States Getting Stimulus Checks – Which States Will be Sending Stimulus Checks in December 2024?

This post objects to enlist all the states that are getting stimulus checks in December 2024. The federal government of many states during the pandemic seems to participate actively in supporting citizens of the country financially and helping them fight the financial crisis.

States Getting Stimulus Checks

The pandemic was a hard and challenging time for many people globally. The COVID-19 pandemic is majorly observed to impact people having low income. That was the time when stimulus checks were introduced to help people financially to enable them to cope with the situation. The federal government of the US released the payment through three stimulus checks and millions of people within the state benefitted from the crucial step taken by the authorities.

These payments were provided in the form of Economic Impact Payment and there were eligibility criteria set by the government that were required to meet to get the payment benefit. Mutual efforts of Internal Revenue Services and the US Treasury led to the successful implementation of the programs and provided relief to millions of Americans during the hardship of COVID-19.

But as the effects of COVID-19 have been reduced, so government has stopped sending the stimulus checks to eligible citizens. Some states endure to deliver financial aid to individuals who are in need by contributing tax rebates. Some people confuse tax rebates with stimulus checks.

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States Receiving Stimulus Checks: Overview

ArticleList of States getting stimulus checks in December 2024
Responsible authoritiesIRS and US Treasury
CategoryGovernment Aid
AimTo provide financial aid to eligible people
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List of States That Are Getting Stimulus Checks in December 2024

Any official information is not available yet on the states getting stimulus checks in December 2024. One of the major reasons is that there is a lot of time remaining in arriving in December 2024 and authorities have enough time to plan the program as per the financial and economic status of the states. It is crucial to consider the fact that strategic planning is of utmost importance before introducing any scheme within the state or nation. The US government always tries its best to help eligible citizens in one or another way.

States Getting Stimulus Checks - Which States Will be Sending Stimulus Checks in December 2024?

Substantial tax rebates were distributed to the residents who qualified in December 2023. These rebates have been provided as per the available information on tax return websites. The rebate amount provided may vary in every state because different states follow different eligibility criteria. The most common eligibility criteria followed by every state within the US include: candidate must be an authorized resident and compelled to be a taxpayer. State governments utilize the tax information of their citizens and then provide them with tax rebates. The amount of tax rebate varies and citizens who pay high tax are provided with high payment benefits.

List of the state offering the tax rebates are:

  • Arizona
  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Virginia
  • New Mexico
  • Georgia

Check Eligibility for States Getting Stimulus Checks

In most of the states, a list of eligibility criteria needs to be fulfilled to get the tax rebate amount while some states do not demand anything and proceed the payments directly in the bank accounts of the eligible citizens. If you are living in America and have legal residence in any state then you can also check the eligibility criteria for the tax rebate benefit on the official website of the particular state.

Supplementary information on the States Getting Stimulus Checks

Being a citizen, you should always be aware of such schemes because the government offers these programs to reduce financial stress and promote people’s well-being. On meeting the eligibility, you can collect the payment on a set date. However, these dates are not specific and can vary from state to state.

Payment methods used may also be different like direct deposits or checks.  Direct deposits are more convenient than checks. The recipient has to wait a long time to get their hands on amounts in case of receiving checks while the direct deposit method is much easier. Some states are observed to provide people with options in which people are free to choose the payment methods they find the most convenient.

If you like to gather some more information on the eligibility, payment procedure, date of payment, tax rebates, etc you can visit the official website of the particular state you are living in or of the state you are interested in gaining information about. It is always recommended to access authorized portals apart from using any third-party website as some of these websites can be a trap that will lead you to share some of your confidential information with the scammers.

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Double Stimulus Checks

Payments provided during the three stimulus checks

The very first payment was made at the time of the entry of the pandemic within the country i.e., March 2020. CARES Act refers to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stability (CARES) Act, passed by the federal government under which one-time direct payments were transferred to the accounts of the eligible candidates. This payment delivered $1200 per adult and $500 per child. A limit of 75000 dollars of Annual gross Income has been confined above which payments get reduced.

The second payment was credited in December 2020, during the time $600 per adult and $600 per child has been provided. AGI limit was also applicable. The third payment was credited in 2021 under which the total amount of $1400 per person, $1400 per child, and $2800 for couples has been credited in the bank accounts of the eligible candidates.


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