for Everyone. Financial support given by the Federal Government of the USA after the pandemic of 2020 helped billions of people. SSA is actively involved in supporting people through SSDI, SSI, and VA payment benefits. If you are also eligible for the payment but have not received it, you may also visit the authorized portal of SSA for updates. Read the article to the end to know the eligibility criteria, schedule, and process to claim the payment

$1,200 Monthly Stimulus Checks

The $1,200 Monthly Checks offer financial aid majorly to low-income individuals and households. Some states have stopped the distribution of the amount but in few states continue to offer financial relief to people who are in need. The $1,200 Monthly Stimulus Checks are beneficial for the USA citizens who are impaired and need financial aid to maintain living standards. The income is supplemented under the SSI, SSDI, and VA after ensuring that they meet the eligibility criteria.

$1500 Rental Assistance Going Out

$1,428 Extra Stimulus Checks for Social Security

$251 Daily Checks Approved This Month

$1,400 Stimulus Checks from IRS

$1200 Monthly Checks: Overview Table

Title$1200 Monthly Stimulus Checks
CategoryGovernment Aid
AuthorityFederal Government of America
Administered bySocial Security Administration
Official Accounthttps://www.ssa.gov/

$1200 Monthly Stimulus Checks: Eligibility

  • It is required to have a unique Social Security Number that can be used for employment and has an adjusted AFNI.
  • Married couples who file income tax jointly can access the amount of USD 150,000 whereas people who are heads of the households are eligible for the total amount of USD 112,500.
  • Another eligible candidate may expect to receive a payment of $75,000.
  • People are required to file the tax return if they want to access the benefit payment. Beneficiaries with low or no income can apply.
$1,200 Monthly Stimulus Checks for Everyone - Who is Eligible and When Will You Get $1200 Per Month?

Payment Schedule of $1200 Monthly Checks

This is the monthly payment that will be distributed as per the size of the household and income of the candidate. The average net income of the singles as well as family members should not exceed the threshold. The payment is expected to be released in March 2024. This payment will be disbursed among the members having low or no income.

People receiving any other help checks are also eligible for the $1200 Monthly Stimulus Checks. It has been observed several times that some people try to scam the officials by filling up the wrong details in the form of an application so that they would be able to access the amount. This is the responsibility of the SSA to filter out such scamsters and transfer payment strictly to the people who deserve it.

USD 1200 Monthly Checks: Facts and Updates

Millions of low-income individuals are waiting for the $1200 Monthly Stimulus Checks. Through the help check authorities’ intent to support people financially along with improving poverty and the economy of the county.

  • Ensuring adequate provisions for citizens in terms of food, housing, transportation, and health is imperative, but managing these expenses on a moderate or low income is not feasible.
  • Recognizing this, the government takes the matter seriously, conducting meetings with various responsible teams to reach informed decisions for the welfare of the people. Making financial decisions involves careful consideration of different factors.
  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) addresses the financial challenges faced by the elderly through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Collaborating with the Food and Drug Administration, officials acknowledge a significant portion of citizens experiencing financial crises within the country.
  • Filing tax returns is mandatory for employed individuals regardless of age or current employment status. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) bears the responsibility of maintaining complete financial records.
  • Before anticipating a $1200 stimulus check, individuals should be aware of these facts. The sum will be directly deposited into the monthly savings accounts of eligible US citizens.

$7,700 Approved This Month

$286/Day Checks Approved in March 2024

$2,300 Stimulus Checks are Going Out in March 2024

$3800 VA Stimulus Checks 2024 with COLA

$258/Day Checks Approved in March 2024

How to Claim $1200 Per Month Checks

Claiming $1200 Monthly Checks is not that complicated. Monthly checks provided by the SSA can be accessed by seniors as well as low-income individuals.

The $1200 monthly checks that recipients can access rely on various factors like income sources, living standards, earnings, and many more. In case of any modifications in income, assets, and living situations it is important to report the changes to the SSA with an immediate effect. People who try to hide their altered income and living situations and get caught red-handed by the officials may have to bear the consequences. Reporting changes, such as marital status, monthly wages, and living arrangements is crucial for ensuring individuals receive their entitled benefits and minimizing the risk of under or over-payments. Failure to report intentionally may lead to future complications.

While receiving $1200 Monthly Checks benefits, individuals can also access additional government benefits like Medicare and SNAP, providing further financial assistance for seniors. Couples have a resource limit of $3,000, and individuals/children have a limit of $2,000. Ineligible are those in jail, with an arrest warrant, or in a public institution.

$1,200/Month Stimulus Checks This Month

$1200 Monthly Checks benefits support those unable to work due to a medical condition expected to last at least a year or result in death. As this is the help check this will be offered to those people also who are physically or mentally impaired. Applying online or through a Social Security Office (offline) is possible, with a processing time of 3 to 6 weeks.

