Gaganyaan Test Flight: Every latest update we have so far!

For the first time in history, Indian Space Research Organization will test the India’s first human space flight mission ‘Gaganyaan’ and ISRO will do Gaganyaan Test Flight 2023 as a crew escape system on 21 October 2023 between 7 am and 9 am. ISRO’s activity for India’s first manned space mission ‘Gaganyaan’ is going ahead. The first of four abort missions with the test rocket – Gaganyaan mission has been organized already.

This will be followed by the second test vehicle TV-D2 mission and in the first quarter of 2024, the first unmanned mission of Gaganyaan (LVM3-G1). Based on the results of successful test vehicles and crewed missions, it is planned to send a crewed mission by the end of 2024. More than Rs 10000 crore will be spent for the Gaganyaan program and the Human-Rated Launch Vehicle System (HLVM3) was tested and qualified. Here i have shared the minute details of Gaganyaan Test Vehicle (TV-D1) 2023 Date/Time and Gaganyaan Test Flight 2023 so check this page.

Gaganyaan Test Flight 2023

Finally, the date has been announced when India’s ambitious ‘Gaganyaan’ will take its flight. As per the official update Gaganyaan Test Vehicle (TV-D1) will make its first flight to space this Saturday. Through this, ISRO will also test the efficacy of the Crew Escape System, as it will be an important part of unmanned and manned missions to outer space in 2024. The first test flight of India’s must awaited ‘Gaganyaan’ is scheduled on 21 October 2023 at 8 am.

The test flight from Sriharikota’s SDSC-SHAR Launchpad will be of short duration. ISRO informed that students and general public could register from 18:00 on October 17 to watch the launch from the Launch View Gallery (LVG). ISRO will begin unmanned flight tests for the Gaganyaan manned space flight mission with the launch of a test vehicle from the Sriharikota space center on October 21 between 7 am and 9 am.

ISRO, under the Gaganyaan project, envisages to successfully launch a manned crew into a 400 km Earth orbit, land them on the Indian sea surface, assess the spacecraft’s ability to safely return to Earth, and demonstrate human spaceflight capability.

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Gaganyaan Test Vehicle (TV-D1) 2023 Date/Time

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the Gaganyaan Mission in 2018. Indian Research Space Organization (ISRO) then started taking steps in this direction. So now test fly vehicle development flight (TV-D1) of Gaganyaan will be on 21 October 2023 at 8 am from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

This test involves launching the crew module into outer space, bringing it back to Earth and recovering it after touchdown in the Bay of Bengal. The Gaganyaan Test Flight 2023 crew module will take astronauts to outer space during the Gaganyaan mission. Indian Navy has started mock operations to recover the crew module. Apart from the crew module, TV-D1 will also test the crew escape system.

If any problem arises during the Gaganyaan Test Vehicle (TV-D1) mission 2023, testing will be done to determine how the astronauts present in the rocket will be able to safely reach Earth. Based on the results obtained in this, the first unmanned mission of Gaganyaan mission will be planned for 2024.

Gaganyaan Test Flight: 
Every latest update we 
have so far!

Mission Gaganyaan- Facts and Features

  • The cost of Gaganyaan mission will be around Rs 10,000 crore and mission will be completely indigenous.
  • Before the actual launch of this mission, ISRO will launch two unmanned missions.
  • The advanced version of Gaganyaan is equipped with docking capability. It will have a crew module and service module. All three astronauts will remain in the crew module. While the service module will have equipment to control temperature and air pressure, life support systems, oxygen and food items.
  • Mission Gaganyaan will be launched from Sriharikota Spaceport in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Another specialty of Mission Gaganyaan is that it will be commanded by a woman.

Mission Gaganyaan- Why is it important?

  • Mission Gaganyaan will encourage research and development in the field of science and technology in the country.
  • It will prove to be an important step in the technological development of the country as well as in increasing its technical credibility at the global level.
  • The success of Mission Gaganyaan, on one hand, will increase the level of science and technology in the country, while on the other hand, it will improve industrial development and prove to be a source of inspiration for the youth.
  • Space tourism’ is expected to become very common in the coming few years, and if India will take a leap via this mission, then one of its objectives could also be to raise capital for the country via space tourism.

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Mission Gaganyaan- Risk Factor

  • Sending humans into space is damn risky, it not only requires money but human life is also in danger all the time. In fact, as soon as the spacecraft moves towards space from the launch pad, various kinds of risk arises more about human life than about the mission.
  • To go into space, a human has to develop not only physical and mental skills but also abilities to work against nature. For this, a special kind of training and expertise will be given.
  • Sending astronauts into space and bringing them back safely to Earth is a challenging task.
  • The risk of radiation in space is ten times greater than on Earth. Due to exposure to radiation, astronauts may suffer with various issues.
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