February 28th is the Payment Date for SSI, SSDI, VA, and Stimulus Checks – Latest Updates and All We Know So Far!

Many US citizens are accessing the SSI, VA, and SSDI stimulus checks offered by the US Government. This federal program is administered by the SSA to help retirees live their lives conveniently. This report will discuss the payment dates of stimulus checks in the running month and also proceed toward the fact checks and updates on the payment.

February 28th is the Date for SSI, SSDI, VA, and Stimulus Checks

The Social Security Administration holds the responsibility to credit the amount in the bank account of the eligible beneficiaries. Crediting the amount to millions of beneficiaries simultaneously is a hectic process and even creates confusion among the authorities. A large number of transactions result in many technical glitches. The result is that some beneficiaries do not receive the amount while some receive the amount twice a month. To avoid such mistakes, authorities followed a pattern and processed the amount according to the birth date of the recipients.

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Stimulus checks for SSI, VA, and SSDI: Payment Date

The payment will be distributed according to the date of birth of the recipient. The dates will be mentioned below to help you evaluate the day when you will receive the payment. The applicants whose birthdays come in 1 to 10 consecutive days of any month may expect to receive the amount on the Second Wednesday of the month.

People whose birth date falls between 11 to 20 dates of any month can receive their payment on the third Wednesday of the month while the fourth Wednesday will be the day for the candidates whose birth dates range between 21-31. This calculation will remain similar for the entire year. In February, the payment dates will be 14, 21, and 28. The amount received by the applicants during the first installment of the year 2024 in January was $1907. The amount has been increased and updated in comparison to the previous year.

The major reason behind the increment is Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA). High inflation led to increased expenses of everything due to which it became challenging for people to meet even the basic requirements of life like food, shelter, and clothing. People who used to live on their own have to bear all the expenses on their own like utility bills, food, etc while some retirees hold the position of heads of the household and have to take care of spouse, dependent children, etc., which cannot be managed without increment. That’s why officials decided to increase the COLA by 3.2 percent.

February 28th is the Payment Date for SSI, SSDI, VA, and Stimulus Checks - Latest Updates and All We Know So Far!

Overview Table of SSI, SSDI, and VA Stimulus Checks

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Fact Checks and Update on SSI, VA, and SSDI Checks

Social Security administration distributes the social security amount to people under various programs, which will be discussed further in this section.

Social Security Income: The SSI is the welfare program started by the federal government for senior citizens of the country who have attained the standard retirement age of 65 years. After getting retired usually old-age citizens become dependent on others emotionally, physically, and financially. Some old-age people even end up getting abandoned in nursing homes or foster care. To avoid such situations and protect the economy, the US Government introduced the financial support scheme. The amount repaid to the pensioners will be based on their tax credits. The claimants can attain a deposit of USD 1907 monthly.

Social Security Disability Insurance: The SSA also distributes the amount under the SSDI program which is also a part of SSI, and the benefit was initiated and processed to people having disabilities. The claimants are provided with an amount of $1537 this year while the benefit amount was $1489 till the previous year. The increment has been implied as per the increasing COLA. The applicants are required to showcase proof of disability through medical history or prescription from a licensed professional; if they wish to access the payment benefit that proves their biological impairment. It is noted that people who get disabled due to drug abuse will not be considered eligible for such advantages.

VA Benefits: VA benefits can be claimed by the uniformed civilians. These benefits can be accessed by candidates who have served in the Air Force, Navy, or Army. Apart from the candidate, family members may also access the payment benefits. “Veterans” refers to the candidates who retired from civilian services due to disability that developed due to serving in duty. Such people are provided with a pension till the demise of the candidate. The amount may differ depending on the degree of disability, the rank of the candidate, and the period of serving.

The benefits provided by the federal government of America include healthcare, child benefits, pension, disability, home loans, survival benefits, and burial. The payment provided to different candidates under different situations varies. A benefit of $3033 is provided to the couple. Under the survival benefits, the older spouse will be provided with an amount of $3073. A single partner with two dependent children will be offered USD 3653 under the same benefit program.

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Application for SSI, SSDI, and VA

Some requirements need to be met by the applicants to access the benefits. It is required that the applicants must have legal US citizenship. In case of migration, they are obliged to showcase the proof of 10 years of residency in America after attaining the age of 18. The candidate is obligated to pay the social security taxes, keep all the required documents completed, and attach them with the application. Only citizens attaining the age of 19 or above may access these benefits. Before applying, the applicants must ensure that they have an active bank account where officials can transfer eligible amounts directly to their accounts.

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  1. Does this also goes for the ones on S.S., SSDI and the disabled that’s 63 years of age? An how can I find out if I’m qualified?