For time management, you can prefer to make an appointment with the officials. Authorities assess eligibility based on the severity of the medical condition, household size, net income of the family or individual, and the individual’s ability to perform their previous work should also be considered under the administration program of SSA.  

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48 thoughts on “$1,200 Monthly Stimulus Checks for Everyone – Who is Eligible and When Will You Get $1200 Per Month?”

  1. So am I to understand that those who are not 65 and older and are not retirees are not going to get anything? Those on disability and can’t work and have not been physically able for a few years that receive regular disability are getting nothing? Except the little 48 dollar raise cola increase? Even with that raise it spiked to were giving that decreased any other help we received. Robbing Paul to pay Peter senerio. We receive the lowest payments of everyone in these groups. And yet every one else , even the unemployed get more than we have. Why is that?.

    • I been wondering that too! I’m on SSI and I can’t get any help! everybody gets money ,but us, people who sell drugs gets free money wile we sit here with nothing .The price of everything is so high I can’t afford to go get a burger on the value menu, while the commercials show people eating take out and having a good time spending free money!
      People who WONT work get money on a card every month! What kind of government do we have???not a very good one if you ask me! WHERE IS OUR HELP????

      • I’m also in the same boat but I’m also disabled and a veteran and can’t no help. I guess people like us ain’t privilege enough.

    • I only got 29 increased on my disability. Me and my mom was splitting all the bills . Now that she recently passed away. I will be evicted the end of March because I can’t afford the rent now. Plus starting in April it will be increased. So now I will be living on the street soon. I can’t afford a place with the amount I get. I never thought this would happen to me ever.

    • We are left out of everything. I’ve been on permanent disability after a drunk and drugged driver took away my ability to work. I’m 58 will be 59 this month and get none of the extra help either.

    • I get welfare for my husband and kids but am time-out and am applying for ssi cause of our terminal illness we’ve been loving with for 15 plus yrs.Do we quaifiey

    • Really?? The unemployed gets more? Where?? I’d love to know!! As I’m not only unemployed, I’m now also homeless bc of it.

      • People what about the homeless that are disabled ,that need surgery in order to live .. what about the ones that get cancer need a kidney taking out but because medical doesn’t pay for the meds after words they don’t or can’t get it .. There are people out there that do have money that could help you out even if there is a lil section in your home remove the coffee table from your house and put some trust into some people… Now there are I agree werido ones however that’s up to you to decide after time .. or shoot out a tent in your backyard for them then in time with observation maybe they can move up but for so many people they need to feel safe and it helps with someone cares some people have no one and the human touch is everything people we all need and crave that .

    • Hi iam Anita R Patterson iam a senior I live in subsidized building I get social security and iam Medicaid and Medicare the other way around do I get it and it was tl about years ago it went straight to the bank can I get come to the my address and I’ll take it to the bank and cash the check I hope I can get it should would help h yes I get a attention to but even so the rent is high for you in this being like I said subsidized building but anyway I hope I’m qualified and I have this extra money for extra other bills that I have to pay and a little bit for myself in my pocket at time to time

    • I am in the same position as you. It’s not fair to the people who get hardly anything on SSI, we should be counted as low income but yet we get nothing. How fair is that? We are barely getting by and everyone else gets more money but us.

    • I’d like to apply because I’m homeless and receive very little monthly not even 8 hundred dollars and it wouldn’t be enough if I did because most people I know receiving 9 to a thousand sum a month and I have a stint running to my brain from a STROKE I HAD THAT CAUSED ME TO BE DIGNOISED WITH A CEREBRAL ANYURISM.

  2. I been wondering that too! I’m on SSI and I can’t get any help! everybody gets money ,but us, people who sell drugs gets free money wile we sit here with nothing .The price of everything is so high I can’t afford to go get a burger on the value menu, while the commercials show people eating take out and having a good time spending free money!
    People who WONT work get money on a card every month! What kind of government do we have???not a very good one if you ask me! WHERE IS OUR HELP????

  3. I’m on ssdi And have medicade. Because I received these I don’t qualify for the 1200 stimulus because I won’t switch over to their crappy programs. It’s ridiculous. Thank goodness I get 32 dollars in foodstamps.haha.

  4. I’m on SSI and receive $941 and EBT $110. I have $600 in rent $40 on water $200 in electricity. I have to borrow money every month just to get by if you see I’m in neg $10 or more every month. What is wrong with these people. They spend daily what I have a month. Why don’t you people who decide what we make try to survive on my income for a couple months. I bet it would show them how hard we have it out here. Just one month survive ok n my monthly income of $941. I challenge you sitting in the senate making that much a day. Damn it I get pissed off. I worked hard for more than 40 years but now I have nothing. I am a disabled nurse. I went from $35000 to $914 overnight. Try that.

