Bihar Caste Census 2023, Religion & Caste Wise Population and All You Need to Know

Government of Bihar has released the caste census data in the state on 2 October 2023. On the basis of Bihar Caste Census Population, you can get to know about the population of which caste in the state. In the figures, Bihar government has stated the population of all castes including Brahmin, Bhumihar, Yadav, Rajput, Mushar. So now i will update you about Bihar Population 2023 Caste wise, i am also enlighten you about Caste wise Percentage in Bihar 2023.

According to the Bihar Population 2023 Religion Wise, the state has the highest number of Hindus at 81.99 percent. If we look at the figures, there are 107192958 Hindus while the number of Muslims is 17.70 percent i.e. 2,31,49,925. Christians are at third place and Sikhs are at fourth place. The number of Buddhists in the state is 0.0851 percent while the Jain population is 0.0096 percent. In Bihar Caste Census Survey Result 2023, the highest number was found to be from Yadav community, which is 14 percent.

Whereas the number of Rajputs is 3.45 percent and Brahmins are 3.55 percent. The population of Kurmi community is 2.87 percent while the population of Kori community is 4.27 percent. Now if we look at Scheduled Castes, their number is around 19 percent and in this also the highest number are of few sub castes stands at 5.2 percent.

What is caste census?

Census is conducted once every 10 years in India and it helps the government in preparing development plans. All this becomes known through which section got how much share and who was deprived of the share. Caste census means that when a census is conducted in the country, citizens will be asked about there caste in a survey.

This will not only give information about the population of the country, but will also give information about how many people of which caste live in the country. Simply put, counting people on the basis of caste is caste census.

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Bihar Caste Census Population 2023

The caste-based census in Bihar has been revealed by the Government of Bihar, as per the Bihar Caste Census Survey Result 2023, population of general category people in Bihar is 15 percent, the population of backward class is more than 27 percent, and the population of scheduled caste is about 20 percent. Bihar government has released the data of 214 castes, and it has some castes whose total population is less than a hundred.

The total population in the bihar state is 13,07,25,310 and the number of surveyed households is 2,83,44,107 and this Caste-based census data has been released by GOB. I am sharing detailed information about general category, backward class, and scheduled caste population here. The first phase of the caste-based census in Bihar began on 7 January 2023 with counting of houses, and the second phase was targeted to be completed by 15 May 2023.

Bihar Caste Census 2023, Religion & Caste Wise Population and All You Need to Know

Bihar Population 2023 Religion Wise

Muslim23,149 925
Other religions and persuasions166,566
Religion not stated2146

Bihar Population 2023 Religion Wise Percentage

Other religions and persuasions0.12%

Bihar Population 2023 Caste wise

General caste15.53%
Bihar Caste Census 2023 Population

Bihar Caste Census Result 2023 Caste Wise

Caste Population
Brahmin 3.66%
Rajput 3.45%
Yadav 14%
Bhumihar 2.86%

Bihar Caste Census Data 2023

Government of Bihar has declared the caste census data which has been awaited for many years. According to statistics, the number of OBCs and EBCs in the total population of the state is 63 percent. After the release of caste census data, it has come to light that Bihar has a total population of more than 13 crores. Bihar government had recently conducted caste census. Then on 2 October 2023, the Chief Secretary and other officials have given its report, only after which the final results have been issued.

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Benefits of caste based census in Bihar

  • Many types of misconceptions exist in society related to caste. To break them down, caste-wise census is necessary. By knowing the numbers, the vulnerable and weaker castes can actually be provided better facilities and quick benefits of the schemes in the right proportion.
  • The basic objective of socialist democracy is to provide adequate opportunities to everyone in proportion to the population. Scheduled Castes constitute 15 percent of India’s population and Scheduled Tribes constitute 7.5 percent. They get reservation in government jobs, schools, colleges and various elections in this proportion.
  • At the same time, there was no concrete estimate of what is the share of OBCs and upper castes in the population now after the releasing of Bihar Caste Census Data 2023 GOB will look after it.
  • After the caste census, it has become clear which caste is backward at the economic, social and educational level. Now, fresh plans will be decided and its direct benefits to those castes. This census will prove helpful in trying to give those castes a proper place in the society.
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