    • Why aren’t Individuals on disability receiving SSDI eligible to receive stimulus money like everyone else?
      The SSDI benefits I receive for disability is from the FICA Taxes paid out of my Income during years of employment before becoming disabled. I did not qualify for the past 2 stimulus checks due to not filling an Income Tax Return.
      My question is, how is it legal to file an income tax return on a FICA TAX that has been previously reported to IRS at the time Employee and Employer paid it to IRS out of each and every payroll check at the time it was earned?

      • You can file for the last two under the non-filers tool at the IRS even if you didn’t file taxes you hit that button for a non-filer and it will take you to the place with your information for the last three stimulus checks

    • So individuals on regular ssi don’t get nothing. That’s why we continue to struggle finding a place to live, pay bills and take care of our family. They just don’t care and wonder why people out here commiting crimes just to get by.

      • You ain’t lying. And on top of not getting anything we can’t even go to work part time otherwise we get penalized. I think it’s crazy how they expect us to live off of a little less then $1000 a month. I worked in 2022 and made about 17,000 that year because when I looked up if u can work on SSI how much could u earn up to and it said u could earn up to $1600 a month. So that’s what I did. I went to get a copy of my benefits recently and they told me I owe $8900 because I get SSI not SSDI and I was blown away because the site says if u get SSI u can work. But hey u can’t win when it comes to the government. They want to keep us down that’s their whole purpose is to keep us controlled. I hate this country for real…..

        • I think there should be some kind of Law with them doing that to us people who are on SSI cause its not fair to us we should be able to get that as well .I hate this Society cause its so stinky bad now days .but I agree with yall 100 percent .

        • I’ve been on ssi for 5 yrs! I have coronary artery disease my heart is the size of a small football it’s worked so hard, I’ve had open heart surgery that collapsed 6mos after I had it also just had my 10th heartattack an I have 45 days left to wait before I get a pacemaker defibrillator, that’s if I don’t have another heartattack before then, I’m diabetic have sezuires, I’m on oxygen, an they are talking about taking my ssi away from me ! I swear to u this is no joke! I can’t even hardly walk because I need two knee replacements an I can’t have surgery due to my heart! My injection fraction on the left side is down to 28% I truly think they want me to die! I have so much more wrong w me! They said u got your ssi for your mental situation! Oh really!! Well I don’t go see a psychiatrist anymore because I’m afraid to catch covid. I don’t leave my home but once a month or If I got a docs appt. I’m 46 been fighting all this since I was 35 an I should be fully disabled not on ssi! It’s so sad

          • You do get stimulus check on SSI, my son-in-law received the stimulus. And SSI is like receiving free money from the government that YOU never paid in to! You receive SSI and food stamps probably also You did not work enough hours to qualify for regular SS or SSDI. You have NO RIGHT to complain about getting extra money that you do not actually qualify for. I received SSDI for which I paid into during my working years! And now that I am “”65″” will go go to straight SS Retirement pay, which is not enough to live in per month. I only received $27 a month food stamps! That doesn’t buy anything. But if you look and do your research you can get help with your disability and probably get SSDI. It sounds like you qualify for it regardless! Although every individual has their own unique health situations; getting SSDI is based on your disability! Be lucky you receive the SSI. While I was waiting for my SSDI to go into effect, they gave SSI +for which I had to pay back when I received my SSDI! Now, you tell me, how you can complain about what you get for FREE!

      • I totally agree with you!
        SSI is what I receive but it’s not enough to live on if you’re by yourself. We never receive a stimulus check or a bonus of any kind. The people on SSDI and retirees receive a lot of money from the SSA. Their monthly check is twice as much as mine. It makes zero sense of the SSI recipients not getting a darn thing! I’m trying to figure out how I can pay rent and get my heart med’s filled! That’s a decision nobody should have to make.
        Don’t give up brother!

          • Im on SSI and only get 883 but i supposedly owed them so they withheld 60 dollars out of my check thats why i get 883.00 otherwise i would get 943 if i added it right and if so i dont see how anyone can make it on that cause places of living is Outrageous its not even funny places i want to rent are out of my Range i hate it in order to make it now days we will need like 2000 dollars or more a month or just take chances to work.