    • Hi Lisa.
      I know what you mean. I also get $941 in SSI. My rent is $652, my electric $278,my water is $135, plus insurance $295. I also have to borrow money so that I can make it. My son helps take care of me. I tried to get help for a in home aid and let my son get paid, however, I am not nursing home bound. The government is so out of wack when it comes to those who really need the help.

      • Ruth have you tried applying for IHSS ( In home senior services)? In California anyone who takes care of someone regardless of relation can get paid for certain duties such as food prep, daily health care like getting dressed or showered, plus many more. The person needs to qualify for the assistance. It’s ran by Health and Human Services. Amount of hours a month are figured out by what amount of assistance said person needs such as being unable to take care of daily things without any help or grocery shopping, laundry, etc. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s better than nothing. I was making $13 an hour when my ex mother in law passed and I had just over 116+ hours a month divided by 4 weeks which was roughly 29 hours a week. I literally did everything for her. Sure I worked some for free basically since there was more things than hours every month, but I look at it as a blessing and with all the time and things I did just helped secure my way to the pearly gates. Go luck.

      • I get $1297.00 a month on SSDI and get$32.00 in food stamps. A gallon of milk a loaf of bread and maybe some bologna should be cost that. It’s extremely hard to get any assistance. If you do, it takes years due to the long lists you are put. The rich get richer….and the poor get poorer.

    • I feel ya Lisa! I went from 38,000.00 to 1,300 and it’s a struggle. I can’t go anywhere because there 9is nothing left to put fuel in my auto! I live on bread, milk, butter, and water. It’s a damn shame that people who gave so much get screwed at the end of life! This system is so messed up! God Bless You and I hope things get better for you!!!

    • Yes you can . Most definitely go get yours it should only take a month to receive after applying.. after that ooh baby you should be able to get out . Look up affordable apt for low income they have some starting at 300 . Also depending on your city or check out other city’s but some city’s pay for most of your rent plus utilities . Yeah some city’s care for seniors

      • I am currently waiting for my ssdi to kick in but currently can’t work and depends on my general assistance and Food stamps can I get this stimulus?

  5. I don’t believe there should be an age limit on getting help with the government. We the people who all who live in The U,S,A. Everyone should be getting a check . I been unemployed since 2020 due to my health. I can’t work prior to what my doctor’s are telling me. I have been trying to get my disability since 2015 . I get denied saying they don’t have enough Medical to go on. And I still haven’t received any help. Our government needs to help everyone not just certain ones but all of us. Everyone needs to be Evaluated and see who is Eligible. Even if it’s not a lot but get something that is better than nothing at all.

  6. Same here. I made 10,120$ for all of 2023. Try living on that. Thank God I have a Daughter and her husband who help me when I need it. I live in a strangers house and pay rent. My daughter wouldn’t let me be homeless so I’m at least thankful to God for her.

  7. Yes I’m on disability and I work part-time my bills are more than I work I have rent my electricity bill is $160 every month my rent $200 food but I get $200 in food stamps that doesn’t help all month and plus my utilities so I am struggling as a senior disabled senior just to pay bills

  8. Every time I see anything about stimulus money it’s always for other states or people on social security or foreign people. I barely make enough to eat. I’m 61 years old, have medical problems. I don’t understand why everyone can’t be eligible for this stimulus payment.

  9. I’m 66 years old and have a,part time job, and when I’m 67 next year I can retire. My SSI payment is only 823.00 and hopefully will get that refund from Molina that was canceled in January of 2024 and I have United Healthcare insurance now. I only make 670.00 a month at my part time job, I could really use that stimulus check this month.

  10. Anthony Williams im61 going to be 62 I’ve tried to get ssa for years and get denied every time because they say I don’t have a lot of paperwork and I’ve been homeless for over 30 years and I can’t get out of this hell hole I could use this very badly

  11. I wanna know if I am eligible for this stimulus checkmy husband can’t work and I lost my job we have 2 children at home we need help paying bills also

  12. I agree with all of you. They should be helping people who get less than 1500 a month on SSI and have Medicare and medical. I don’t get enough to get by even though I get 150 in food stamps which doesn’t go very far now a days since everything else has gone up to. I think we might have to get a petition going for low income people and send it to the federal government.

  13. Hi my name is Misty,, I do have disability but i haven’t been able to fill yet, my mother has passed away going on 1 yr and 3 months,i am homeless and have no more family at all, can i get this stimulus check to help me get on my feet if so where do i go to fill for it

  14. I have not gotten a single stimulus check am I eligible to get the $1,200 and I am also homeless I need help getting back on my feet


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