Missing Stimulus Tracking – Step by Step Guide to Track Your Missing Stimulus Check

This post may be of great use if you are one of those who is about to receive your stimulus check but has not received the payment yet even after getting the message of payment completed. Such a condition was found to occur in many people, and now they are referring to it as a “missing stimulus”. People who are eligible for the payment are waiting keenly, but all they have got is disappointment. Keep browsing the post to know all the possibilities of missing stimulus and how to trach it.

Missing Stimulus Tracking

Stimulus checks provided by the federal government of America under the administration of the IRS are a profitable step for many people within the country. An issue has emerged as people are getting notifications on their cell phones that their stimulus payment has been completed but in reality, they are not getting any payment.

The issue is serious and requires serious attention. This post contains some imperative discussion on the possibilities regarding the reasons for missing stimulus. Let’s deep dive and find the hidden truth as well as get aware of the procedures one can use to track the missing stimulus.

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Overview Table on Missing Stimulus Tracking

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Causes of Delay in Stimulus Payment

There could be several reasons that delayed or delayed the stimulus payment. Here are a few explanations that may help you reach the point that can be hit for the payment processing.

  • The IRS has already announced that people who wish to receive the payment directly to their bank accounts have to submit the details by the deadline but some people failed to do so, and authorities initiated the payment through paper checks which usually take time to receive. So, people who are mistaken are now requested to wait patiently to get their hands on the payment.
  • There are chances that the IRS might have enlisted your name as later receivers because, under the program, the government intends to help those people who are in critical condition (having low income) and need the payment first.
  • The financial records maintained by the IRS on your behalf might be outdated or invalid for the payment. Authorities use the banking details based on tax returns filed by you to process the stimulus payment.
  • There are chances of facing an error or glitch from the bank’s side in the direct deposit of the payment.

There is another possibility that someone trying to dupe you, the better option is to directly contact the officials after receiving a false message of “payment completed”. They can track the process and will give you the correct information if your payment gets stuck or if the payment has not proceeded because of any reason.

Missing Stimulus Tracking - Step by Step to Track Your Missing Stimulus Check

What About My Missing Stimulus Check?

If you haven’t received your money even after waiting for enough time that usually paper checks take then now the better option is to seek assistance or demand clarity from the IRS officials. You can contact them through the official portal and they will help you to track the payment. On the IRS website, you can select the “Get My Payment” tool to know the payment status.

It is possible to access up-to-date information on whether the payment has been processed or not by the IRS. The officials will also notify you if your payment has been put on hold because your status has not fallen under priority enlisted beneficiaries. They will let you know if payment processing does not get completed due to outdated income tax filing details.

How to use the IRS Tracking Tool

The Tracking Tool of the Internal Revenue Service can be used by entering some particulars accurately asked by the portal. It is important to enter your birth date, Taxpayer Identification Number, address, and postal code to access the information. When the IRS processes your payment, you will be provided with a letter showing the total amount you will be paid and a method through which you can track your payment and get updated on the status. This letter can be received within 15 days after the payment is processed.

The letter may state “Payment Status Not Available” which is a standard headline in the notice that will be updated once your payment is fetched to you. Some people may freak out by looking at the notice statement and might misunderstand it as they are not eligible for the payment, but this is not true.

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Procedure to Report Missing Stimulus

If any obnoxious statement regarding the payment has arrived on your screen but is not true in actuality, it is recommended to contact the IRS at 800-919-9835. You can share your inquiry openly with authorities or can report missing checks. In May, the IRS added 3,500 phone agents; nonetheless, if you don’t get through right away, don’t be alarmed. Many folks might be there in a queue with their inquiries. Answers to frequently asked concerns concerning Economic Impact Payments and the Get My Payment tool can be found online.

What to do in case of having a direct deposit issue

The IRS Tracking tool restricts you from entering details to get information on direct deposit unless the IRS cannot deliver the payment. There is a possibility that your check has been bounced back if the officials tried to send the payment via a bank account that has been closed now. In such a case, the agency will proceed with that payment by mailing a paper check to the recent address.  

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