          • I bet you get max in food stamps I get $26.00 also probably get free health insurance while I have to pay for additional insurance besides my Medicare

  2. Why does the people who started collecting Social Security benefits prior to 1997 not included in the stimulus or any increasement to their social security disability or social security retirement payments what is the deal with collecting before 1997 I don’t think we should be left out

  3. I’ve been collecting Social Security disability income since I was 28 years old 1983 recently in 2023 I became a full retirement age of 66 and 6 months so it converted regular Social Security retirement benefits but I still get my check on the 3rd of the month which means I began receiving Social Security prior to 1997 why am I not included in any type of increasement to my social security benefits what is the deal if you collected before 1997 why are we being forgotten no one explains it they just say you had to be receiving it after 1997 that makes no sense to me at all please explain so we can understand nobody bothered to explain what’s the difference of collecting before 1997

  4. You don’t want to know what I think.I worked unbelievable hours as hard as I could go.that means that I had a high income for a working man. So they took exrteamly high percentage as SSI payment.so I was able to ware my self out pay off my quota early and give the SSI free money for decades.then when I was nearly destroyed by my efforts.I was treated like a cherry case.when actually they received the cheraty.so that I could be excluded from any aid that I might need with hopes that I starve or have a coranery .because I am dangerously honest.besides.I can report that an unbelievable number of laws have been passed that slowly choked the freedom right out of our once great nation.that wich had much more freedom as was suggested to be a free country yet was ruled by strict controle even then before the freedom we had was slowly removed.now we have the freedom to be quiet .and what once was justice or was suggested has become just as.meaning just as leadership feels like doing things.period a few of us service to spite the farce.mabe this will test reedin of speach? Well there is my perspective.abd no I have no desire to run for office I am not an actor.tgabk you for your time.you didn’t want my coment.

  5. What I get every month is not enough to pay bills or food I can’t get food stamps but people who are doing drugs can I have a life threatening disability on oxygen 24 -7 and have to go to food banks and only get enough to eat for 1 day but the government workers have millions in their pockets and don’t have to struggle like the people who voted for them so they need to get off their ass and help us

  6. Why can’t the ones on Supplemental Security Income get anything, we are the ones getting paid less than $1,000 a month. Why do we have to keep suffering. It goes to show, you’re nothing in this world without assets.

  7. I’ve been on ssdi since 2003 how come I’m not
    able to get extra benefits taxes was taking out of my pay checks every week the whole time I work.

  8. O receive SSI but only $943.00 monthly Om holess and 60 years old Will I be getting any of this money later this month I need a place if my own to live Currently at the Salvation Army Shelter in Athens Georgia and it’s no oicic believe that.We all should be receiving more that’s not able to work Why are we always forgotten about when extra money is going to everyone else on Social Security benefits??Answer please!!!!

  9. Yes I am on ssi right now and also i don’t get another to pay my bills so why don’t i get a fourth stimulus check for February 2024

  10. I’m 67 and I receive social security because I’m over 65. It’s definitely not enough. Is SSI the same thing as just regular social security (retirement age of 65)? I’m confused over the different forms of SS.

  11. I’m on supplemental social security disability. I receive 943.00 a month and I get it on the 1st of the month. I have 7 bucks to my name after paying everything. I can’t even get enough food stamps anymore to feed myself on top of spending my disability check on food now. I literally have nothing to survive on because I’m broke already because of bills. I can’t even do my laundry because 7 bucks isn’t enough. Why won’t they give the ones who don’t even receive 1,000 bucks a month a stimulus check we deserve it more than the rest that receive 1500 a month or more . It proves that the government could care less about the people who have mental and physically disabilities they look down on us . I’m mentally and physically disabled and I’m sitting here every month with nothing and this crap with stimulus money is not right to give to everyone except the ones who need it the most and the ones who don’t even receive 1,000 a month. I struggle every month just to pay all my bill and put food in my house and gas in my car on top of spending 200 a month on my 2 cats . I literally can’t do laundry because I’m broke and still have 20 days to go. I think they need to change this and allow us ssdi receivers to get the stimulus as well we deserve it just as much as the rest of them

  12. I’m disabled veteran I’m 62 years old will I receive the stimulus money at the end of February I could really use the money

  13. I’m a army veteran with no benefits gotten hurt in base training in ft. Jackson South Carolina. Get SSDI from social security and been talking care of my wife For eleven years now with what check she received from social security living with lung disease and with having a stroke and heart problems and being treated at VA in Jackson, Ms and have filed for My disability with the VA. So I need more money to live on. Thank and my God send blessings and healing for my wife and family..

  14. I’m on SSI too and it’s not right that I got all the other stimulus checks but I’m not getting this one 😞 I’m in need of it

  15. I am a disabled vet get ssi sssi and VA I have only received one stimulus check I am 5 months behind on rent will I be getting a check my wife left me after 24 years of marriage we couldn’t make it on what I get and it keeps getting harder how am I suppose to catch up on everything I sometimes haven’t had food in my house for over month thank God for friends it would be nice to receive my stimulus checks I served my country with honors I thought I counted I thought I was someone


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