DA Hike Central Government Employees, Everything you need to know

The government of India is going to give a big good news for the central employees. For many years, central employees have been demanding their 18 months outstanding dearness allowance. The government of India is going to announce the payment of 18 months outstanding DA to these central employees and pensioners very soon. It is usually changed in January and July. However, the announcement of DA increase and payment occurs a little late.

So today i will update you about DA Hike Government of India Employees 2023 on this page. I want to tell you that this time the Labor Ministry has made changes in the calculation of dearness allowance. The Labor Ministry replaced the most recent collection of 7 WRIs of 100 base years, 1963–65, and in 2016 revised and released a new series of wage rate indices based on dearness allowance.

What is Dearness Allowance (DA)?

Lakhs of employees in the country are government employees, who get jobs by participating in the selection process issued by the government. The government runs its governance system through these employees. Employees have a special contribution in running the system of the country. Salary and some allowances have been fixed by the government for their work.

As the employee gets older, his/her salary and allowances keep increasing. It is also called dearness allowance, which is increased every year as per the time or keeping in view the inflation. Dearness allowance provides a lot of comfort to the government employee. It is offered by GOI at a salary fixed by inflation, so that the employee dont face any problem. Apart from this, family medical facility i.e. family health service is also provided by the GOI. 

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DA Hike Government of India Employees 2023

Dearness Allowance is the increase in basic salary given to all government employees. to keep them balanced with the impact of inflation. That is, to protect employees from the blow of inflation, their basic salary is increased annually by their employer. The government of India provides the benefit of dearness allowance to its employees twice a year. The government of India will now implement a new formula to increase dearness allowance.

According to reports, after the increase in FA, the dearness allowance of the employees has increased by 42% since the 7th Pay Commission. According to the source, the government can now announce dearness allowance based on the results of the AICPI index from January to May. This time the dearness allowance will be increased by 4 percent by the government of India.

DA Hike Central Government Employees, Everything you need to know

DA Increase for CPSE employees

Government of India may soon deposit 18 months of outstanding DA arrears in the accounts of central employees and pensioners. Which will not be useful for any important gift. If this happens, employees can get a good amount of money. Calculations indicate that upper class employees may be eligible to get Rs 2 lakh 18 thousand in his/her accounts. It is being told that the Government of India did not give the money for dearness allowance arrears to the central employees from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 during the Corona period.

The GOI had cited the loss caused due to Corona as the reason for this. Central employees and pensioners have been continuously demanding dearness allowance arrears since then. On which the GOI has not yet officially approved. 

How is dearness allowance calculated?

DA or dearness allowance is calculated in the months of July and January every year. For this, the Government of India had changed the Dearness Allowances Formula in the year 2006. 

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7th Pay Commission DA will increase

I want to update you that the possibility of 4% increase in dearness allowance for central employees and pensioners is currently under discussion. After this, a 46% increase in dearness allowance is possible. Any central employee will see a significant increase in their base salary. The dearness allowance of central employees is currently 42%, but it may increase soon.

How is DA added to salary?

As you might know, the government of India always announces DA in percentage only which is obtained after calculating it on the basis of the formula. Generally Dearness Allowance is revised every six months and is increased by some percentage. In this way the Dearness Allowance keeps increasing continuously and at some point of time it reaches 50%.

When the percentage of Dearness Allowance crosses 50% then it is customary to merge it with the basic pay. Due to this, the salary of government employees increases significantly. Because all other components included in the salary are calculated as a percentage of the basic salary.

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